Lash Lift vs. Lash Extensions: Which Is the Better Option?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

Lash Lift vs. Lash Extensions: Which Is the Better Option?

Most of us would go to great lengths to get more length (and volume) in our lashes. From lifts to tints to extensions and serums, there’s no shortage of ways to enhance your lashes and create a more open, noticeable eye. 

At Lashify®, we’re seriously lash-obsessed, so if you’re wondering which enhancement is right for you, you’ve come to the self-proclaimed know-it-alls of the lash world. We’ll explain the differences between lash lifts and lash extensions, including what to expect from each procedure, the cost, and the results. 

Get ready; we’re going to lash out (in a seriously informative way).

Lash Lifts

Like most of the lash enhancements we have today, lash lifts became a popular solution for eyelash sculpting sometime after the year 2000. This process involves using a solution to curl your lashes semi-permanently, which can create a more open eye look. 

What Is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a method of applying a curling solution to your upper eyelashes around a small curling rod to produce lashes that are lifted, curled, and appear slightly lengthier than they do naturally. 

What To Expect From a Lash Lift

If you decide to book a lash lift, you can expect to spend about 45-60 minutes in the salon chair. Your lash tech or esthetician will prep your lashes and lids by cleaning them and then placing a protective eye mask under your eye. 

Next, you’ll have a small curling rod placed on your upper eyelid, just behind your lashes. Your natural lashes will then be curled around the rod with an adhesive, like lash glue. The curling solution (sometimes called lifting lotion) is then painted onto the underside of your lashes. 

Once it dries, a setting lotion will be applied to your lashes, and your lash tech will remove any excess lotion or solution before you can leave. There is a no makeup or water rule for 24 hours (again, kind of like having your hair permed) to ensure the permanent solution has fully set. 

The Lash Lift Results

Lash lifts don’t add volume, length, or color to your lashes. Instead, they lift your natural lashes up and away and create a curl that can make them appear longer and make your eyes look more open. 

How Long Will a Lash Lift Last?

You can expect a lash lift to last between 4-6 weeks. This is because the lift will only last as long as your natural lashes last. Each lash is on its own individual growth cycle that takes anywhere between four and 11 months from start to finish. 

It’s normal to lose between one and five eyelashes per day, and by the four-week mark post lash lift, you may have lost enough of your lifted lashes that you need to have the service repeated. 

The Lash Lift Cost

Cost can vary from place to place, but on average, we found most lash lifts were advertised between $75-$150 per session. 

Who Should Get a Lash Lift?

If you’re simply looking for a slight change that can make a big impact, a lash lift can be a wonderful option. It’s also a good solution for people who have naturally short eyelashes or downturned eyelashes, which could interfere with wearing glasses or even with eyesight. 

If it’s more volume and length you want, you will probably want to consider lash extensions. 

Lash Extensions

We can thank the celebs of the early 2000s (think Kim K. and Paris) for the explosion of eyelash extensions that made them a household phenomenon. As we all donned nude lipstick and body glitter, we also became obsessed with extensions. 

Thankfully, we have better options than the strip lashes most of us were used to back then. Now, we have access to the same high-quality extension services that celebrities have, and we even have options that allow us to do them at home. 

What Are Lash Extensions?

Extensions are a method of enhancing the volume and length of your eyelash, altering the style and color, and creating a totally new lash look. 

A lash tech applies lash extension fibers to your individual natural lashes with lash glue. The number of extensions per lash varies depending on the style of lashes and the results you want. 

What To Expect From Lash Extensions

Break out your AirPods; this is gonna be a minute. A full set of extensions can take up to two and a half hours to apply. Fills may take less time, usually around 30-60 minutes, depending on how many new extensions you need. 

Your lash tech will cleanse your lashes and apply a protective mask underneath your eye. You’ll need to keep your eyes closed the entire time you’re having your lashes applied, which is why those AirPods might be a good idea. 

Beginning with your middle lashes and working to the outer edges, your lash tech will dip each extension in glue and then attach it to your individual lash. The process is tedious, which is why it takes so long. 

Once you’re done, you shouldn’t get your lashes wet or use makeup on them the entire time you’re wearing them. Water and makeup can break down the glue and cause you to lose your extensions sooner than you should. 

The Lash Extension Results

Lash extensions can truly create an entirely new lash look. Extensions can be over-the-top dramatic or low-key and defined. It’s really up to you and what kind of length, volume, and color you want.

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

Extensions will last about the same amount of time as a lash lift and for the same reasons. Your lashes are on a natural cycle, and when they fall out, they’ll take the extension with them. That means you’ll need to go in for a fill as soon as three to four weeks after your initial application. 

There’s a catch; depending on application, glue, and the type of lashes you choose, you may need fills sooner. For instance, if the glue doesn’t bond well or causes your lashes to become brittle and break, you could lose your extensions sooner. 

The Lash Extension Cost

The fullest, fluffiest lashes usually require a full and fluffy wallet, too. Extensions can range between $120-$300, but that’s a median price range. You’ll also want to keep in mind that fills range between $75-$150, and you’ll need them as soon as you lose enough extensions that it begins to bother you.

Who Should Get Lash Extensions?

If you want thicker, longer, darker lashes, lash extensions are the solution. Unfortunately, the drain on time and money may make them a bit less accessible. 

Another problem? Lash glue. 

Glue is notorious for being bad for your natural lashes. Lash glue often contains ingredients like formaldehyde and cyanoacrylate, the same ingredient found in superglue. This glue can make natural lashes rigid and cause them to break. It may also lead to skin and eye sensitivity. 

A better option for getting the salon lashes you love without the harsh glue, hours at the salon, and excessive cost? Lashify’s DIY Lash Extension™ System.

Lash Extensions at Home

Don’t worry; we’re not doing strip lashes anymore (that’s so 2006). Instead, we’re giving you access to everything you love about salon lash extensions without the hefty price tag, drain on your time, or exposure to toxic chemicals. Kind of like a lash dream come true.

What Is Lashify?

Lashify uses a system of lash extensions called Gossamer® lashes. These small groups of lashes are applied underneath your natural lashes, making them more natural looking and helping avoid excess weight on your natural lash.

Our Gossamer® lashes are applied with our bonds. Our bonds are free from harsh chemicals that could break or damage your natural lashes. Instead, we formulate our bonds like a lash serum and pack them with lash-nourishing ingredients like biotin and lavandula.

Our bonds also never fully cure, which allows them to remain flexible. That means your Gossamer® lashes will bend with your natural lashes, preventing breakage. 

The Results

You’ll see the same high-quality, dramatic results with Lashify that you do with salon lash extensions, but you’ll be free to change them out as frequently as you want. 

Our Gossamer® lashes are made to last up to ten days per application and can be worn and re-worn as frequently as you’d like.

The best part? Our lashes won’t have you tapping into your Starbucks fund or siphoning away your social life by draining your time. You can in as few as ten minutes a day, and you can get started for less than the cost of a lash lift or salon lashes. 

Lashify: The Solution for Lashes

No more strip lashes, no more trips to the salon. If you’re looking for a solution that’s user-friendly and no-nonsense, you’ve found it. Styling your lashes the way you want just got a lot easier. Lashify gives you the volume and length you want without any hassle. 


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