Posted by Vanessa Quinteros on 23 February, 2023

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “how long do these lashes last”? Short answer is, on average people wear them for 5-7 days. Some wear them more, while others choose to be daily wearers. Longevity also comes with a little practice. With proper application, bonding, and good aftercare you will get longer wear. However if you are not getting the wear you are looking for, we offer various bonding techniques, and tips. One of those tips is stacking. Stacking over the Plus+ lashes, will take your wear time to the max!


What is stacking?

Stacking is a Lashify application technique that allows you to build the volume of your lash look by adding another layer of Gossamer® lashes over the first layer. By stacking you can not only create more volume, but also change the style and look of your lash map.

Stacking also increases your longevity. Why? Because Gossamer® lashes, adhere better to one another. The silk fibers have a stronger magnetic adhesion. When you stack, you add a light layer of bond and fuse. This additional fusing of bonds, plus the better grip of the Gossamer® lashes to one another, automatically extend the wear of your lashes.




Using Plus+ Gossamer® lashes as a base layer


Using the Plus+ Gossamer® lashes as a base to stack, will get you even longer wear! Why? Plus lashes have a stronger grip due to how fine the fibers are, and how flat the spine is. It’s currently our longest wearing lash, and if you stack over it, longevity will be off the chains! The other advantage of using the Pluses as a base is that you can stack anything over them. Don't want too much volume? No problem! Just stack more Plus+ lashes, or Core Gossamer® lashes. You can also choose not to stack all the way across, and brick stack instead, for soft whispiness. Want all the volume? Then stack any of our volume Gossamer® lash styles. The possibilities are endless!

This technique can also be very helpful if you have thin sparse lashes. You can essentially “build up” your lash base, for better adhesion. Especially if you want a volume lash application. Some are also recovering from years of traditional lash extension use and have weak lashes. The Plus+ collection is perfect to start with, and can allow you to rock volume styles with no problem as your natural lashes heal.



Now it’s time to have fun and begin creating your lash map masterpieces by stacking and creating different looks. Want to learn more about the various ways to stack? Check out our Youtube channel to view videos on brick stacking, volume stacking, and length stacking. 


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