10 Most Popular Types of Lash Extensions

10 Most Popular Types of Lash ExtensionsLashify

Popularity isn’t everything, but if you’re new to DIY Lash Extensions and trying to find a place to start, or if you want to mix up your current style and want some inspiration, it’s never a bad idea to check out what’s trending. 

We want to empower you to be your own lash stylist; therefore, we’ve compiled a helpful guide to the top ten trendiest extensions and some basics on the styles you may be considering. 

Types of Eyelash Extension Materials

We’ll start with what you really want to know. Which material makes up the most popular types of lash extensions: silk! Yes, silk lashes are the most popular lash choice for good reason!

Silk lashes have the range to look natural and dramatic. They’re super lightweight, so they don’t weigh down your eyelids. Because they’re lightweight, many people also find them easier to apply since you’re not fighting with gravity as much. 

They’re flexible and durable, so they hold their curl well. This durability also means that silk lashes have a generally longer lifespan than lashes of other materials, as long as they’re treated with proper care. 

They come in a greater variety of lash fiber thicknesses because silk can be thick or thin without compromising its structure. Best of all, silk lashes are softer than other materials, so they’re extra comfy to wear every day.

These reasons are why we at Lashify use Premium Korean PBT silk to create our silky soft and oh-so-popular Gossamers! But what about the other, less popular lash material options? 

Mink lashes, real mink lashes, are made from real mink fur, as the name suggests. These lashes were most popular in the first half of the 20th century, but we collectively decided that animal cruelty is a problem, so they’re much less popular today. 

Seriously, even Sephora banned mink eyelashes from their shelves. Faux mink lashes may be cruelty-free, but they still perpetuate the idea that mink is desirable for eyelashes when many people and animal rights organizations strongly disagree. Whether real or faux mink, you can get the same softness and natural color, or better, from premium silk lashes. 

Synthetic lashes are the cheaper lashes you may find online or at the drugstore. These lashes are made of plastics, like nylon or low-quality Polybutylene Terephthalate. These lashes are often stiff and heavy on your eyelids. Additionally, their low-quality materials mean they only last for a single wear before you have to throw them away. 

Three Different Types of Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions come in three basic style categories:

Classic Lash 

Classic lash extensions are the most subtle of the lash extension styles. Classic eyelash extensions are thicker than volume lashes and offer a one-to-one ratio between false lashes and your real lashes. These lashes have a lash curl that’s not too loose and not too tight, like a C Curl or a B Curl. 

Classic lashes are best for adding just a little length and a little volume to enhance your natural look. If you’re a lash newbie, classic lashes are really the best place to start since they’re less complicated to map and apply and slightly lighter on your eyes to help you get used to the feeling of wearing extensions. 

Volume Lash 

Volume lash extensions are thinner lashes that are clustered together in tighter clusters to create a more voluminous look than classic lashes. To achieve this voluminous look, volume extensions utilize a ratio of two to six false lash fibers per real lash. 

There is a ton of diversity in volume lashes to help you get a ton of different looks: Volume extensions can go glam and dramatic, wispy and ethereal, or bold and bright. All curl types, from D Curls to J Curls, are found in the volume section. 

Hybrid Lash

Hybrid lash extensions are made of 70% classic lashes and 30% volume lashes. If you’re going for a natural look with just a touch more volume, hybrid lashes could be just the style for you. 

Hybrid lashes are perfect for any eye shape. Most of the lashes will mimic your natural eyelashes. Still, the addition of the thinner, denser volume lashes can add a touch of variation that will look natural against your natural lashes. 

Popular Lash Styles

Here are some suggestions for popular eyelash extension styles to try with your Gossamers this season: 

Doll Eye

Also called the Open Eye style, the Doll Eye style makes your eyes big and round like doll eyes! To open the eye, this style puts the longest lash fibers in the center of your lash line, above your pupil. 

This long look is not natural, but it’s eye-catching and bold. To get this look, try a 12mm lash in the center and taper out to an 8mm lash at the inner and outer corners, with natural length variation in between.

Cat Eye

Classic and classy, the cat eye has always been and will always be a popular lash style. She’s just that sexy. You know it and you love it: longest lashes to the outer corner after gradually increasing from the inner corner. 

Many mascaras claim they can get you this look, but nothing is quite as effective at giving you a perfect cat eye as a full set of high-quality lash extensions.

Squirrel Eye

This lash style is rapidly gaining popularity. A squirrel eye is a middle ground between doll and cat eyes. Instead of going at the outer corner or dead center, the longest lash sits halfway between those two points. 

Though it may sound strange at first, this lash look gets you the open eye of the doll and the sexy smolder of the cat. We especially recommend this style for those with almond-shaped, monolid, hooded, and downturned eyes. 

Wispy Eye

Wispy lashes are characterized by their feathery, fluttery look. A wispylash look uses variation in individual lash lengths to create spikes and valleys. When you’re mapping wispy lashes, consider the placement of the spikes. 

Try to offset the spikes from the center of the eye to keep the look natural and ethereal. Length is your best friend when doing a wispy style, so consider trying a longer lash length than normal since longer lashes will get more flutter.

Russian Volume 

Russian Volume is Mega Volume. Imagine a regular volume lash, and just max out the number of individual lashes per fan. Russian volume extensions are always applied in fans, giving them a thicker look than volume strip lashes. 

The minimum ratio here is six false lashes to one natural lash. This style calls for dense lashes or uniform length, like a brick wall of beautiful lashes.

Most Popular Types of Lash Extensions at Lashify

Curl Gossamers

Curl Gossamers are the staple of our classic collection and should be the staple of everyone’s Gossamer storage case. This classic lash works for every eye shape, and it pairs with practically everything. 

You can layer the Curl lash with any volume lash you’d like to craft your original lash maps. It’s lightweight and fluttery, yet it’s dense and curly too. It’s no wonder Curl Gossamers are our number one: there’s nothing she can’t do! 

Bold Gossamers

Bold Gossamers have a thicker fiber than other classic lashes to mimic the appearance of a volumizing mascara, sans clumping. 

Don’t forget mascara and extensions do not mix under any circumstances. Bold Gossamers are available from 8mm to 18mm in length. They’re perfect for any stacking method, especially to get a piece-y, dramatic look. 

Starburst Gossamers

Starburst Gossamers are our iconic multi-layered, multi-length lashes. These Gossamers absolutely bring the wispy; you’ll feel like a goddess the moment the bond dries.

Despite their multitude of layers, they’re super lightweight. Starburst Gossamers are similar to Stardust Gossamers, though they’re better suited to mega-volume styles. Remember that the listed length is the longest point on the fan when choosing a length.

Fluffy Gossamers

Fluffy Gossamers are the flutteriest and fluffiest Gossamers. They’re perfect for crafting a wispy look in tandem with classic lashes. Fluffies have a tight curl, so they appear a bit shorter than the label might suggest, so select a slightly longer size than your usual lash length. 

Ash Gossamers

Ash Gossamers offer a blend of purple-red in a brown base, making them the best lash extensions for strawberry blondes. This gorgeous shade is available in two classic styles, Amplify and Curl. 

Minx Gossamers 

Minx Gossamers are not faux mink. They mimic the color of mink but maintain our original silky texture. They’re a soft, mousey brown link mink, perfect for blending into light brown or dirty blonde natural lashes. 

As all colors in the Intimates Collection do, they come in Amplify and Curl styles.

Extreme Gossamers / Extra Extreme Gossamers

Extreme Gossamers are giving extreme volume. These Gossamers are the pinnacle for creating Russian volume looks without the same weight and damage as salon-style Russianvolume lashes. 

Unlike other Gossamers, these lashes come in odd and even lengths because size matters when it comes to volume. Pro Tip: Apply Extreme Gossamers with space in between to layer classic lashes. Consider alternating these Gossamers with Bold Gossamers to get all the volume with less stiffness.

Extra Extreme Gossamers are just like Extremes but curlier! These are our curliest, most extra Gossamer! Just like the Extremes, they’re available in odd sizes. If these are a bit too curly for a specific event, but you don’t want to get both a pair of Extremes and Extra Extremes, pro tip: you can loosen the curl slightly by gently brushing through them with a fluffer brush!

Stardust Gossamers

Stardust Gossamers contain five feathery layers of wispy, soft goodness. These Gossamers can’t be beat when crafting a wispy look. 

You’ll find multiple lengths in its many layers, creating soft peaks and valleys. The length listed is the longest point on the fan, not the average, so order a size up. 

Violet Gossamers

Representing the Prismatics Collection, the Violet Gossamer is available in two classic styles, Curl and Amplify. Whether you’re heading to a hot music festival or a night on the town, these lashes fit into any expressive, technicolor look. 

Try a set of Violet Gossamers in a doll-eye look for maximum pop.

Plushy Gossamers

Plushy Gossamers utilize the finest, thinnest lash fibers we’ve ever used here at Lashify. These lashes are high-class in every sense. They supply subtle, clean volume for a refined and luxurious lash look. 


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