How To Make Hooded Eyes Look Bigger

How To Make Hooded Eyes Look Bigger

Sexy, sultry, and deep-set. These are adjectives you’ve probably heard your entire adult life. Your bedroom eyes may give you a sensuous look, but they can sometimes appear small or heavy. 

Creating larger-looking eyes is possible for anyone, even if you’ve got a hooded eye shape. We’ll explain what hooded eyes are, common problems hooded eye peeps experience, and what you can do to make them look longer and larger. 

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes are one of about eight to 10 commonly recognized eye shapes. Eye shape can determine a lot about your appearance. Understanding eye shape can help you accentuate your eyes with the right kind of eyeliner, shadow, and, of course, lash extensions. 

For example, it’s almost common knowledge that rimming your entire eye with liner will make them appear smaller. If you have naturally smaller eyes, you’ll want to avoid completely outlining them in thick black liner. 

Hooded eyes have a distinct feature: an extra fold of skin beneath the brow bone that usually covers up the crease in the eyelid. This can make the eyes look set further back and usually makes them look slightly darker, even if you have light-colored eyes.

How Do I Tell If I Have Hooded Eyes?

If you aren’t sure what type of eyes you have, grab a mirror. Looking directly in the mirror at your eyes, see if your entire eyelid is visible. If you cannot see your eyelid, you might have hooded eyes

If you can gently lift the skin on your brow bone to reveal your lid, you probably have hooded eyes. People with hooded eyes often have issues applying makeup, keeping it in place, or creating a lengthier, more open-looking eye. 

With a few tips and tricks, you can create the illusion of an elongated eye shape (think more almond-like) and an overall wider-eyed look.

5 Tips To Make Hooded Eyes Look Bigger

The magic of makeup and lash extensions can help you draw attention to hooded eyes and create a more open-eye look. 

1. Prime Your Lids

Using an eyeshadow primer is essential for people with hooded lids. Because hooded lids have an extra fold of skin that folds onto the lid, it’s really easy for shadow and liner to smear and smudge.

A primer helps you avoid smearing, smudging, and creasing so that the makeup you apply stays in the right stop. 

2. Elevate Your Crease

When applying shadow, apply the color you would normally place in your natural crease just above the natural crease of your eyelid. This helps make your eye appear more open and also helps prevent your shadow from creasing and caking. 

3. Keep Your Colors Light

Choosing colors that are neutral will naturally make your eye area appear larger. That doesn’t mean you can’t use darker shades, but blending darker colors upward and outward will help lift the eye area.

Keep the primary color on your lids light, and make sure the color that you place in the center of your lids is the lightest, which will naturally create a larger-looking eye shape.

4. Rethink Tightlining 

Tightlining your eyes might seem very early 2000s, but it’s still a great method for making your eyes appear larger. To tightline your eyes, you’ll want a white pencil (sanitized by either sharpening with a clean sharpener or wiping with an alcohol swab). 

Next, use the pencil to line the inner lash line, also known as your waterline, on the bottom lid. This immediately makes your eyes appear wider than they actually are and can even make you look more awake. 

5. Wing Your Liner

The easiest way to fake a lengthier-looking eye is by creating additional length with liner. Winged liner looks fantastic on hooded lids, although it can be notoriously tricky to master. Dramatic winged liner (thick, with a more noticeable upturn at the outer edge) looks especially fitting on hooded eyes. 

If you know that winged liner just isn’t in your skill set, or if you just don’t want to take the time to do it, you can always fake it with lash extensions. The Lashify® I-Line™ Gossamer® Lash Set is our first pre-mapped set of Gossamers that is perfectly angled to give the illusion of winged liner. 

These lashes are the perfect solution for creating a winged liner look without having to worry about eyeliner application or transfer onto other parts of your eyelid. If you aren’t using the Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ System yet, what are you waiting for?

Break Up With Your Lash Tech

If you’re still going to the lash salon every couple of weeks for lash extension fills, you should know you’ve got options. Lashify makes it easy for you to Be Your Own Lash Tech™ and get the same professional-looking lash extensions at home in a fraction of the time it takes to have your fills done. 

The Lashify Difference

Lashify Gossamer lashes are made from 100% Korean PBT Silk and are attached to weightless spines. Think of them like a hybrid solution between individual extensions that are tedious to apply and strip lashes that never look quite right. 

Gossamer lashes attach beneath your natural lashes. Underlash Technology™ helps Gossamer lash application stay simple (even for first-timers) and keeps your Gossamer lashes feeling completely weightless. The result is a look that is professional and natural.

Our Bonds

If you’ve suffered brittle natural lashes after having repeated lash extensions, that’s understandable. Most lash glues contain unnatural ingredients like formaldehyde and cyanoacrylates, the same ingredients you find in superglue. 

Lashify doesn’t use glue for our Gossamer lashes. Instead, we use Bonds that are more lash serum than adhesive. Bonds contain biotin and Lavendula (lavender), which help support your natural lash growth while you’re wearing your Gossamer lashes. 

Our Bonds also never fully cure, allowing your Gossamer lash extensions to bend and flex with your natural lashes to avoid breakage. 

Change Your Look Anytime

With salon lashes, you’re locked into one style until your lash extensions fall out or you have them removed. With Lashify, you can change your look anytime you want. 

Our Gossamer lashes are designed to be worn for up to 10 days with proper care. Want to swap your daytime lashes for more nighttime drama? You can do that easily and quickly. 

We recommend storing your Gossamer lashes on the cartridge they arrive on, to keep them safe and ensure you’re always able to find them. If you need extra storage for your lash wardrobe, you can grab one of our storage cases, which are specifically designed to keep your Gossamer lashes safe and in their place. 

Getting started with the Lashify system is easy; you just need to get control. 

The Control Kit

The Control Kit™ is your key to the Lashify kingdom. It contains everything you need to get started with Lashify, including Gossamer lashes to help you get your first lash enhancement looks. 

Each Control Kit comes with:

  • Two sets of Gossamer lashes. There are so many options it can be hard to pick. You get to fully customize your lash length, curl type, and color. From incredibly lowkey and natural to over-the-top and luxe, we’ve got options that can make your lash dreams a reality. Your Control Kit comes with two sets of Gossamer lashes, so why not pick a set for daytime and one for nighttime?
  • Fuse Control® Wand. Our ergonomically developed application tool makes applying your Gossamer lashes a breeze. For smaller hands and faces, the Petit Curve Wand is the solution. 
  • One set of Wandoms®. Wandoms cover the tips of your Fuse Control Wand to ensure that your Gossamer lashes don’t stick to the Wand while attempting to apply or Fuse them to your natural lashes. 
  • Whisper Light Bond™. Our most popular Bond, Whisper Light helps keep your Gossamer lashes firmly in place without exposing your eyelids and eyes to dangerous chemicals or risking breakage. 
  • Glass Finishing Coat. Glass helps seal your Bond and gives your Gossamer lashes long-lasting wear. You don’t have to seal your Gossamer lashes, but if you plan to wear them for several days, Glass can help improve their longevity.
  • Samples. You’ll get a sample of our Pre Cleanse Japanese Cleaning Water, which also doubles as a face wash, and Melt Away, our dual-phase, oil-based makeup remover that helps you easily remove your Gossamer lashes when you’re ready to take them off.

The Control Kit puts you in control of your lash looks and gives you back the time you’ve been spending at the salon. 

Bigger, Bolder Eyes

Even if you have hooded eyes with less lid space than other eye shapes, it’s still possible to make your eyes appear larger. An easy hack? Just use Lashify I-Line Gossamer lashes to create the beautiful, angled look of liner without ever lifting an eye pencil. 


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