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Marilyn Monroe, Katie Holmes, Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway. What do these women have in common? Downturned eyes. Naturally alluring, mysterious, welcoming, and seductive.

Posted by GeriLyn Paguia on 28 July, 2021


By GeriLyn Paguia

Marilyn Monroe, Katie Holmes, Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, Eva Green. What do all of these lovely ladies have in common? They all have downturned eyes. While those with downturned eyes may feel that they have an eye shape that is problematic or requires “fixing”, downturned eyes can be naturally alluring, mysterious, welcoming, and seductive.

When choosing lash looks for this eye shape, the only thing to avoid is adding too much weight to the outer corners of the eyes. This can cause the eye to look droopy or sleepy. The placement of the lashes can also make a difference. Placing the outer corners too low on the lash line can weigh down the look. Placing the outer corner lashes higher up, so that the fibers follow the upward angle of the lower lash line, helps to keep the whole look lifted. Other than that, adding lashes to downturned eyes instantly accentuates their beauty with the Lashify System!

There are six unique eye shapes we curate and craft our lashes for:

  • Hooded eyes
  • Monolid eyes
  • Upturned eyes
  • Downturned eyes
  • Almond eyes
  • Round eyes

However, today, instead of deep-set eyes or almond-shaped eyes, we’re focusing on lash extensions for downturned eyes. Whatever variation they might come in, downturned eyes are magic — and they can be even more magic with the right pair of false eyelashes

If you’ve tested yourself against other eye shapes and found that the shape of your eye is downturned, we’ve got the best lash styles for you.

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6 Perfect Lash Maps for Downturned Eyes 


Curl Gossamers (Cs) are great for a fresh, light, eye-opening look. Because the Cs have some curl, they will keep the outer corners of your eyes lifted, not droopy. They will also enhance the welcoming appearance of downturned eyes and help create a beautiful natural look.

Suggested Lash Map:

C.10, C.12, C.12, C.12, C.12, C.10. 


Natural Length

Our Amplify Gossamers are our most natural lash, and as you can probably tell, they tend to 'Amplify' what you've already got, giving you a "No Makeup" makeup look — no eyeshadow needed.

The Amplify Gossamer® Lashes are a delicate and wispy lash counterpart to the many big and bold options at your fingertips. With our thinnest seam to date, these lash extensions will have you looking like the best version of your natural self.

Suggested Lash Map:

A8, A10, A12, A14, A16, A16, A12

Try to overlapping the lashes when applying.


Soft Volume 

Don’t be afraid of a little volume! Fluffy Gossamers (Fs) are the perfect style for achieving a transitional, soft volume look that gives a hint of Drama during the day and provides an easy, put-together look for the evening.

Our Fluffy® Gossamer® Lashes are a part of our Volume Collection™ for a reason. This collection is not for the faint of heart. 

Chock full of attention-snaring lashes, the Fluffy Lash fits right in with her bigger, badder, and bolder sisters. With extra length, volume, thickness, quality — extra everything — these falsies are another cult favorite designed to give added dimension to a full, fluffy, and flattering appearance.

Suggested Lash Map: 

D12, D14, F18, F18, F18, D14

Applying the longer lengths in the center of the eye will give a lovely doe-eyed, or round opened-eyed look!


Hybrid Map

One of the best parts about using the Lashify system is the ability to customize lash maps to each eye. Combining Bold Gossamers (Bs), which have thicker fibers, and Curl Gossamers (Cs), which have thinner fibers, is a great way to create a hybrid lash extension look. 

Our Bold Gossamer® Lashes are a cult favorite and perfect for small eyes, wide-set eyes, and everyone in between. These lashes are exactly as they seem — bold — and they offer you a voluminous look just like your favorite mascara without any of the clumping or smudging. 

These lashes come in a range of shorter 8mm to 18mm longer lash lengths, giving you complete control over how bold you want to be. With a thickness of .15mm, they can be stacked or pieced together to give you a wide array of possible end results. Allow these lashes to lift the outer corners of your downturned eyes for a truly unique look.

Combine them with Curl Gossamer™ Lashes for as much added depth and volume as you want to match your overall eye makeup look. These long-lasting, perfectly curled lashes are every lash-wearers dream. With 8mm-18mm of optional lash length and a razor-thin thickness of .07mm for each individual lash, you can stack and pair to your heart’s content.

Suggested Lash Map:

Start with a base of Cs: C.8, C.10, C.12, C.12, C.12, C.12 and brick stack Bs to create dimension with a second layer of Gossamers: B.10, B.12, B.14. B.14, B.14.


Wispy Doe-Eye

The Starburst Gossamer style features multiple fiber lengths, designed to give a super wispy look. A doe-eyed map using this style, along with our Bold Gossamers on the inner and outer corners, will create a fun and flirty lash look! 

The Starburst™ Gossamer® Lashes are out of this world. This lash has dominated the scene since it landed. It sports a uniquely spiked look by intermingling various lengths into one lash set. These lashes are a multi-layered, multi-length wonder.

When paired with the Bold® Gossamer® Lashes, you’ll have an unstoppable combo at your disposal. By layering the Starburst™ Gossies® with these bold and beautiful lashes that mimic the volume of mascara, your wispy doe-eye look is already a done deal.

Suggested Lash Map:

B.10, S.12, S.14, S.16, S.14, B12.

A lash map like this creates lift in the center of the eye, bringing downturned eyes straight into party mode!


Sultry Drama

Not much is needed to create a sultry look for downturned eyes, but we can certainly emphasize them! If we mix Bold, Drama, and Starbursts Gossamers, we can achieve a slightly dramatic effect that evokes Marilyn Monroe’s glam bedroom eyes vibe.

Suggested Lash Map:

C.10, D.12, D.12. D14, S.16. S.18 

This map features volume all the way, with some wispy curves just at the outer corners. Guaranteed to make you swoon!


Fox-Eye Volume

Creating a Volume look is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the Lashify system. To create a balanced volume lash map for downturned eyes, try our Drama Gossamer Lashes all across the eye.

With 10-18mm in length and a premium 2-ply .17mm lash fiber, these Drama Gossamer® Lashes are bold, brash, and beautiful eyelash extensions. With the added thickness and length, these lashes lend themselves to a more dramatic look. If you want even more drama, layer them together and really milk their attention-grabbing nature. 

They’re the perfect lashes for you if you want to add some drama with a cat eye look — just grab your eyeliner, and you’ll be good to go.

Suggested Lash Map: 

D.12, D14, D16, D14, D12

This lash map will create volume and elongate the eye for a full, yet subtle look. Using a gradient of shorter lengths to longer lengths, then applying another short gossamer on the outer corner will create a sassy fox-eye look that will accentuate the mysterious quality of the downturned eye.

Take Your Pick

With that, we leave you to wrestle with the decision you now have to make. We know, we know, how could we leave you with so many amazing, incredible, top-tier solutions to your problem?! Now you just have another one on your hands. Oh, the humanity!

But we like to think that too many solutions are a pretty good trade-off to none at all. Don’t you agree? And if you’re still overwhelmed, we recommend just starting anywhere! With any set of our cruelty-free lashes, we promise you’re not being led astray. You really can’t go wrong. 

So spin the wheel, and we’ll see you the next time you need lash advice from your new besties.


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