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Living the Lashify life is more than just lashes. It's confidence, empowerment, self-care, self-expression, and so much more. When Sahara Lotti, owner and creator of Lashify, launched the brand back in 2018, she created a community called Lashify Life on Facebook. This small group has evolved to an amazing community, where people from all walks of life connect and share life experiences, while sharing their love of lashes. Not only will you find inspiration for lash maps, application tips, longevity tricks, but also how Lashify impacts people’s lives. Hear from Sahara herself on what this community is all about:  



The Lashifiends 

Although, initially, most people come to Lashify Life for education, reviews, and tips, they end up finding more than just lash info. As the world faces difficult times, the Lashify Life community offers a place to escape it all. Find a safe space to chat lashes, and have fun sharing your Lashify “addiction”! Once you apply that first lash, you will never want to walk out the door without your lashes! Thus the name “Lashifiend” was born. As we share our love of Lashify, we make friends, and create inside jokes only we understand! From our “Breaking News Stories”, to funny moments shared by our members, to Sahara being Sahara, we definitely keep the laughs coming!


Community Testimonials

Lashify Life Group Features  

In addition to the community and friendships, Lashify Life is an amazing source of education for all things Lashify! There is a constant flow of lash map inspiration, tips, reviews, and education from both members and the Lashify team. The group also has great features to take advantage of and it's a great place to find information quickly. Here are a few of those features:


Announcements / Featured Posts



This section features posts that are pinned at the top of the page by our team of educators, management, and Sahara herself. This is the best place to get caught up on what’s important! Here you will find the latest product drops, promotions, giveaways, updates, and announcements!  You will also find bi-weekly community highlights that feature what transpired during those weeks. If you have been away, it’s a great way to get filled in on all the Lashify news!  Helps keep the #FOMO in check! You won’t miss a beat. 


Guides Section



The Guides section organizes posts by topics that are commonly discussed and searched. For example, you can find product-focused guides that will have reviews on a product. This comes in handy especially during a new product launch! Other topics in Guides include: Longevity Masters, From Traditional Extensions to Lashify, Lash Health, and so much more! Click on “Guides” at the top of the page to find all the guides available. 


Media / Albums


The Media section allows you to view images, videos, and albums. This is the best way to find lash map inspiration from both our members and educators alike. Quickly access all the photos and videos that have been posted. The Albums tab is organized by Gossamer® lash styles. This allows you to see lash maps by style on different eye shapes and eye colors!

Search Bar / Hashtags 


The group has a search option that allows you to type in any word or hashtag to find what you are looking for. Once you type in your word and bring up your search, there are various filters to narrow down your specific search. We highly recommend using the search feature prior to posting. Can’t find what you’re looking for? No problem, we are here to help! Create a post or reach out to an admin for assistance. If you click on Members, you can quickly view the admins in the group. 

Lash Mapping Sessions 

Lash Mapping Sessions 


After purchasing your Control Kit, and applying your lashes, the next question you may have is, “What lash map should I wear?” Many wonder what is best for their eye shape, their personal style or occasion. The great thing is that we offer many ways of getting assistance with this! 

One of our newest features is the AI Calibrator found on our site! This scans your face, determines your eye shape, and recommends various lash maps! Want something more personal? No problem! Our talented team of educators hold lash mapping sessions 2-3 times a week in the group. If you catch one, comment on the post with answers to the questions and photos of your eyes. The educator will then respond back with a customized lash map within a couple of days! Did you miss the lash mapping session? Not to worry! Simply create a post with as much detail as possible, a good image of your eyes and request a lash map! This will not only get you a response from one of our educators, but you will also get recommendations from other members!


Educator Posts / Tutorials

Educator Posts and Tutorials


The Lashify Life community is also known for the great support given by the team and Sahara Lotti herself! Although Sahara is the owner, creator, and CEO of Lashify, she truly enjoys engaging with her clients directly in the group. She will give you tips and advice, or even help solve any issue you may have! The entire team of educators, moderators and admins follow suit! The team also engages directly, creates educational posts with needed information, answers questions in a post, or creates a video response for the benefit of others. The team also regularly does live tutorials demonstrating various application techniques and answers questions!

The level to which the team engages with its members is exceptional, bar none! So if you haven’t already, join the best community on Facebook! Let's talk all things Lashify, and make friends in the process. See you there!


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