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Mascara VS Eyelash Extensions

Mascara only creates the illusion of volume. Lashify actually delivers the real thing. And your final look lasts longer (up to 10 days!) and stays neat and firmly affixed the entire time. Why are lash extensions better than mascara? Well, we could go on and on and on! 

Posted by Mack Lotti on 17 May, 2021


Many times, thick and full lashes are all you need to look and feel confident and beautiful — even while makeup-free and bare-faced. Thick lashes can splendidly open up and frame the eyes so that people are immediately drawn into these windows to the soul. 

For those of us who have not been blessed with long, thick, curly lashes, the simplest DIY solution is the classic makeup staple — the mascara. With a few strokes, you can instantly have a darker and fuller fringe around your eyes. Today, mascaras come in different, advanced formulations, addressing common problems — such as streaking and clumping — while creating big, bold lashes. 

But there’s a better DIY lash extension solution — Lashify. And those who have tried Lashify agree: Lashify is better than mascara! Let’s look at the reasons why. 

Mascara does not add length to lashes

If you were born with short lashes, the only thing that mascara would do for you is make them thicker. And more often than not, it does not make a huge difference if the natural lashes are barely there to begin with. With Lashify, you can add both volume and length to your lashes. 

Mascara has the tendency to make the lashes clumpy

Most mascara products produce clumpy lashes or spider eyes. The liquid may be too thick and sticky; your mascara wand may need cleaning; you may have applied too many coats; you may be using the wrong formula, such as when the mascara is for lengthening and not volumizing; or your eyelashes were not properly prepped. 

There are too many ways that using a mascara can lead to unattractive, clumpy, messy-looking lashes. Lashify, on the other hand, is specifically designed to be clump-free. The whole process of applying the lash extensions using the specially designed tools also ensures that you’ll have a clean and professionally-made look. 

Mascara runs and leaves dark streaks

When you sweat, if your eyes water because of irritation, when you cry, or if you go swimming, non-waterproof mascara will run. And if you rub your eyes, you’ll end up with a smudged, Panda look. 

Because Lashify uses eyelash extensions, you won’t have to worry about messing up your eyes when you’re sweating it out at the gym, swimming, or laughing so hard you’re crying. You can even wear Lashify through childbirth. 

Mascara is hard to remove

Especially when you use a water-proof and long-lasting formula, removing the mascara is often difficult. Scrubbing with soap and water, with cotton soaked with oil or makeup remover, or both is harsh to the delicate skin around the eyes. The rubbing not only causes the mascara to smudge around the eyes; it also causes skin dryness and stress. Long-term mascara use can actually contribute to the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin around the eyes. 

In comparison, the Lashify system ensures clean, smooth, and quick removal of the eyelash extensions. Lashify removal products are also formulated to be gentle and nourishing to your natural lashes and your skin. 

Mascara has to be removed daily

It’s a pain and, sometimes, more trouble than it’s worth, but you have to remove your mascara at the end of the day. Wearing mascara to bed or for more than a day can lead to eye irritation and even infection. As mentioned above, the constant wiping and rubbing to remove mascara is also bad for the skin around the eyes. 

With Lashify, you can wear your eyelash extension for up to 10 days straight. There’s no need to take them off before going to bed; they’ll stay put and won’t harm your eyes in any way. And you get the added bonus of waking up every morning still with that stunning Lashify look. 

Lashify creates a more dramatic and lush look

A mascara only creates the illusion of volume. Lashify delivers the real thing. And your final dramatic and stunning look lasts longer (up to 10 days!) and stays neat and firmly affixed the entire time. It’s a DIY eyelash solution that lets you Be Your Own Lash Tech™.

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