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The Lashify system has been a revolutionary beauty invention that has both simplified and elevated beauty routines for hundreds of thousands of individuals since its launch in 2018. Sahara Lotti, the inventor, founder and CEO of Lashify, set out to take control of her own beauty by creating the first DIY lash extension system. She wanted to get the look of lash extensions on her own terms - she wanted to be able to put them on and remove them whenever she wanted, create the exact looks she wanted, and be able to maintain the health of her natural eyelashes.

Lashify Control Kit

I used to wear makeup, mascara, and liquid liner every day for over 25 years. Since finding Lashify, I have found that a light set of lashes does all the work in making me feel put together, confident, and ready to take on the day. I’ve started wearing much less makeup (or none at all) and have directed my focus towards establishing a better skin care regimen. It has truly simplified my beauty routine.

What’s not to love about a low-maintenance look fueled by great skin and effortless lashes?! Join the Lashify Life Facebook group, where the Lashify community hangs out, and you’ll discover that this is a shared experience, as illustrated by the abundance of gorgeous, shining selfies shared by the community.

If you’ve ever caught a Live with Sahara on Instagram or TikTok, you’ve probably heard her talk about other interesting topics aside from Lashify. Sahara often loves to share other products or brands that she discovers and becomes obsessed with. Like her own brand, she loves products that elevate, simplify, are effective at solving a problem, and add a touch of luxury in a conscious and holistic way.

Sahara loves amazing skin care products, and one of the brands that she absolutely loves is French Farmacie, a woman-owned and -founded company, which develops “consciously crafted skincare combining results-driven ingredients with a genuine dedication to having a softer impact on the environment.”

French Farmacie Le Duet Set

In the quest to find holy grail products for anti-aging, improving skin tone, and achieving a vibrant, luminous glow, French Farmacie’s two hero products, Élixir Exfoliant and Sérum Radiant, hit just about every mark for everything you could possibly want in your skin care experience. Their impressive ingredients list includes high quality, ethically sourced natural and certified organic components, and their science-backed formulas are designed to address a wide range of skin care concerns for all skin types.

Here are some of the benefits of using French Farmacie’s regimen:

  • Includes antioxidants to help against the effects of sun damage, pollution, and other environmental stressors
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Protects the skin/preserves skin barrier
  • Healing, rejuvenating, soothing
  • Gentle, natural exfoliation/detoxification to help unclog pores
  • Anti-microbial
  • Hydrating/moisturizing
  • Improves elasticity; encourages collagen production
  • Helps with dry, dull skin and decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, and hyperpigmentation
  • Improves overall skin tone

While you can use the two products separately, I love the results when I use them together as a treatment, and French Farmacie does offer them together in Le Duet Set. Élixir Exfoliant is a gentle oil-based exfoliator that can be left on the skin for 5-30 minutes. It comes with an embroidered muslin cloth for washing your face. It has the yummiest scent, and feels nourishing on the skin. After removing Élixir Exfoliant, my skin feels clean and fresh, yet still hydrated.

While my skin is still damp, I massage a few drops of Sérum Radiant, a “face oil meets serum formula”, onto my face, neck, and décolleté. The scent is reminiscent of finely crafted, earthy Ayurvedic oil blends, and the way it glides then plumps the skin is heavenly! The whole experience feels like a luxurious ritual that is simple, yet highly effective.

Here’s a great video of Lashify Pro Educator, Jill, using French Farmacie:



Sahara recently spoke about her experience with incorporating retinol and French Farmacie into her skin care routine during a live on Instagram, and shared that the combination has resulted in brighter, luminous, softer skin. She’s not a fan of wearing heavy foundations, and with this combination, she’s able to just let her bare skin (and fantastic lashes) take the spotlight.

Sahara Lotti

Retinol is used to treat a wide range of skin care concerns. Before incorporating retinol into your skin care routine, it’s best to do your research and find a good dermatologist or skin care specialist. Retinol has powerful exfoliating and detoxifying properties. It takes time to slowly introduce it to your skin and find the best regimen for your unique skin type. Most people see results over time, so just enjoy the process toward simplifying your beauty with just luminous skin, and gorgeous lashes.

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