Posted by Jill Medicis on 15 May, 2023


Did you know that with Lashify™, the inventor of DIY lashes there isn’t just ONE set way to apply bond? That’s right. There are so many combinations when it comes to pairing bonds, and finding the right technique takes time and a variety of factors. With a little trial and error you can learn how to tailor your bonding technique to what works best for you!  

Before we dive into the techniques, let’s take a look at your eye chemistry. Eye chemistry is important to know about when deciding on a bonding technique because this may affect which bond you decide to use when applying.  

You’re probably wondering, "What even is eye chemistry?" Let’s chat. Your eye chemistry refers to the moisture your eye produces, along with it’s PH Level. Every Lashify adhesive has a PH. The PH of one bond, combined with your eye’s moisture levels and PH levels may react differently than with the PH of another bond.  

If your eyes are not overly watery, I would recommend using a bonding technique with our Whisper Light Bond™. If your eyes are watery or your lids tend to be more oily, I recommend using our Bondage® with Charcoflex® for application, as this bond tends to absorb more moisture and oil than our Whisper Light Bond formula, giving you a longer hold.  

Next, we need to know how long and where you want to wear your lashes. Some of our customers love to wear their lashes solely for the day or just for one night to an event, and we have other customers who are looking for their lashes to stay on through an apocalypse. Let me start by saying that if you are someone who is looking to achieve that week-long hold, it does take practice.

When I first started wearing Lashify I would get 2-3 days wear. When I first started wearing Lashify I would get 2-3 days wear, then I would practice and try adjusting how much bond I’m using or my Gossamer® Lash placement and I would start to slowly see an increase in my wear time. Fast-forward to a few months in and I was able to wear my lashes for up to a week. Fast-forward to 4 years in and I wear them on vacation, at the beach, under water, jumping through waves and they last the entire time (not to say I don’t require a few touch-ups/maintenance here and there but you get the point). 

If you are looking to wear your lashes for 1 day and 1 day only we recommend our DAILY BONDING TECHNIQUE. 

This technique requires 1 layer of Black Whisper Light brushed through the lash from root to tip. Then, allow the bond 30 seconds to get tacky. Once tacky, you can apply your lashes and fuse down. This will be enough bond to allow you to wear your lashes for 1 day. At the end of the day, you can gently peel your lashes forward from underneath the spine and set them aside for re-use. 

Looking for longer wear time? This requires layering of our bonds. Building layers of bond will create a strong cushion that holds your natural lashes and our Gossamer® lashes together, allowing for an extended wear time. The key to applying your bond in layers is making sure you are applying THIN coats of bond and allowing each layer to get tacky prior to applying the next layer or your lashes. Think of it as like painting your nails or your walls in your house. You don’t want to come in and glob it on and then glob another layer on top right away. You want it to dry down a bit. 

Check out the following bonding techniques that use layering of bonds to see which one speaks to you and your needs!


Active Lifestyle Bonding

If you are someone who is active and are looking to wear your lashes for a few days, try our Lockdown Method or our Stoner Method. Both of these involve multiple layers of our Dual-Sided Whisper Light Bond.  

Lockdown Method™: 

Our most popular bonding method! The Lockdown Method is a triple bonding technique that gives you a strong hold. This is the best method to try when you are beginning to play around with layering bonds!!

The Lockdown Method

Stoner Method™:

The Stoner Method is the lockdown method but on drugs (just kidding). This method adds an additional layer of Clear Whisper Light for a larger cushion to hold your lashes inside.

The Stoner Method

Here is a short video showing how to apply your lashes using The Lockdown Method and The Stoner Method:



Vacation Lashes Bonding

Looking to wear your lashes on a vacation? Try the Stoner Method. This is a good bonding technique for someone who is looking for that extra hold so their lashes last throughout their time away and also who only has (or prefers) our Dual Sided Whisper Light. For Vacation lashes we are introducing the use of Bondage. If you are a beginner we don’t recommend starting out with Bondage as the formula tends to be a slightly runnier consistency and dries quicker. You’ll want to have an understanding of how much bond to use on your lashes and proper placement prior to trying this bond out. 

Triple Bondage Method™:

This technique is great for someone who is going on a vacation in hot, humid weather or plans to be doing water-based activities. It consists of 3 layers of Bondage which absorbs more moisture like we talked about earlier!

Triple Bondage

Check out this short tutorial for applying your lashes using the Triple Bondage method:



Oil Lids/Watery Eyes Bonding 

If you’re not one of the lucky ones (like me) who can apply only Whisper Light Bond and get 10-day wear, welcome to the club! Customers who wear Lashify and have oily lids or watery eyes due to allergies (or just life in general), these techniques are for you. The Triple Bondage Method is great or you can take it to the next level and try our Def Con 5 Method.  

Def Con 5™: 

This technique is the ULTIMATE when it comes to application. It requires pulling out all the tricks for extended hold! Def Con 5 uses Whisper Light Bond, Bondage, Night Bond Sealer AND Glass, making sure that your lashes aren’t going anywhere. This technique is definitely one that we recommend you try after using the system for a bit to understand how to properly apply the bond, otherwise you may become overwhelmed, and nobody has time for that! Check out this video that walks you through, step-by-step, how to use this bonding technique. 


Remember - your eye chemistry can shift throughout the year due to changes in seasons so don’t get discouraged. If, during the summer months, the Lockdown method isn’t working for you - this just means you can step your bonding game up and try including a layer of Bondage into your application. 

Try ALL the bonding techniques and see which is right for you. Remember - Lashify is meant to be fun. If you try one method and it doesn't work, play around and try another. There are no rules. Hey - you may be playing around and may just create the newest official Lashify Bonding Technique!! Be sure to join our Lashify Life Facebook group to see what bonding techniques other customers love and to share what bonding techniques, application tips, or lash hacks are working best for you! Share the love - because if there’s one thing everyone has in common in that group it’s our passion for lashin’!

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