Best False Eyelashes for Mature Eyes

Best False Eyelashes for Mature EyesLashify

You’re never too old to feel beautiful and confident. False eyelashes are for everyone; it’s just a question of which kind of lashes will be best for you!

Why Do Mature Eyes Need Specific Care? 

Mature women (and men, for that matter) with mature eyes have unique concerns when it comes to eye care; therefore, they need unique advice to help them keep their eyes looking and feeling their best. 

The aging process causes a great many changes in our bodies and a great many changes in our eyes. Let’s talk about just a few of the changes that may impact our ability to wear fake lashes. 

The Skin

Skin will naturally lose elasticity across your body with age, and this loss of elasticity is due to the loss of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the proteins that give your skin structure. 

The decrease in these proteins can be related to hormonal changes, sun damage over time, and changes in your body’s oil production. Lifestyle choices, like diet and sleep quantity, will also play a role in your body’s collagen and elastin production. A high-quality collagen supplement, a protein-rich diet, and a skincare routine with adequate SPF can help combat this loss.

Another cause of wrinkles or bags might be shifting fat deposits under the skin. When fatty tissue shifts around your eyes, you may end up with puffy under-eye bags or puffy eyelids, potentially on both upper and lower lids. 

Since the fat under the skin may move over time, and your body is low on elastin and collagen to repair the skin and reshape it to the new structure underneath, you may be left with stretched-out areas of skin, especially around the eyes.

The Muscle 

Just like the muscles in your biceps, pecs, and quads, the muscles around your eye will weaken with age. This includes the facial muscles in your brows, your eyelids, behind your eyes, and around the eye. 

Aside from potentially causing droopy skin, this weakening of muscle may also impede your vision. Commonly found in mature eyes, ptosis is a condition that weakens the muscle that opens and closes the eye. 

When the eye is open, the eyelid droops and hangs level with the pupil. For some, this is barely noticeable; for some, it is merely an aesthetic nuisance, but for others, it causes vision problems.

The Lashes 

Our eyelashes can change a lot as we age. All eyelashes are fragile, regardless of age, but after menopause, you should be extra careful with the products you use around your eyes if you want to keep your natural lashes intact. 

The loss of estrogen post-menopause can actually kill hair follicles all over your body, including your lashes. Because of this, lashes will naturally get thinner and more brittle with age. This is one reason to take it easy with your curler and maybe even thank it for its service before tossing it away. Manual curlers may contribute to the breakage of your natural lashes. 

Not only will they become thinner, but your lashes may also become shorter. It’s not that they’ve stopped growing; it’s that they’re experiencing breakage. When mature lashes break, it’s not typically at the root; it’s typically halfway between the root and the tip in the middle of the fiber. A supplement like biotin may be able to help with breakage. 

Why Try False Eyelashes?

You’re never too old to try something new. If you’ve been wearing lash extensions for decades, you already know the benefits of false lashes. You may be a little intimidated if you’re a false eyelashbeginner. 

Since our eyelashes naturally thin as we age, many people find comfort and confidence in lashes that you can add and remove on their own. Many people like the way that lash extensions can help reduce the appearance of thin lashes and restore the appearance of younger-looking lashes. 

Best False Eyelash Weight

Since the muscles in and around our eyes will naturally weaken, choosing a lighter-weight false lash will help prevent droopy-looking eyelids. So how will you know which lashes will be heavy before purchasing them and putting them on? 

Strip lashes are generally the heaviest fake eyelashes, so regardless of their material, they’ll weigh down your lids the most. Need another reason to remove the strip falsies from your cart? Toxic lash glue. 

Your eyeballs have become even more sensitive with age, and the last thing that they need is exposure to the formaldehyde and cyanoacrylate that’s hiding in most drugstore lash glues. Magnetic lashes are generally better, but if you’re brushing any adhesive onto your natural lash line, always read the ingredient list on your pair of lashes or ask a clerk to check the ingredients for you if the print is microscopic. 

Individual lash extensions applied by a professional lash tech may be significantly lighter, but they also carry a higher possibility of infection. Our ability to fight infection often declines as we age, so it’s best not to expose your eyes to unnecessary bacteria. 

The lightest and perhaps safest false natural eyelashes for mature eyes are DIY lash extensions that utilize small lash fans. Within this category, look for classic styles and barely-there styles since high-volume lashes will typically weigh more. 

Best False Lash Styles

Now that we’ve talked about all the practical things, let’s talk about the fun stuff: style! 

No matter your age, you want to choose a style that flatters your eye shape since different styles will look different on different eyes. Your eye shape may change over time, so the same looks from 30 years ago are not only out of trend but may look totally different on your face. 

For example, many people develop hooded eyes over time because of the loss in skin elasticity: it’s perfectly normal and still totally styleable with the right techniques. 

Let’s start with a style that works for almost everyone: a basic C-Curl. Because this lash style works for everyone, we’ve included it in the Control Kit. 

What's the Control Kit? The control kit is the at-home lash extension starter kit from Lashify, in which we’ve included everything you need, from tools to bond to lashes to remover, to get started with being your own lash stylist. 

One great look for older eyes of any shape is barely-there, natural-looking lashes. Choose a lash that matches the natural color of your own lashes, like the Gossamers in our Intimates Collection

These are our most natural-looking Gossamers. They come in natural shades, including Black, Ash, Minx, Ginger, and Truffle. The Intimate Collection colors come in two styles: Curl and Amplify. For mature eyes, we recommend a Curl lash style. These natural colors are perfect for beginners and pros alike to get a natural eye look.

Having said that, older women can totally rock a glam, dramatic look, too! Try the Plushy or Plushy Tame Gossamers for lightweight volume. These fluttery lashes use our finest, lightest fibers to create a plushy soft fan.

How To Get Stronger Natural Lashes

If you want to get stronger, longer lashes without eyelash extensions, you have options to help improve your own lash health. Here are our top tips to strengthen your lashes: 

Use a Serum 

If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma by a medical professional, you should not use lash serums because they may cause acute blindness. Eyelash growth serums are like vitamins for your eyelashes. 

Look for a natural serum incorporating ingredients such as biotin, keratin, peptides, pumpkin seed extract, castor oil, hyaluronic acid, collagen, or ceramides. Read the ingredients carefully; not all serums are so good for you; some contain additives like parabens. Older people need to avoid isopropyl cloprostenate in their lash serums. 

Upgrade Your Skin Care

Keeping the skin around your eyes hydrated can help minimize some of the issues that make wearing lashes difficult for mature eyes. You can upgrade your skincare by utilizing a daily eye cream and/or a hyaluronic acid serum

Ditch Your Mascara

Waterproof mascara is especially harmful to your lashes, not just because of the chemicals that make it waterproof, but because of how difficult it is to remove. You'll find yourself scrubbing hard at your lashes with makeup remover just to get it off after a single wear. 

Having stronger lashes can also make wearing lash extensions easier and ensure less breakage when you do wear them. It’s always a good choice to prioritize the health of your lashes. 

Lashify Is Here To Help

Whether you’re an expert with years of experience or a lash extensionbeginner, Lashify has the tools and guides to help you nail the lash look that makes you feel confident in your own skin. We have tutorials from lash experts and Lashify community members alike to help you build your skills and develop your own lash maps. We even offer 1-on-1 lash consulting for personalized guidance to get the best lashes for you. We believe in you! 


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