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The Truth about Bond. Find out how to extend it’s life and get the best longevity!

Posted by Andrea Aronson on 04 May, 2020

What about Bond? Tips & Tricks

Here are some thoughts from the Lashify Lab on how to extend your Whisper Light.

First off, it’s important to know that the consistency (viscosity) of any adhesive is based on the ratio of water added to powder during the heating process.

After the product is filled and packaged, two issues can affect consistency: 

  1. Improper storage. Really cold or frozen Whisper Light might look weird and chunky after the freeze and unfreeze process. Note: be sure not to leave it in the car or outside in its package for too long.
  2. After the product is opened, the more oxygen it sees from use, the tackier and thicker it will get. If you want to thin out consistency, use a drop of distilled water and place bond into just boiled water. 

Here’s an excellent tip on how to apply Whisper Light for the best longevity: 

  1.  Apply a very light coat of black throughout lashes. Wait 30 seconds to one minute.  
  2. Dab black to base of the lashes only.  Wait 30 seconds to one minute.
  3. Add white dots of Whisper Light about 1-2mm above wet line - also a marker of where to apply Gossamer base.
  4. Wait until dots are almost clear and apply Gossamers only on the natural lashes, following the dots.  Fuse.  
  5. Apply Nightbond or Glass inside the Wandom and fuse entire lash. (For info look up Bondom trick under our Dictionary) 

This method has proven successful for oily lids and crazy sleepers! 

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