The Evolution of Lash Technology - The Fuse Control® Wand

Posted by Mikayla Hawkinson on 08 September, 2023

The Evolution of Lash Technology - The Fuse Control® Wand

The Fuse Control® Wand is a one-of-a-kind tool specifically designed for the Lashify system. I like to think of it as the magic wand used to properly apply the DIY lash extension system. Handcrafted from Japanese stainless steel and hand-tooled in Pakistan, the Fuse Control Wand is ergonomically designed to fit the curves of your face. It provides a horizontal clamp force designed to put a certain amount of pressure onto the natural and Gossamer® lashes so there is no damage. “A multitasker by nature, the wand allows you to fuse on the go, or tweeze your brows in the car because the light is perfect. Whatever it is, we've got you.”

Let’s look at the evolution of this amazing tool and how it has changed the way we apply our DIY lashes.

V1 Classic Curve Fuse Control Wand

Here is the first iteration of the Fuse Control Wand, which is the version that was available when Lashify first launched. The curved end was dipped with an anti-stick coating for a wider fuse and it was only available in 1 color.

Original Fuse Control® Wand

V2 Classic Curve Fuse Control Wand

Next we have the V2 version of the Fuse Control Wand. This is made of Japanese stainless steel and is the version of the wand that most consumers have grown to know and love! This has the classic, full curve at the tip. It is available in 8 colors.

V2 Fuse Control® Wand

Watch the full tutorial on How to Use Your Fuse Control Wand here:


V2 Petit Eye Fuse Control Wand

As the brand has expanded, the Founder and CEO, Sahara Lotti, realized that the brand could go a step further in how the Fuse Control Wand could adapt and fit all 6 commonly known eye shapes. The Petit Eye Fuse Control Wand is not a smaller wand, but has a different curve. The 10% reduction in curve helps to accommodate smaller eye shapes, those with a flatter eye profile or hooded a lid. It is currently available in 6 colors.

V2 Petit Eye Fuse Control Wand

The Birdie Wand™ 

Everything you know and love from the full size Fuse Control Wand but in travel size with the petit curve. This wand is so adorable! It’s compact, I can keep it in my purse and it's amazing for travel.

Birdie Wand

Learn all about the Birdie Wand:


Wandoms are the perfect accessory for your Fuse Control Wand. They are silicone coverings that slide over the tips of the Fuse Control Wand to help reduce stickiness during application and provide a wider fuse.


The Importance of Fusing:

The main purpose of the Fuse Control Wand is to ensure that your natural lashes, the bond you have applied to the lashes and your Gossamer lash map all become one. Fusing is not an optional step when applying the Lashify system. Getting a proper fuse, down onto the spines of the Gossamer lash map, will secure the lashes in place and ensure longevity with the system.

Learn all about the Importance of Fusing:

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