Prep and Cleanse Your Lashes with Pre-Cleanse

Posted by GeriLyn Paguia on 18 July, 2023

Prep and Cleanse Your Lashes with Pre-Cleanse

Prepping your natural lashes is key to getting a good lash application. Lashify uses flexible bonds that are free of cyanoacrylate, latex, and formaldehyde. It’s important to remove any oil, makeup, or skin care products from the natural lashes prior to application in order to achieve the best adhesion possible.


When Sahara Lotti created the Lashify system, she created a complete system, and designed all of the components to work together for the best results. She made sure to include a holy grail, multi-purpose product, Pre-Cleanse. Pre-Cleanse is a Japanese cleansing water used to prep the lashes for a Lashify application, cleanse the lashes and lids during multiple days’ wear, remove eye makeup, and many clients like to use it as a facial toner.


Pre-Cleanse 200ml, 80ml 



There are a couple ways to use Pre-Cleanse to prep the lashes for application. You can use it on a cotton round and swipe it across the lids and lashes and allow it to dry completely. If you want to apply your lashes after applying makeup, you can dip a spoolie into Pre-Cleanse, tap out any excess product, and run it through the natural lashes to remove any makeup fallout.


Lash Cleansing

If you wear a set for multiple days, it’s important to cleanse and refresh your lashes daily to maintain good eye hygiene. You can dip a charcoal swab into Pre-Cleanse to clean along the lash line, on both the top and underside of the lashes. This is also the best way to remove any eye makeup that is too close to the lash line. The charcoal swabs are great for this because they leave no lint or cotton residue.


If you want to cleanse through the lash fibers, you can brush Pre-Cleanse through your lashes with a spoolie or the Lashify Fluffer Brush. Use the Blow Speed Dryer to ensure that your lashes are completely dry before touching up with bond or re-fusing.



Many people love using Pre-Cleanse as a facial toner! I like to put it on a cotton round or the Black Magic Cleansing Puff and cleanse my entire face as part of my skin care regimen. It helps get rid of residual makeup after cleansing the skin, provides a light exfoliation, and tightens pores. Whenever I travel, I love taking the travel size bottle with me because I basically get a 3-in-1 product - lash prep, lash cleanser, & facial toner. It really is a holy grail product!


Pro Tip: If you have residue on your Fuse Control™ Wand from bond or sealers, you can use Pre-Cleanse to clean off excess bond from your wand for a stick-free application.


Our Pro Educator Jill will walk you through all of these tips in this video: 



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