The Frosting Method™: Bonding for Lash Longevity

Posted by Mikayla Hawkinson on 11 July, 2023

The Frosting Method™: Bonding for Lash Longevity

One of the great things about the Lashify system is having options for bonding techniques that best fit your eye chemistry, lifestyle, and preferred wear time. The Lashify Founder and CEO, Sahara Lotti, has created a new technique that gives a flexible yet strong hold which creates amazing longevity and comfort for your Gossamer® lash map. Introducing: The Frosting Method™. This is a great bonding technique for beginners and I love that this method uses Whisper Light Dual-Sided Bond™ straight from the Control Kit®!

If you haven't purchased your Control Kit™ yet, jump on it! This kit is so well thought out and has everything you need to properly get started with the Lashify system.

What's Inside the Control Kit

How to Apply

The key with this technique is to make sure every lash is coated in thin, light coats of bond. Frosting (brushing) the Clear Whisper Light bond 1-2 mm from the waterline, up the lash, coats the natural lashes evenly and provides great hold without the buildup of black bond. The Whisper Light Bonds were meant to be layered. Applying each layer of bond and allowing it time to become tacky is key during this process. Brushing the bond up the lash will speed up drying time for the lashes to become tacky as well. It’s amazing!

The Frosting Method

The Frosting Method

Here is a great demonstration of The Frosting Method from Lashify Pro Educator, Jill.



If you haven’t tried The Frosting Method yet, grab your Control Kit, your favorite Gossamer® lashes and try it out for your next application. You will be amazed at the comfort and wear time!


Other Lashify Products I can’t live without


My holy grail and prep step. I use this to clean my lashes before application, to tone my face in the mornings, to remove makeup and clean around the eye area while I am wearing a lash map.



My favorite remover and so perfect for taking off Bondage. Release has fermented and concentrated oils that perfectly break apart the bond. The oils also nourish my natural lashes so that they stay healthy, no damage.


Blow Speed Dryer  

Helps speed up my drying time during application. Super important to allow each layer of  your bond to get tacky.


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