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by our client: Katie Smith

Member of Lashify Life since: August 15th, 2021

Top 3 Favorite products: Dual ended Whisper Light, Bondage for stacking, and Wandoms (don’t know how anyone goes without them!)

Favorite Bonding Technique: 2 layers of WL (black, then white), WL on inner corner lashes for extra hold

Typically wears lashes for: 5 days (sometimes up to 8)

Lash map: E11, 12, 12, 14, 14
Lash map: E11, 12, 12, 14, 14

Let's talk natural lash health, y'all.

I’ve always had rather decent natural lashes. Never used an eyelash curler once. They scare the living daylights out of me if we’re being honest. I’m what they would call hashtag blessed in the lash department. But I booked myself in for a full set anyway because, fomo. I was hooked. Two years later and i find myself in the midst of a global pandemic. I decided to take matters into my own hands and ordered individual lashes and lash glue online after a bottle of wine, as you do. (Don’t get me started on the blue and platinum lace front wigs that I’ve never worn or the $200 worth of shapewear that I also don’t wear…Covid really got to the late-night impulse shopper in me.) 

My dudes, I did so much additional damage. I left literal bald spots. I had been stalking Lashify for a while and weighing my options as I live in New Zealand and shipping can be a huge factor obviously. Sauvignon Blanc to the rescue! When my beautiful black box arrived I never looked back. The change in my natural lashes in one year speaks for itself. I had my esthetician ask if I had just had a lash perm and I laughed when I told her I just removed my Lashify. She was shocked at how healthy my natural lashes were.  While using Lashify, my natural lashes were protected and able to grow back to almost their full potential. The fullness, the length, pretty much restored after less than a year of Lashify. I won’t be going back to mascara, like ever, but knowing that my natural lashes are safe and THRIVING under my Gossamers has me chuffed.

 after traditional lash extensions

After quitting lash extensions. You can see a couple stragglers hanging on, but you can barely see ANY natural lashes-they were nubs!

better lash health

After my first Lashify application. My lashes were standing up again, but very sparse especially the inner corners.

healthy lashes

Currently. Check out the fullness and length! This was the day my aesthetician thought I had just had a lash lift. 

underlash healthy lashes

Also currently, underneath shot. 


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