What Are the Different Types of Lash Curls?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

What Are the Different Types of Lash Curls?

If you’re new to the lash extension game, or even if you’re a seasoned pro, you can benefit from a little refresher course on the different types of lashes available. Strip lashes like you wore as a teen might’ve been a one-size-fits-all solution, but now you’ve got options. 

The team at Lashify® is lash-obsessed. Together, we’ll talk about lash curls and help you understand which lashes are the perfect solution to get the lifted, volumized lashes you want.

What Are Lash Curls?

When we talk about lash curls, we’re talking about how a lash fiber extends from the lash line and the shape it takes as it curls upward and away from the lash line. This is referred to as the “curl.” 

Everyone’s natural lashes have a natural curl shape, which can range from straight to extremely curled. If you have monolids or hooded lids, you may have lashes that are naturally straight or angle downward. 

When Is Lash Curl Important?

You’ll need to know what lash curl you want if you’re going to get a lash lift or if you’re going to have lash extensions applied. 

  • Lash lift. A lash lift is a procedure you’ll have done at a salon. It’s kind of like having a perm applied to your lashes. A lash lift doesn’t lengthen your lashes or add any volume. The purpose of a lash lift is simply to create a more dramatic curl than your natural lash has.

Lash lifts can be expensive, and they take time to apply in the salon. You can expect a lash lift to last between three to four weeks before you need to have the process repeated. 

It’s also important to remember that a lash lift may cause irritation to your eyes and your delicate eyelid skin. If you’ve had eye or skin sensitivity in the past, it might be a better solution to opt for lash extensions. 

  • Lash extensions. Extensions can be applied in a salon or done at home. You’ll have more control over the type of curl you get and the ultimate outcome of your lashes if you choose lash extensions. 

Lash extensions give you both volume and lift and can dramatically increase the length of your lashes. 

Salon lashes take time to apply and need to be reapplied every three to four weeks with your natural lash-loss cycle. They can also be damaging to your natural lashes if they are applied incorrectly or if the glue used causes your natural lashes to become stiff and brittle.

Different Types of Lash Curls

When you decide you want lash enhancement, you’ll probably find yourself lost down an internet rabbit hole of lash curls. While some companies or lash techs may claim they have “exclusive” curl types, they’re really all part of one of the below families. 

There are seven different types of lash curls, but keep in mind that within these lash curl families, you can always change the length and volume to fully customize your lash look. If you’re getting lash extensions or using the Lashify DIY Lash Extension system, you can also interchange the lashes to create looks that are new and fresh every time you apply your lashes. 

1. J Curl 

The most natural of all lash curls are the J curl lashes. These are closest to the curl of your natural lash. Instead of a dramatic upturn, the J curl is flatter and more straight than the other curls available. 

Typically, J curls are used to achieve a completely natural look. The J curl is great for lengthening natural lashes and is a perfect option for daytime looks, work, or just low-profile enhancement. 

If you want a slight lash enhancement without a lot of fuss, a J curl lash is your solution. 

  • One to try: Lashify Core Gossamer® Amplify Lashes. These lashes are available in numerous colors and lengths and are our most natural, wispy lashes. Effortless and easy, these lashes will definitely have everyone wondering what’s new about you. 

Lashify’s lashes are all available in varying lengths, so you can customize your J curl lashes to achieve a look you love. 

2. B Curl

B curl lashes are a slight enhancement on a J curl lash. Having slightly more curl than a J curl but still used mostly for natural amplification instead of a dramatic effect, the J curl has a distinct curl upward that helps open the eye and make it appear bigger. Most clients prefer at least a B Curl in terms of lash amplification.

  • One to try: Lashify Bold Gossamer® Lashes are a slightly thicker lash fiber that helps amplify lashes without adding bulk. Think of Bold Gossamers® like a semi-permanent application of your favorite volumizing mascara, but without the sticky mess or hard-to-remove waterproof formulas. 

If you’re looking for a way to sideline your mascara and eyeliner, this is the solution you need. 

3. C Curl

The C curl is the first of the most popular lash curls available. Most lash extension clients choose C curl lashes because they provide a natural look with serious lift and volume. 

Most natural lashes tend to have a C curl shape, which makes C curl a go-to solution for natural lengthening. A C curl lash is lifted upward directly from the lash line. If it’s noticeable amplification you want but with a natural effect, you’ll want C curl lashes.

  • One to try: Lashify Curl Gossamer® Lashes combine the wispy, natural look of Amplify lashes with the added emphasis of the Bold. This helps create an open-eye look without heaviness and gives the lash line a strong lift. 

Curl Gossamers® can be mixed in with other lash sets for looks that are fully customized and have extreme volume. 

4. CC Curl

Looking to make a little drama? CC curl lashes are the answer. These lash shapes are similar to C lashes but slightly more curled. Similar to the letter “C,” the lash curls away from the lash line and upward, giving noticeable lift and incredible volume. 

You’ll typically start using CC curls when you add more volume to your lashes instead of only length. If you typically use C curl lashes and have a special event, CC curls may give you the added boost of volume and lift you want. 

  • Lashify Drama® Gossamer Lashes. Thick, 2-ply fibers and an unmistakably strong curl give these lashes the ability to lift and create a dramatic look. The cross-weave design makes it easy to add volume without bulkiness or weight. 

Don’t be confused. CC curl lashes aren’t just for special occasions. If you’re into extra long, curly lashes for your 9-5, these are absolutely a go-to.

5. D Curl

Addicted to curl? You’ve gotta get the D curl, baby! The most dramatic curl available is the D curl. This curl is shaped like the letter C, extremely long and curly, and gives you the ultimate lifted, open-eye look. 

D curl lashes are popular, but also may not be an option for everyone. D curl lashes can curl so much that they touch the eyelids near the eyebrow when you blink, which may be uncomfortable for some users. 

If you have naturally curly lashes, applying D curl extensions could be uncomfortable, but with Lashify, you can try a different length which allows you to retain the dramatic curl without itching your eyebrows. 

  • One to try: Lashify Extreme Gossamer® Lashes. These lashes give you the benefit of Russian look lashes (ultra-thin fibers with extreme volume) without the damage to your natural lashes. Salon lashes can be applied incorrectly to the natural lash (especially when numerous fibers are applied to one lash) and can cause damage. These lashes provide the ultimate volume you want without the heaviness or damage. 

The Lashify system is designed to enhance your natural lashes while protecting them and encouraging them to grow, so you never have to worry about your Gossamers® being anything other than incredibly gentle to your natural lashes. 

6. L Curl

L Curl lashes are called L curl because they look like the letter L. L curls come straight out from the lash line and curve directly upward. They are a good solution for users with hooded lids or for people who have lashes that are naturally very straight or angle downward. 

They may also help you avoid the problem you might have with D curl lashes (if they tend to touch your eyelids near your eyebrows). Because they come straight out from the lid, they aren’t known for interfering with your eyelid skin or brows. 

  • One to try: Lashify Gemini Minx Gossamer® Lashes. Designed to give you the piecey, natural volume look of extreme lash density with a flat base that effortlessly adheres to your lashes. 

Of course, our Minx Gossies aren’t made from real minx. We’d never hurt an animal to get the lashes we love. All of our Gossamer® lashes are vegan and cruelty-free.

7. L+ Curl

Like the L curl, these lashes come straight out from the lash line and angle upward. Unlike the L curl, these curl at the end instead of going straight upward, forming the letter L shape you’re used to with the L curl. 

  • One to try: Lashify Starburst Gossamers® Lashes deliver extreme lift and the spikey lash look you might see with L curl and L+ curl lashes without any damage to your natural lash. These lashes are multi-length and multi-layered to create extreme looks and over-the-top texture without adding heft. 

If you want full lashes without damage to your natural lashes and without spending all your time and money at the lash salon, the Lashify DIY Lash Extension system is for you. 

How Lashify Works

Just like salon lashes, Lashify extensions adhere to your natural lashes and enhance them. With numerous different styles, lengths, textures, and colors, there’s no shortage of lash looks you can create. 

Unlike salon lashes, Lashify DIY Lash Extensions won’t damage your natural lashes and won’t expose your delicate eyelid skin or eyes to harsh chemicals.

Lashify Bonds

Our bonds are different from salon adhesives and typical lash glue. Sometimes, these glues can contain dangerous ingredients like cyanoacrylates (the same stuff you’ll find in super glue) and formaldehyde.

Lashify bonds don’t contain these ingredients. Instead, they contain super-nourishing lavandula and biotin, which can help your natural lashes grow and stay strong, even while you’re wearing your Gossies!

The Lashify Technique

Salon lashes are applied on top of your natural lashes, which can cause weight that can make lashes break. Lashify Gossamer® lashes are applied under the natural lash line, so you get all the volume and length without any weight on your natural lashes. 


Removing your Gossamers® is easy using our Melt Away Remover. After an application of Melt Away (or any dual-phase, oil-based makeup remover), your Gossamers® should slide right off. You can reapply them anytime. 

More Lash Options

You like options, and we’ve got them. Unlike salon lashes that can’t be altered between sessions, you can remove and reapply your Gossamers® anytime. While they’re made to last for ten days, you can always change them out whenever you want. Styling your lashes is completely up to you. 

Curl It Up! 

Now that you know the difference between your J curl and your L+ curl, you can style your lashes however you’d like. Using the Lashify DIY Lash Extension system, you can customize your lash wardrobe and interchange sets to develop fully customizable lashes that never harm your natural lashes.

You’ve got choices; use them wisely! Lashify gives you the look of salon lashes without any of the damage.


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