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12 Types of Colored Lash Extensions

Posted by Bridget Reed on 03 November, 2022

12 Types of Colored Lash Extensions

Are you a Level-2 Lashifer looking for a fresh way to style your lash look? Are you new to DIY home eyelash extensions, but you find yourself gravitating to pretty colors instead of the traditional black? Or perhaps, are you a natural redhead (lucky you!) who just wants to find lash extensions to match your natural color? 

No matter why you’re considering colored lash extensions, Lashify® has the tools, tips, and tricks to help you get the unique lash look you want! 

Who Should Wear Colored Lashes?

Short answer? Anyone who wants to! There is not a single eye shape, face shape, or skin tone that can’t get creative with colored eyelash extensions.

“Aren’t colored lashes only for creative, bold, artsy-type people?” Not exclusively. We all have some creativity inside of us waiting to be unleashed, and who’s to tell you you’re not artsy enough to express yourself? No one; that’s who! 

If you’re looking for advice on how to select different styles for your lash map, check out our advice on how to select the right extensions for your eye shape. We’ve got some great tips for choosing different lash styles, but our colored lashes only come in classic styles to make styling them a breeze.

If you want more styles with colored lashes, Lashify’s educational video series has super helpful tutorials to show you how to volume-stack, length-stack, and brick-stack your classic lashes for a not-so-classic, original look. 

Natural Colored Lashes

For most people, plain black or dark brown will fit the bill of a natural color match. But Lashify isn’t here for most people; we’re here for all people. Check out the Intimates Collection to find an extension to match your lovely lashes.


When you think Ash, think warmth. It’s like warm chocolate tinged with flickers of purples and reds. These are straight fire for you strawberry blondes!


When you think of real mink lashes, you probably love the color but can’t get over the frailty or the animal rights issues that come with them. Minx mimics the color of real mink with none of the cons of actual real mink. Come to the silk side!


As promised, if you're a redhead who’s sick of black lash extensions not blending into your natural lashes, Ginger is just the Gossamer for you.


Like a chocolate truffle, this Gossamer blends chocolate with traditional black to imitate your natural lashes’ color distribution.

Prismatics Color Collection 

Blending your extensions into your natural lashes is great for some, but perhaps you want to stand out! Lashify’s Prismatics Collection offers quite an array of bright, vivid colors to help you step outside the usual. All prismatic lashes are available in the Curl (“C”) style, and a few are available in Amplify (“A”) as marked. 

Royal Kim Blue

The best-selling prismatic. Did you know the human eye can see more shades of blue than any other color? See how many you can see woven into this stunning Gossamer! 

Bonus: Blue makes the whites of your eyes look even brighter and whiter. Royal Kim Blue Gossamers are available in the Amplify style. 


Don’t be green with envy. You, too, can have unique teal lashes! Teal Gossamers are also available in an Amplify style. 


Violet is kind of having a moment right now, from fashion to makeup to paint at the hardware store — probably thanks to its similarity to the Pantone color of the year. Violet Gossamers are available in an Amplify style. 


Try lavender for a shade of purple that’s a little softer than violet. Lavender Gossamers radiate a gentle whimsy with every flutter. You can try combining them with the Violets in an ombre style that would make a garden blush! 


Classic and classy, who doesn’t love a lady in red? 

In terms of symbolism, red is one of the most diverse colors. Is it red like Valentine’s hearts? Red like Santa Claus’s cap? Red like Taylor’s Version? Red like a sexy tango dress? Red like a romantic rose? Or red like the blood of your enemies? Whatever your mood is, Red Gossamers® have you covered. 


Not pale, dusty rose pink; we’re talking PINK! Electric, bubblegum, PINK!


For shimmering under the dazzling lights on your next night out! This is a great prismatic to pair with other colors to add just a pop of sparkle. 

Dark Brown

Okay, we know what you’re thinking, “That sounds awfully natural to sit with the Prismatics.” But this isn’t your natural brown. These border on bronze when they mix with your lashes. They’re another great style to add a touch of shine to your lash map. 

Lash Mapping With Colored Lashes

Let’s talk a little more about styling your classic-shaped colored lashes. Before you go sticking falsies on your eyes in any order, it’s best to go in with a plan; that plan is called a lash map. 

If you haven’t heard it before, the term “lash map” describes the lash types you’re using, the order in which you place them, and the order in which you’ll apply them. A lash map might be crazy simple and only have one type of lash all the way across, or a lash map might be a super complex array of styles working in tandem to create an original combination! Your lash map is completely up to you, so don’t be scared to experiment.

If you’re going for a classic lash map, try this map using only Curl (“C”) lashes: 

From the inner corner outward: C.10, C.12, C.12, C.12, C.14

Notice how the lash length begins shorter at the inner corner and goes a little longer on the outer corner. There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting the right lash map, but we have an expert resource to help you design thebest lash map for your features. Because the Prismatics come in a classic style, all the same rules apply! 

Advanced Lash Mapping 

If you’re going for more volume, try volume-stacking like so:

  1. Apply your classic lash map as you normally would, whether you're using classic colors or Prismatics. If you’ve never applied Gossamers before, check out one of our resources for help

  2. Lay out your lash map. Always have a good idea of where each lash will land on your lash line. 

  3. Wait for the base layer to be secure. They don’t necessarily need to be totally cured, but they need to stay in place. Consider using the Blow Tool or a lash fan to help them dry faster. 

  4. To begin your second layer (hence, stacking) of Gossamer, apply a little bond to the spine of the Gossamer and use your Fuse Control® Wand to align the spine of the new lash with the corresponding existing lash’s spine. Alternatively, apply a thin line of clear Whisper Light along the spines of the first layer of lashes. 

  5. Then, delicately place the second row of extensions along the line. Use whichever of these two application techniques you feel the most confident in! 

  6.  Fuse these lashes spine-to-spine. Allow them to cure completely. 

            You can add volume stacking onto your week-old lash map whenever you feel like you need to freshen it up. That way, you don’t need to remove your Classics and start over with totally new lashes. If you like the sound of volume stacking, check out brick-stacking and other Level-2 Lashify techniques with the educational video series. 

            How To Ombre Your Lashes

            If you’re ready for something more advanced and out of the box, try this ombre technique: 

            1. For an ombre effect, you’ll need three different colored Gossamers. Make sure you have your tools ready to go before beginning.

            2. Start with a base layer. Apply your base as you normally would. It’s important to use a classic style of lash, like Curl or Amplify, to form your base. Even for an ombre look, the base layer can absolutely just be black! 

            3. Next, use the volume stacking methods described above to introduce your first color. Violet works beautifully with this technique, but you could also use Royal Kim Blue, Red, or any color you’d like to experiment with. Fuse until secure but not cured. 

            4. Finally, complete the stack with your final color. If you used violet on the previous layer, try lavender here. If you used red, try pink! Silver is great for complementing practically every other color. This is also a great layer to introduce different styles of lashes as well, like Stardust™, Starburst™, or Gemini™. 

            5. Give your ombre a final fuse to lock it in, wait for it to cure, and ta-da!

                    Lashify makes it easier to get started with this technique with our Royal Ombre Gossamer® Bundle. This bundle includes two cartridges of Royal Kim Blue Gossamers, two cartridges of black Curl Gossamers (one 12 and one 14), and one cartridge of Chocolate Stardust Gossamers. 

                    The included lash map looks like this: 

                    Base (All in Classic Black Curl) C.12, C.12, C.12, C.14, C.14, C.14

                    Stack Layer 1 (In Royal Kim Blue): Skip, C.14, C.14, C.14, C.14, C.16

                    Stack Layer 2 (In Chocolate Stardust): Skip, Skip, SD.12, SD.12, SD.12, Skip

                    See how the base layer here looks very similar to the basic, classic lash map above? When you start with a great foundation, you can build great things! 

                    How Do I Get Started? 

                    If you’ve already got your Control Kit™, or you’ve curated your own Lashify starter kit, you’ve already done the hard part! Each Gossamer cartridge includes 12 individual Gossamers. 

                    Getting started with a fresh lash color is as simple as spinning a color wheel! 


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