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You asked and Sahara answered! Welcome to the multi-length and multi-layered lash life! Our first eyelash to date that boasts a record 64 Korean PBT silk fibers for a stacked look without the weight.

Posted by Jill Medicis on 26 July, 2021


Mayday. Houston, we DO NOT have a problem. LashForce One here. 

The Starburst™ Gossamer® lash has landed... And it’s out of this world! 

Experience the magic Lashify has to offer with the NEW Starburst™ Gossamer lash. Inspired by the creative and brilliant minds of makeup artists Marlon Monroe (the master of the Pinching technique) and Wayne Goss (who requested a “Cindy Crawford lash”). And boy, do these statement lashes deliver! 

What’s special

You asked and Sahara answered!!! Welcome to the multi-length and multi-layered lash life! Our first eyelash to date that boasts a record 64 Korean PBT silk fibers for a stacked look without the weight. Made for you to rock the spiky '60s makeup look a la Twiggy and Liza without the need for a strip lash. If you’re anything like me, you love a lash that can take you from day to night instantly! Long gone are the days of Lashifiends cutting up Gossamers or applying bond to a lash and fusing it together to create a homemade spike. The Starburst lash makes creating a wispy, spiky look as easy as 1, 2, 3!  

How to

Versatile by nature, you can wear the Starburst Gossamer® all the way across or mix, match, and stack with our Core and Volume Gossamers for over-the-top volume and texture, without the weight. The Starburst Gossamer is a lash style that can give you almost ANY look! Natural, volume, dramatic...it does it all! 

Something that the Starburst has that is different from our other Gossamers is the look and feel of spikes. Because of this, it is important to note that the length of the Gossamer refers to the spike! The surrounding fibers on the Gossamer are a few mm shorter which allows for a new look like never before. So here’s the cool thing, because of the lash fiber design, if you usually wear a 12mm or 14mm Gossamer, then with our Starburst Gossamer you’re going to want to rock a 16mm or even an 18mm lash look!!! When applying the Starburst try aligning the spines side by side for a softer, more natural look. Going for a bolder, more voluminous look for a night on the town with the ladies?! Try overlapping some lash fibers when applying. This will give you added volume without the need to stack! Now that you know a little bit about the lash and different ways to wear them, let’s talk lash looks!

All Starburst, All the WAY!

When worn all the way across the eye, the Starburst Gossamer lash gives the perfect sultry, date night look. Because of the magic way these lashes have been designed, when worn all the way across the eye, they also can mimic the look of eyeliner. Here are a few easy lash maps that contain ONLY Starburst. 

Open Eye Lash Look

When trying to achieve an open eye lash look it is best to create this by placing the longest length in the center of your lash line above the pupil. I suggest starting with your longest lash then placing a shorter lash on both sides.

Starburst Gossamer Lash Map Vanessa


Stacked Open Eye Lash Look

Starburst Gossamer Lash Map GeriStarburst Gossamer Lash Map Geri


Winged Eye Lash Look

When trying to achieve a winged lash look it is best to create this by using lengths that get longer as you go towards the outer corner of the eye. The way that the lash fibers flare out on the sides allows for the perfect cat eye look!

Starburst Gossamer Lash Map JillStarburst Gossamer Lash Map Jill

Just a twinkling of Starburst

Not looking for a full glam look? No worries, you can still rock a gorgeous natural lash map using our Starburst Gossamers to accentuate certain features of your eye by pairing them with some of our core collection or volume collection gossamers or even both!! This will give a softer, less dramatic feel to the lash map.  


Winged eye w/ Starburst on the end

This winged lash map look was created by using a core gossamer in the inner corner, followed by our Drama Gossamer lash style. The Starburst gossamer lashes were used to add additional drama and definition to the end to really make that wing POP!

Starburst Gossamer Lash Map MiKayla

Open eye w/ Starburst in the middle

The Starburst are great to pair with core gossamers when you are trying to really open the eye without too much volume all the way across. By place Starburst in the center of the eye you can create a look that will Wow all your friends.

Short Natural Look

Want an even more natural but glamorous look?! Try staying with one length all the way across the eye and pairing it with a core gossamer in the inner corner. This will give that effortless, no mascara, yet subtle eyeliner look we all wish we could have (and now we can!).

 Starburst Gossamer Lash Map Ana

The possibilities are endless with our Starburst Gossamers. They are the hottest lash and can be used to create the perfect lash map for you! So, what are you waiting for…. SHOP NOW!!!



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