Necessity is the mother of all invention. And Lashify was born of that need. The need for independence. The need for self-reliance. The need for control. The need for controlling your own beauty. That’s when Sahara Lotti, CEO and Founder, saw a hole in a marketplace that was uninspired and sought to fill it. She scoured the globe to find a lash that met her standards. It didn’t exist. So, she broke all the rules. And cracked the lash code.

Lashify was born.

Lashify’s patent-pending Underlash technique, patented Gossamer lashes, and internationally patented Fuse Control Wand are the heart of the DIY system created by Sahara. With 70 patents and 50 trademarks world-wide, Lashify disrupted the market. It’s not a strip. It’s not an extension. It’s a whole new world.

It’s ingenuity has garnered Lashify die-hard, loyal fans—‘Lashifiends’—ranging from young and old, from ex-strip wearers or extension converts, to celebrity MUA’s and celebrity themselves.

Lashify has become a staple on the Red Carpet, worn by the likes of Renee Zellweger, Janelle Monae, Reese Witherspoon, and Nicole Kidman. Aside from completing Hollywood’s hottest looks, Lashify has been integral in film: Vivian Baker, Academy Award-winning make up artist, used Gossamers to transform Charlize Theron into Megyn Kelly for her role in the critically acclaimed film, Bombshell. It has also walked down the runway at New York Fashion Week, recently used by James Kaliardos at the Rodarte Fall 2020 RTW show.

But most importantly, Lashify graces the eyes of everyday customers— moms, policewomen, EMTs, nurses, athletes, chefs, performers. Lashify’s customer base has become a family, finding refuge in the private Facebook group, Lashify Life. Here, they share more than just tips and tricks. What started out as a place to discuss all things Lashify has turned into something so much more than that. It has spawned a community of women who support and encourage one another, while sharing aspects of their daily life with other women who care. Sahara Lotti, CEO and Founder, often posts here herself — a direct line to her customers, who she knows by name.

As a whole. Lashify has become more than just an award-winning brand, it is a beauty think tank that continues to innovate. Not just for profit, but for customers who rely on the transparency and quality that Lashify brings to their daily life. Knowing they will always be able to control their own beauty without compromise.

And that is the magic of Lashify.