The 6 Best Eyelash Looks for Round Eyes

When it comes to eye shapes and lashes the possibilities are endless. Every single eye shape has its beauty. You can choose to enhance your shape, or you may be in the mood to alter it. Sounds like fun right! Sure, when you know what your eye shape is!! How can you determine exactly what your eye shape is? Not to worry, we got you covered. Check out our first blog post in this series: The Best Eyelashes for Any Eye Shape. There you will find 5 steps to determine your eye shape. In this article we will cover the beauty of the Round Eye!

Round eyes are often described as “doe eyed” or “doll eyes”. Round eyes can be small or large. They will have a visible crease, and you will be able to see the whites of your eyes around the iris. This can be above, below, or both. There can also be different degrees of a round eye and combined with other features.

So many strive to achieve that beautiful “doe eyed” look, that many celebrities have. Such as Audrey Hepburn, Katty Perry, Mila Kunis and more. Yet so many that have round eyes, say they would prefer “smaller” or more almond shaped eyes! The good news is that with round eyes, you can either enhance your eye shape, or with lashes and makeup create an illusion of a more almond, small, or even cat eyed look. And the Lashify DIY Extension System makes it so easy to customize and create anything you want! So let’s get started.

6 Perfect Lash Maps for Round Eyes Natural to Dramatic

Let's start with 3 looks that will enhance your round eye shape. We will concentrate the length at the inner corner and taper the ends with a shorter look.

Pro Makeup Tip: Use cream liner on your bottom waterline, or soft smoky liner in softer tones avoiding black. Darker liner will create the opposite effect and minimize your eye size.

Note: Keep in mind when reviewing lash maps, that the lengths can vary depending on your personal taste and spacing between your lash line and brow.


You can keep the lashes soft and wispy for that “I woke up like this look”. People will think you have amazing natural lashes!

1. Suggested Lash Map: C10, C12, C14, C14, C12, C10

2. For an even more natural look try this map using our intimate collection. Choose a color that matches your hair color.

3. For a “mascara look” use the B Gossamers, or stack C’s like image below

Pro Lashify Tip: Only use Glass sealant at the base to keep the lashes matte and wispy looking.

Pro Lashify Tip: Use Core Gossamer lashes in your inner corners when using volume. For most that is more comfortable, as your inner corner natural lashes tend to be less and thinner. There is usually also less spacing between your lash line and eyelids.

Note: Fluffy Gossamers have more of curl, so will appear slightly shorter than Core Gossamers in the same size

Sultry Drama / Volume

Now it's time for the glam! You're going for an evening out, taking professional photos and need to make the eyes pop a bit. Or maybe glam is just your everyday look!

1. Suggested Lash Map: F10, F12, FX14, FX14, FX14, F12
2. For bolder look: B12, D14, D16, D16, D14, D12
3. For more volume: D12, E14, E15, E16, E15, E14

Pro Tip: To add more sheen, run the Glass sealant throughout the lashes

Note: E Gossamers have a tighter curl and come in odd sizes to allow for better tapering when placed next to each other.

Now let’s move on to 3 looks that will alter your eye shape. Creating the illusion of a more almond or cat eye look. For these looks we will focus on creating length on the outer corner of your eyes.

Pro Makeup Tip: Darker bolder colors will minimize size. Complimenting your lash maps with winged eyeliner or eyeshadow will also elongate the eyes. Some will add dark liner on the waterline to minimize size further.

Note: When reviewing these suggested lash maps, keep in mind that there is no need to place a Gossamer all the way to the last natural hair on the outer corner. This will avoid “drooping” your eye down.


Another great option for that “yes, these are my lashes” look. This look will just slightly enhance your own lashes, while slightly elongating the eye.

1. Suggested Lash Map: - BASE: A12, A14, A14, A16, A14, E18 - STACKED: A12, A14, A14, A16, A14, E18

2. For an even more natural look try this map using our intimate collection. Choose a color that matches your hair color.

4. For a “mascara look” use the B Gossamers

Pro Lashify Tip: Only use Glass sealant at the base to keep the lashes matte and wispy looking.

Soft Volume

Now it's time for an upgrade! That soft volume look, that is beautiful but doesn’t feel over the top. Can also work beautifully as a bridal look, or soft red carpet glam.

1. Suggested Lash Map: C12, C14, B16, B16, C14, C12

2. For more volume: B12, F14, F16, F14, F16, F16. For a softer version use the Truffle or Chocolate Fluffies

3. For bolder mascara look use the Starburst lash defined with Glass

4. For a beautiful hybrid of the two, fluff up the Starburst lash and apply with Glass at the base. This will give you what I like to call Starfluff!!

Sultry Drama / Volume

Bring on the Glam again. Sometimes you have something special to attend, and sometimes you need to glam up just because!

1. Suggested Lash Map:
- BASE: D12, D14, D14, D16, D18
- STACKED: D12, D14, D14, D16, D18

2. For more volume: D12, EE14, EE15, EE16, EE17, EE18

Note: E Gossamers fan out more, you might find yourself wearing one less Gossamer than usual.

As you can see, the possibilities with Lashify are endless!!  This system allows you to customize and create just about anything!  We can go on and on with more lash maps.  We didn't even touch our Prismatic Gossamers for creative, glam, or artistic looks!  So, even though all these lash maps can give you some guidance and inspiration, there is so much more you can do.  Have fun, play with Gossamer styles and find what works for you.  Build your lash wardrobe, and create maps for different occasions and moods.  Share your creations with us on social media and tag us!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Happy Lashing!

Not too sure if you have a Round eye shape? No worries, head over to our blog post on The Best Eyelashes For Any Eye Shape to figure out what shape best describes your eyes.

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