How To Take Off Eyelashes Extensions at Home

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

How To Take Off Eyelashes Extensions at Home

In days past, removing your falsies was either wildly simple or a real chore. 

Maybe you came from the sect of lash lovers that lived and breathed the temporary lash strip life. If so, the only removal you probably know is ripping the strip from your suffocating lashes each day and then reapplying them in the morning. If you were really good, maybe you even took the extra minute or so to run your makeup remover along the adhesive line to loosen it before you ripped. Maybe.

If you came from the realm of professional lash extensions done by a lash tech, your removal possibly looked like a scheduled appointment that took way longer than you’d like, cost more than you’d like, and was miles away from the comfort of your home. The lash tech probably used a various assortment of luxury creams and removers that you could never hope to afford, and while your natural lashes came out unscathed, you wonder, “At what cost?”

Well, throw all of that out the window. That’s right, just roll that window down and chuck all your previous experiences out into the wind, never to be seen again. That might be a little dramatic, actually, but the idea is what we’re going for! 

With our innovative, affordable, and effective lash system, you can not only apply luxury lashes all on your own, but you can remove them just as easily!

Gone are the days of ripping your lash strips away, and gone are the days you spend hours and a fat stack of cash removing lash extensions. Here is the option in between where the products are safe and efficient, save you time and money, and work as well as any high-end products. Sound enticing? Then read below.

How To Know It’s Time To Remove Your Lashes

The first thing to figure out before you remove your lashes is when it’s time to remove them. There’s no point in removing fresh lashes, and there’s every point in removing lashes long overdue for a trip to the garbage. Here are a few telltale signs to tell you when the time has come.

Grown-Out Lashes

The first and most prominent sign of lashes coming to the end of their road is simply the natural growth of your real lashes. This is particularly useful if you have professionally done lash extensions.

The lash growth cycle consists of three main phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. After the telogen phase, lashes will fall out and begin all over again with anagen. This entire process can take upwards of four to eleven months. No wonder you never notice lashes growing!

If you have professional extensions, you’ll start to notice the lashes falling out. That’s a sure sign it’s time to remove the rest. When the base where your lashes are connected to the falsies grows out enough, your bond and hold will begin to loosen, indicating it’s time for a change.

Eye Irritation 

This is one we hope you never have to see in the light of day. Blepharitis (and other kinds of eye irritation) is the worst for a lash wearer. The worst. It’s a fairly common condition that isn’t necessarily caused by false lashes, but it can be made much worse by keeping the lashes on. 

Blepharitis is a condition in which the eyelids become red, swollen, itchy, and irritated. It can result in crusty, dandruff flakes on your eyelashes, too. If you aren’t properly cleaning your lashes or extensions, this issue can worsen. No matter what kinds of lashes you’re wearing, it’s vital to cleanse and take care of them on the regular to avoid things like this.

If you do suffer from a case of blepharitis, you will likely want to remove your lashes, yes, but you also might want to make an appointment with your doctor just to check in.

Buildup of Product

Sometimes buildup is just an excess of makeup residue, skin care products, and other outside factors. While the buildup can lead to future problems, if all you are suffering from is clumpy lashes or visible product residue, then the solution is simple: remove those lashes and get a fresh, clean set!

Say Sayonara to Your Old Lashes!

Ok, enough with the gross and boring. You know you need to remove your lashes — how do you do it? More importantly, how do you do it safely, swiftly, and properly? We are so excited to answer that for you. While it depends a bit on what kind of lashes you’re wearing, we’ll run through the basic methods of removing our Gossamers®. 

First things first: you need the proper tools! Lucky for you, our collection of removal tools is small, since it’s built for function and purpose. No need to sift through six different pages of products meant to do the same thing. Instead, stick with these.

  • Pre-Clease Cleasning Water

This is a multipurpose Japanese cleansing water that is perfect for cleaning and cleansing your lashes during your wear. Plus, it also acts as a hydrating and nourishing primer for the skin, as well as the perfect first step in your removal process. 

Taking a cotton pad or cotton swab, apply some of the cleanser and gently swipe it over your lashes, removing any buildup and readying yourself for the following steps. 

  • Melt Away Remover

This is going to be your holy grail lash remover. Melt Away is made to remove Lashify® Gossamers first and foremost — but it’ll also work well on the rest of your makeup.

To use this miracle product, apply it to a cotton pad or swab and begin rubbing it along the base of where the Gossamers are latched. After only a few seconds, you should magically feel those lashes begin to loosen until they can be easily swiped away from your lash line. Easy peasy! 

  • Release Lash Remover

This is another option for your lash removal needs if you, for whatever reason, don’t vibe with the Melt Away — or if you’re on the go and you’re looking for something even easier. The Release Lash Remover works just like a tube of mascara, only it takes away length instead of giving it. Go figure.

To use our Release Lash Remover, take out the mascara-like wand and run it gently through your Gossamers, from base to tip, until the magic begins to happen and the lashes lose their grip. Once they’ve detached, simply swipe them away, and viola! You’re free. 

The process is so simple that anyone can remove lashes without a second thought. We’re confident you’ll find so much power in taking control of a healthy lash removal instead of emptying your wallet or killing your natural lash health.

That’s really all there is to it — and once you’ve removed those old lashes, you can start picking out what kind of lashes you’re going to want to rock next. Whether you choose voluminous, fluffy lashes or simple and sleek ones, you’re going to have eyes ready to mesmerize everyone you meet. 

Lash Be Gone

It’s easy as it can be. You’re lash-free and ready to set your eyes on that next perfect set. We adore creating products that our clients can use by themselves, for themselves, taking back that part of their beauty routine. We’re proud of the effect these products have at a fraction of salon cost, and we know you’ll just fall in love with the entire process once you see how easy it can truly be. 

We know deciphering when and how to start working on your own beauty treatments can seem simple in conversation but can be an entirely foreign process when you actually start to pursue it. That’s why we leave these little bites of practical knowledge and application for you to follow along and find a reference for the ways you’re looking to improve your process. 

Just remember, identify the when of lash removal — when it’s time to say goodbye — and then act with the assurance that your removal is not only safe but healthy for your lashes and skin when you use products like ours. Years down the line, when you look back and see how many times you could’ve hurt your lashes rather than helped them, you’ll be screaming a whole lot of thanks to yourself for making the changes now.


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