Posted by GeriLyn Paguia on 19 October, 2022


You’ve learned how to apply the Lashify system. Now how do you shower, remove makeup, and wash your face with them on? How do you remove them when it’s time for a new set?

I’ve experimented with all the different ways to cleanse and remove. I’ll share all my best tips for taking it all off!

How to Wash Your Face

One of the most commonly asked questions is, “How do I wash my face while I’m wearing Lashify?” Instead of washing your face in the shower, we recommend doing so at the sink. The Black Magic Cleansing Puff is a makeup removing microfiber cloth that you can use with just water or with your cleansers to help remove makeup and wash your face. This helps give you control over the products and the water so that you can effectively clean around your lashes.

After you pat your skin dry, you can use Pre-Cleanse on a charcoal swab to clean your lids and along your lash line to cleanse and refresh your lashes. You can also run a spoolie dipped in Pre-Cleanse through the length of your lashes. Pre-Cleanse will not disrupt your bond and it will remove any eye makeup! You can use your Blow Speed Dryer or air dry your lashes before re-fusing or doing any touch-ups. I do this every morning and evening to keep my lashes clean when I’m wearing a set for multiple days.

Because I wear makeup on most days, I double cleanse, using Melt Away on my cleansing puff or an oil-based remover as my first cleansing step. But isn’t oil going to break down your bond? The trick is to keep oil to just along the orbital bone, around the eyes, away from your lash line, and you will be able to use your oil-based cleansers and skin care products without any issues.

Pro Tip: Pre-Cleanse is a Japanese cleansing water. While we primarily use it to prep and cleanse our lashes, it’s also a beautiful facial toner that can be added to your skin care routine after cleansing!

In the shower, we recommend turning away from the shower head and allowing the water to fall backward, away from your face. Because we’re using flexible bonds that do not contain cyanoacrylate, formaldehyde, or latex, we find that hot water and steam may loosen your bond. If you feel that they are loose from getting damp or wet, it’s ok! This is completely normal. You will be tempted to adjust them, however, it is important to leave your lashes alone while they are wet. All you have to do is ensure that they are completely dry before you fuse or touch-up. You may also find that you may not need to do anything at all once they are dry!

Removing Your Lashes

Removing your sets is easy and safe to do at home. You can use Melt Away, Release, or any oil or dual-phase or waterproof makeup remover to easily and gently remove your Gossamer® lashes and bond. Melt Away is a dual phase remover that you shake to activate. You can use it on a cotton round, a spoolie, cotton swabs, or even on your finger. Allow Melt Away to sit on your lashes for at least 30-60 seconds so that it has a chance to work its magic. Your Gossamer lashes and bond should slide right off, without any tugging or tension on your natural lashes.

Pro Tip: If you are using one of our bonding methods for extended longevity, you may want to let Melt Away sit a little while longer to allow it to break down the layers of bond. You can also use your Charcoal Cotton Swab or finger to gently press and work it into your lashes until your Gossamer lashes separate from your natural lashes.

Release is a blend of concentrated, nourishing oils. It comes in a tube with an applicator that is great for quick, on-the-go removal. Apply Release underneath and above your lash line and let it sit for at least 25-30 seconds. You can then use the applicator to work it into your bond until everything slides away.

Allowing your removers to do the work is essential to keeping your natural lashes healthy. Peeling or pulling your lashes off is not recommended, as it can cause tension that could potentially damage your natural lashes. Keeping a clean spoolie on hand will be helpful in removing any residual bond from your lashes. Before applying a new Lashify set, use Pre-Cleanse on a cotton round, a spoolie, or a cotton swab to remove the oiliness left behind by your remover, and allow your lashes to dry completely. Now you’re ready for a rest day or a new set!

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