6 Reasons To Use an Eyelash Separator

6 Reasons To Use an Eyelash SeparatorLashify

With all the tools of the trade on the lash market, it’s hard to believe there are even more hidden away — but, oh boy, are there. One of those products is a lash separator. 

Remember when you first started playing around with your mom’s makeup or your friends started wearing makeup to school, which made you insatiable for a taste of any and all products you could get your hands on? Of course, you didn’t know how to use them at first, so blush ended up painted on your cheeks like a poorly made Raggedy Ann, and the foundation was never your shade (or blended down your neck). 

Mascara was the devil in disguise back then. It seemed so enticing and so lovely on other people, but when you first tried it out, the black smudges were endless, the product would somehow get in your eye every time, and worst of all — the clumping. Oh, the clumping! We could cry just thinking about it, but we won’t because who wants mascara streaks? 

If only back in the day, you had Lashify’s Precision Lash Comb. Yes, we did create our own rendition of the ultimate clumping solution. You’re welcome, bestie. We always know exactly what you need, and that’s why we’re your ride-or-die. 

Included in our Level 2 Set bundle of goodness, the Precision Lash Comb is a two-in-one lash comb and eyelash separator that fits your precise needs every time. It’ll put in double the work of any other lash tool like it, defining, fluffing, and cleaning any lash you need it to … and maybe even more.

For a more specific breakdown of all the reasons we think you should adopt a lash separator into your family, keep reading. 

1. Helps To Eliminate Clumpy Lashes

We all know that clumpy lashes have been plaguing the world of lashes since olden times. Clumps and snags happen to the best of us, and when they do, they aren’t pretty. As lashes have evolved and changed along with the products we use on them, so have those hurdles to overcome evolved and changed.

Lash clumping happens most often when using a thickening or tacky product like lash adhesive or mascara. Before lash extensions were as commonplace as they are now, mascara was the be-all-end-all of lash enhancement, meaning that lash clumping has been a thorn in the side of lash lovers forever and day. The solution? A lash comb, of course. 

Using a lash comb to gently separate lashes makes eliminating unwanted clumps easy peasy lemon squeezy. This goes doubly for removing any excess lash adhesive or sealant that might’ve made its way into the jungle of lash fibers.

2. Eliminates Discomfort From Pinched Lashes

This one goes along with the removal of unwanted clumps in the lashes. Clumps are unsightly on their own without the added downside of the pain that can accompany them. But where there are clumps, pinching and discomfort are sure to follow. 

The eye area is delicate and sensitive, and any pain there can be a major bother. To help lessen that constant annoyance, brushing through your lashes with a lash comb or separating them with a lash separator can be the difference between a slay and a nay. 

If you’re brushing through mascara, make sure to brush while the mascara is still slightly wet. Brushing through completely dry product can introduce even more tension and pull to your lashes, which won’t feel great and could even pull out some lashes in the process.

3. Cleans Away Debris, Dead Skin, and Makeup Buildup

Here’s a little fact you may or may not have wanted to hear today: your lashes are home to little living organisms known as Demodex mites

Not to worry, though. For almost everyone, these little buddies are nothing to be concerned about. They’re merely microscopic vagabonds riding the train that is you. They feed on the sebum that’s produced by your skin to keep it from drying out and reside in hair follicles when they aren’t out and about.

This is why fine hair like your lashes is like a hostel for these little wanderers and why making sure to brush your lashes with a clean lash comb could greatly decrease how many of these mites call you home. 

By removing the dead skin cells and oily makeup buildup that rest on your lashes, you’re simultaneously cleaning them and eliminating the conditions necessary for mites to thrive. It’s a win-win!

4. Stimulates Lash Hair Health

Although it’s thought to be nothing but a myth that brushing your hair helps it to speed up growth, it’s a known fact that brushing hair helps to stimulate the scalp, increasing blood flow and spreading sebum production all over your scalp. In turn, the habit of brushing your hair leaves you with a healthy scalp and healthy hair — even though it might not make your hair any longer.

The same could be said for lash hairs. By regularly brushing them through before, during, and in between lash sets, you’re helping to promote healthy — and, more importantly, clean — lashes, resulting in stronger and glossy lash strands.

5. Blends Your Real and False Lashes Together

Many people use mascara to achieve a more natural blend of their natural lash line into the false lashes. You might’ve done this with strip lashes in the past and might be just as tempted to do it with a pair of our Gossamers®. We would advise against this, however. 

If the first reason to use a lash comb was any indication, mascara is a serial clumper, and using it to blend lashes will most likely result in more clumping that you’ll have to comb out. Why not skip the mess in between and just opt to use the lash separator from the start? 

We think you’ll find the ease of blending your lashes with this tool to be the preferable method. It eliminates the pulling and tugging during blending that we talked about above and leaves you looking glossy and fluffed — the perfect lashes every time. 

6. Defines More Than Lashes

There’s nothing we love more than a multipurpose tool. With some lash combs, all you’re getting is the comb. With some lash separators, all you get is the separator. With Lashify’s Precision Lash Comb, you get the two-in-one experience that’ll change your lash looks forever.

But it will change more than just your lashes — let’s talk about your brows. That’s the beauty of the multipurpose aspect. If lashes are the curtains to the windows of your soul, eyebrows are the frames. These staple features of every face deserve just as much love and attention as your lashes. 

Use the comb end of this product to fluff and define those bushy beauties into your preferred position and marvel as they frame your lashes perfectly. 

Precious Precision 

If you’re not sold on the Precision Lash Comb as your next must-have by now, then we don’t know what to do. There really is no downside to including it in your lash routine, and unlike disposable spoolie brushes, this reusable tool will last you a lifetime with the proper care. And the more care you put into it, the more it’ll give back to you.

Gone are the days of unstoppable clumps, painful pinching, unclean lashes, and messy blending. And if you want more bang for your buck, go for the Level 2 Set bundle of goodies and receive your lifesaving lash comb in our handy Beauty Clutch carrying bag.

The Precision Lash comb mixed with an assortment of bonds, seals, the one and only Lashicurl®, and Wandoms®, all wrapped in a beautiful clutch? What more could you ask from us? We think that’s a steal and a half, but promise you won’t reveal our secret to just anyone. These deals are only for our inner circle, and of course, we consider you to be top on that list. 

No, please, hold your tears back, we’re empathetic criers, and the last thing we need is a room full of emotions when we’re all wearing the best lashes on the market. Who’s trying to ruin that full glam so soon? Instead, let’s all hug it out and settle for the promise that you’ll start separating those lashes ASAP! Cool? Cool.


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