5 Tips on How To Brush Your Eyelash Extensions From the Lash Experts

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

5 Tips on How To Brush Your Eyelash Extensions From the Lash Experts

Ever feel like your extensions, whether applied at the salon or at home, look a little lackluster after only a few days of wear? We feel you. Aftercare is an essential part of the lash extension experience, and it’s something most of us aren’t super great at remembering.

No worries — with just a few seconds a day, you can improve the look of your lash extensions, remove build-up, and lengthen the life of your extensions simply by brushing them.

We’ll explain why brushing is important, how to do it without damaging your natural eyelashes or your extensions, and how often you’ll want to fluff up your lashes. As always, we’ll give you the Lashify® method to keeping your Gossamer® lashes effortlessly glam, so they look as iconic on day 10 as they did on the day you applied them. 

Why Brush Your Lashes?

It’s a simple concept, but it’s one you probably question. Why do you actually need to brush your lashes, especially if you have lash extensions? The reason? It’s routine maintenance, fam!

When you’re wearing lash extensions, you will naturally develop a build-up of oils, makeup products (like eyeliner and eyeshadow), dirt, dead skin cells, and even some drainage from your eyes through your tear ducts. 

Brushing through your lashes is the best way to rid them of these materials without loosening the bonds between your extensions and your natural lashes. Remember: oil-based makeup removers can break the bonds completely and cause your extensions to come out sooner than they should. If you have a tough product or mess on your extensions, we’ll give you some tips to remove it below. 

Will Brushing My Extensions Damage Them?

Not if you do it correctly. First and foremost, never brush your lashes if you’ve used mascara on them. One of the golden rules of lash extension use is to avoid mascara, but we know sometimes you just can’t resist. 

If you’ve used mascara, don’t brush your lashes while the mascara is in place. The brush can attach to mascara fibers and pull the extensions, causing them to break off and take your natural lashes with them. 

You can safely brush eyelash extensions and keep them clean, fluffy, and looking brand new if you know how to do it properly. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. 

How To Brush Your Eyelash Extensions: Five Tips 

Brushing your lashes is a lot like brushing your hair; you need to do it daily and use the right tools and techniques to ensure you don’t break or damage your hair fibers. Brushing can keep a full set in place longer and improve their look. 

Here’s how to do it like a pro.

1. Use the Right Tools

Repeat after us: an eyelash comb is not the right tool. Yes, it seems natural to use a standard comb to clean lash extensions, but the bristles on a comb aren’t as gentle as they are on a clean mascara spoolie or lash brush and could damage your extensions. 

You’ll want a clean, soft-bristled brush to gently comb through lashes without dragging or pulling. We recommend our Fluffer Brush, which is gentle enough for both your natural lashes and extensions and won’t disturb or pull your lash adhesive from your lash line. 

2. Clean Your Slate

You won’t want to brush your lashes until you’ve cleansed your skin. While you won’t need any special type of lash shampoo to cleanse your Gossamer lashes, if you have salon lashes your technician may have recommended one for you. 

To clean your lash line and eyelid while you have your Gossamer lashes on, simply use a cotton round with warm water or an oil-free cleanser and carefully cleanse the area, avoiding your lashes. 

3. Brush Up

Starting at the outer edge of your lashes, gently brush your lashes up and outward, going over the top of your lashes, not underneath. Avoid the lash line if you are wearing Gossamer lashes so you don’t disturb the bond between your Gossies and your natural lashes. 

Make sure you’re only brushing your lashes for a maximum of 10-15 seconds per side. Any more isn’t necessary and could damage your lashes. 

If you still need more volume, you can brush your lashes underneath the natural lashes, but be careful, as this could potentially break the lash glue if you are wearing salon lashes. 

You can use your lash wand brush to gently fan and separate your lashes and style them so that they look fuller and fresher. 

4. Brush Away Cosmetics

It happens; you apply your favorite blush, eye makeup, or powder, and some of it naturally gets stuck in your lashes. Brushing to the rescue! 

You can easily remove the residue by taking your clean lash brush (or even a clean mascara wand) and brushing through your lashes using the technique in tip 3. 

5. Only Brush When Dry 

Brushing your lashes when they could be damp (like when you hop out of the shower) is a no-go. You could pull the lash extensions away from your natural lashes and cause lash loss or breakage. 

Wait for your lashes to air dry before you brush them, and never rub them with a towel to try to speed up the process. 

What If My Extensions Get Really Dirty?

Despite our best efforts, sometimes our lashes just get really dirty. We drop a spoolie brush loaded with eyebrow gel on them, or we splash something on them that results in a really dirty lash mess. 

Don’t panic. There are ways to clean eyelash extensions without completely removing them. 

If you’re wearing Gossamer lashes, you have options. 

Cleaning Gossamer Lashes

If your Gossamer lashes get dirty, you can easily clean them, whether they’re on your lids or in their cartridge. 

  • On the lids. If your Gossamer lashes get dirty while they’re still applied, and you don’t want to remove them to cleanse them, you can use this method to clean them. Dab a small amount of Pre Cleanse Cleansing Water on a Charcoal Cotton Swab and gently rub it on the affected area. 

Pre Cleanse isn’t a lash cleanser and shouldn’t be used regularly to clean your Gossamer lashes, but it’s oil-free and safe for cleaning up boo-boos.

  • In the cartridge. Cleansing your Gossamer lashes on the cartridge is easy. Using Melt Away Remover and a clean spoolie, gently brush the Gossamer lash that is dirty until the stain or dirt is gone. 

If you have salon lash extensions, ask your lash artist if it’s safe to try a DIY cleansing method at home. If so, you can use an oil-free makeup remover and a cotton swab or spoolie to gently cleanse the affected area. 

In a Pinch

Sometimes you need to brush up your lashes or remove a little dirt, and you don’t have your favorite silicone lash brush available. No worries, here are a few ways to keep your lashes clean and fluffy on the go.

1. Use a Comb

A comb isn’t the best method for keeping your eyelashes fluffy, and the bristles are very stiff. However, you can use a comb in a pinch to add definition and remove dirt. Comb through your lashes gently to avoid damaging them. 

2. Grab That Hotel Toothbrush

On a trip and remembered your toothbrush but not your eyelash brush? No worries, use the hotel toothbrush to gently comb through your lashes and add extra lash lift. 

3. Mascara Wand to the Rescue

If you’re willing to sacrifice your mascara wand, you can rinse it in warm water until it comes clean and use it to brush through your lashes. Just make sure it’s definitely free of mascara. Getting mascara (especially waterproof mascara) in your eyelash extensions can damage them and can be impossible to remove. 

Keeping It Clean

Keeping your lashes and your tools clean is key to keeping your eye area safe and ensuring a hygienic lash extension experience. 

Clean your lash tools (like your brush) with a gentle, oil-free cleanser or mild hand soap. You can also wipe down silicone brushes and combs with alcohol swabs to kill bacteria and cleanse them. 

Brush Up On Your Lash Habits

Getting your lashes done, or applying them at home, is the first step in having amazing lashes that are effortless and dramatic. The second step is taking care of them, and brushing your lashes can keep them looking fan-like and fresh for a longer period of time. 

Brushing also helps keep your lashes and extensions clean and is the perfect solution for getting rid of dirt and oil that could interfere with your bonds or even end up in your eye. Lashify makes caring for your Gossamer lashes easy with the right tools to do the job perfectly. 


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