What Is a Lash Lift?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

What Is a Lash Lift?

If mascara is the one cosmetic you’d pick to have with you on a deserted island, this article is for you! Long, gorgeous lashes are basically our MO here at Lashify, and we’d probably pick a lash enhancement product over lip balm if we were stranded anywhere. 

Unfortunately, natural lashes aren’t often as curled, long, or full as we want (read: need) them to be, so we look for ways to enhance those babies and get the looks we love. If you’ve been down the lash-lengthening rabbit hole, you know there are a few options for getting luxe lashes. 

We’ll talk about those options and how a lash lift stacks up against the others. We’ll also tell you what to expect if you decide to get a lash lift and give you some options if a lash lift isn’t the best solution for you. 

What Are Lash Lifts?

Eyelash lifts were developed recently, in the 2000s, but the method is based on the (somewhat ancient) art of perming. Just like you can get a perm for your hair, you can get a perm for your lashes.

Lash lifts affect your natural lashes by causing them to curl upward. The lash perm might be new, but people who have tried them are usually impressed by the results. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the prep, the process, and the results. 

Lash Lift 101

So what can you expect when you hit up your esthetician or lash pro for a lash lift? Lashes that are curled to the max and about 45 minutes to an hour of keeping your eyes closed tight. 

The Prep

Before beginning, you’ll need to have cleansed your skin. You can’t have any makeup on your face, especially around your eyes. If you show up at your appointment with makeup on, your esthetician will use a makeup remover to gently cleanse your skin. They may also apply a cleansing water to your skin to remove excess oil. 

The Lash Lift Process

The lift service takes between 45 minutes to an hour to complete. You’ll be asked to close your eyes while lying on a massage table. Small, under-eye patches will be placed under each eye to protect the skin. 

Next, your lash professional will apply the lash curler to your upper eyelid. This is a silicone device that sticks to the top of your eyelid. It has a small roller at the bottom that sits near your lash line, which they’ll use to curl your lashes. 

The silicone curler is typically glued to your eyelid. Then, the technician will cover the eyelash curler and silicone cover with eyelash glue and brush your lashes flush against it.

Next, they’ll apply the lifting solution. This is usually a series of lotions or creams applied to your lashes. If you’ve ever had a perm in your hair, get ready for the same chemical-laden scent to waft down to your nose. 

For the next thirty minutes (give or take), you’ll relax while you wait for the solution to set. 

If your esthetician is applying a keratin lash lift, you’ll also get a coating of keratin lotion, which helps strengthen your lashes and keep them healthy. 

Once the time is up, the silicone pads, curlers, and patches will be removed, revealing lashes that are now completely curled in place. 

Lash Lift Aftercare

Aftercare is fairly low-maintenance. Just like a perm, you shouldn’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours. Once the 24 period is over, you can go back to business as usual, using your regular eye makeup and mascara, and using eye makeup remover to gently remove your products. 

Pros and Cons of Lash Lifts

Even though lash lifts can give you seriously curled lashes, they might not be the best option for you. 

Lash Lift Pros

If you want a low-maintenance way to get curly lashes, this is a good solution. Your lash lift lasts for about 6-8 weeks. Your mileage may vary depending on how fast your natural lashes grow and fall out. You’ll know it’s time for a treatment when you notice your lashes are naturally not as curly anymore. 

Other great reasons to get a lash lift:

  • They’re cheaper than salon lash extensions
  • You can probably skip mascara (if you want to) 
  • A lift is typically more subtle than lash extensions

Lash lifts can be a great solution for getting more eye-catching lashes, but there are some other considerations to make. 

Lash Lift Cons

For a lash lift to be effective, you need to have a little length on your lashes. If you have very short eyelashes, it will be hard for a lash tech to curl them, and eyelash extensions may be a better option. 

Additionally, the chemicals used to curl your lashes can be harsh. If you have sensitive skin, ask your esthetician to perform a patch test to make sure you don’t have a reaction to the solution. It’s also worth noting that the FDA doesn’t officially “approve” any chemical or tinting for eyelashes, which means there could be a larger risk involved with having these procedures done. 

Lastly, lash lifts may not be as expensive as salon lash extensions, but they’re still not completely budget-friendly. You can expect to pay between $150 and $200 per application, which can really add up if you need to have the lift redone every six weeks. 

If you aren’t ready to commit to permed lashes but still want lashes that are more dramatic than your daily makeup routine can produce, we 10/10 recommend DIY lash extensions. 

Lash Lengthening: What Are the Other Options?

From the O.G. lengthening mascara to tediously applied salon lash extensions, we’re breaking down the other options for getting longer lashes. 


Raise your hand if your mascara wardrobe rivals your shoe wardrobe. We thought so. Volumizing, lifting, lengthening, and defining mascaras all contain ingredients that usually do two things: make your natural lashes darker and cause them to appear fuller and/or longer. 

Mascara isn’t permanent (obviously), but it’s a serious makeup bag staple, and no matter what your favorite method of lash lengthening is, you’re probably not going to give it up for good. 

A few tips? Avoid using waterproof mascara (which can cause your natural lashes to become brittle and break) and always remove your eye makeup gently with makeup remover without rubbing or pulling, which can also damage your natural lashes. 


If you’ve been to see your esthetician lately, she probably has more than just skincare tips to share. Eyelash growth serums are popular for helping boost your natural lash growth. Usually, they are applied directly to the lash line (kind of like eyeliner) before bed. 

Some of these serums require a medical prescription to obtain. Because they are technically a drug, they do come with side effects like darkening of the skin around the eye area. Over-the-counter lash serums may be less effective, but they usually don’t have as many dramatic side effects either. 

Lash Tint

A lash tint doesn’t lengthen your lashes, but it does darken them. Think of it like a semi-permanent eyelash tattoo. A lash pro will apply a dye to your lashes (usually vegetable dye) to make them appear darker. 

Lash tinting is relatively inexpensive and can be completely safe when done by a trained professional. The tint will usually last between four to five weeks. This is a pretty low-maintenance way to get darker lashes, but for extreme length and volume, you’ll probably want to consider extensions. 

Eyelash Extensions

Extensions are a wildly popular way to get the lashes you want. False eyelashes (also called falsies) range in style from lowkey classic lashes to extreme curled lashes that kiss your eyebrows. 

There’s also a few different ways you can have eyelash extensions applied. 

  • Strip lashes. Strip lashes are lashes that come in a ready-made strip in the length of your upper lash line. They are applied with an adhesive (or magnets). Strip lashes are the one-size-fits-some of the lash extension world. To make them work, you’ll probably have to test out different adhesives, cut the extensions down to size, and learn how to properly apply them. 
  • Salon eyelash extensions. These extensions are applied in a salon and are attached to your individual natural eyelashes. These take a long time to apply and can really add up once you factor in visits for fills (which you can expect to have every three to four weeks). 
  • DIY lash extensions.Lashify DIY lash extensions give you a more dramatic look without a trip to the salon. The Lashify system gives you salon-quality lashes that you can apply at home in just minutes, saving you time and money and keeping your natural lashes healthy. 

Another benefit of eyelash extensions? They can give you a leveled-up natural look or a party-ready glamorous look, depending on the type of extensions you use. You’re never locked into a particular style if you choose DIY lash extensions, which you can change at home anytime you want to. 

DIY Lash Extensions FTW

Other methods of lengthening your lashes can come with risks you aren’t ready to take and cost money and time you just don’t have. That’s why at-home DIY lash extensions are the best solution for lashes that are seriously on point. 

How DIY Lash Extensions Work

The Lashify DIY lash extension system works by giving you salon-quality Gossamer® lash extensions and all the tools you need to apply them in less than ten minutes. In fact, with more practice, you can probably narrow that time frame down to five minutes. 

Gossamers are attached using underlash technology. This means you’ll adhere your extensions to the underside of your natural lashes as opposed to sitting them on top, which can weigh down your natural lashes and make them feel heavy. 


Eyelash glue has become notorious for being full of dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, cyanoacrylates, and latex. These ingredients aren’t just bad for your lashes; they’re bad for your eyes. 

Lashify bonds don’t include any harmful ingredients, but they do contain biotin and lavandula, two ingredients that are known to help support the strength and healthy growth of your natural lashes. 

Our bonds never fully cure, which means they’re flexible. Salon lashes are placed with fully-curing adhesive that can cause your natural lashes to become brittle and break, taking the eyelash extensions with them. 

You’re Free To Change Up Your Lash Style

If you have salon lashes, you’re committed to one style of lash until your next fill. With Lashify, you’re the boss. If you want glam lashes by night and a more demure look by day, you can absolutely have it by simply removing one set of Gossamer lashes and replacing them with another. 

And because we offer numerous different styles of Gossamer lashes, you can literally build an entire eyelash wardrobe to match your outfit, the occasion, or even your mood. 


Removing salon lashes can be a time-intensive task that can end up damaging your natural lashes. With Lashify, you can easily remove your lashes at home with our Melt Away Remover or any dual-phase, oil-based makeup remover. 

No harm to your Gossamers and no harm to your natural lashes. It’s a win/win. 

Lift, Curl, and Volumize With Lashify

If perming your eyelashes seems a little too extreme for you, that’s okay. You can get an even more defined, curlier, volumized look with chemical-free, customizable lashes that you can apply at home. 

Lashify makes it possible for you to have glam lashes at home without spending extensive time or money or sacrificing your natural lashes to the perm solution gods. It’s an easy way to get glam with less drama, and we’re definitely about that lifestyle.


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