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Just when you thought the legendary, patented DIY lash extension system couldn’t deliver anything better, Lashify hits you with the most decadent, yet delicate of lash styles. Enter the Caviar of the Caspian Sea, the high-class volume Plushy Gossamer® lash collection. The Plushy lash combines volume and soft thin fibers to bring your look to ultra fab in a matter of seconds.

Meet the Plushy

The newest volume style to join the gossamer family is the Plushy. Think luxe, decadence, and glamor without the fiber thickness of some of our other styles. The curl on the Plushies is to die for and they play so well with others. You can wear them by themselves or combine with our Core Gossamer® lash collection, as well as volume styles with thinner fibers to create the most regal of lash maps.

Plushy comes in the lengths of 8-18 mm, both odd and even sizes. They come in 3 colorways: Traditional Black, Truffle (a mix of our black and brown fibers) and Chocolate (warm brown fibers), and they are flattering on any eye shape.

Plushy Lash


Plushy Tame

This gossamer lash is a one-of-a-kind style. She's the sporty, sleek elegant sister to the Plushy. The Plushy Tame has less curl than the Plushy, which offers a more relaxed look, very similar to our A- Amplify gossamer style. Be prepared to turn heads with the most fabulous tapered wing lash maps or wear them short all the way across for a fun, dense, smokey liner look.

Plushy Tame comes in the lengths of 8-18 mm, both odd and even sizes. 

Fiber colors - Traditional Black, Truffle, and Chocolate. 

Suitable for any eye shape.

Plushy Spines and Longevity

The Plushy Gossamer Lash Collection has the flattest spine of any gossamer on the market. With its patented technology, the spine of the Gossamer lash is undetectable, lightweight, comfortable, and seamless. After fusing your newly applied Plushy Gossamer lashes, the spines blend together effortlessly, creating not only a sensational lash map, but great longevity. This flat, seamless spine makes wearing this style for days on end an absolute breeze.

Suggested Lash maps and Gossamer® lash Pairings

Because Plushy and Plushy Tame work so well with other Gossamer lash styles, it’s so easy to layer, brick stack and pair with our Core and Volume Gossamer lash collection.

For full lash maps using the Plushy Collection, try a beautiful open eye with the longer lengths towards the center of the eye and under the arch of the brow. For a wing, use sizes gradually going up in length from inner to outer corner. 
Plushy packs a great curl for lift and luxury. It has the same fiber thickness as our C-Curl Core Gossamer lash. With the more relaxed style of the Plushy Tame, you can use an A-Amplify Core Gossamer lash for anchoring on the inner and outer corners of the lash map.

Try brick stacking the Plushies with Stardusts for a beautiful, wispy map. In this application technique, you apply a base layer of Gossamer lashes with small gaps in between them (Plushies for this example), then fill in the gaps with another length or style of Gossamer lashes (Stardusts) for a customized lash map.
Here are some lash map examples:


Plushy Tame Truffle

Truffle Plushy Tame

Plushy Black

Plushy Chocolate
Plushy Chocolate


Plushy Tame
Plushy Tame


Check out the Plushy Family and find your perfect lash look!


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