These days, we’re more thoughtful than ever about the quality of products we put on and in our bodies. We’re doing our research before we hit “add to cart.” We’re saying “no” to products that aren’t putting our wellbeing first, and we’re saying “yes” to products that empower us to be our best selves.

Posted by Bridget Reed on 26 September, 2022

A Guide to Getting the Most Natural Looking Lash Extensions

These days, we’re more thoughtful than ever about the quality of products we put on and in our bodies. We’re doing our research before we hit “add to cart.” We’re saying “no” to products that aren’t putting our wellbeing first, and we’re saying “yes” to products that empower us to be our best selves.

We Want Natural, but Not Naked

We don’t know about you, but we never liked how fake and crusty mascara makes our lashes look. Cheap (and sometimes not-so-cheap!) drugstore false lashes were a little better, but we can’t count how many times we’ve nearly glued our eyes shut! 

Never mind the painstaking processes of putting on your own individual lashes and being unhappy with the result. Plus, professional lash technicians and lash stylist appointments for eyelash extensions are so time-consuming and expensive. 

Plus, did you know the procedure can have some side effects? No thank you!

How Can You Get Natural-Looking Lash Extensions Without Buying an Entire Sephora?

Luckily, Lashify has come to the rescue with DIY natural wispy lash extensions! Our Gossamer LashesⓇ are 100% premium Korean PBT Silk (No mink, and certainly no faux mink!), giving you the most natural-looking eyelash on the market. Just ask your favorite celebs

Lashify’s Control Kit™ is your one-stop, one-step, all-in-one solution to voluminous, natural-looking eyelash extensions. 

The Best Part? There’s No Messy, Toxic Glue!

We’ve revolutionized the eyelash extension game once again with our Whisper Light Flexible Bond. Designed specifically for our Gossamer Lashes, Whisper Light Flexible Bond is made with Biotin and Microflex technology. This binder creates a nourishing cushion of flexibility between your Gossamer Lashes and your lash line.

Where traditional glue would damage your lashes and inhibit lash growth, Whisper Light Flexible Bond protects lashes at the root from weight and tension, keeping your natural lashes safe and healthy. 

Whisper Light’s antimicrobial formula ditched the toxins, like formaldehyde and cyanoacrylates (ick!), found in typical lash glues. Whisper light never fully hardens, so no more uncomfy dry, itchy eyelashes!

Will Gossamer Lashes Look Realistic? 

There’s a Gossamer Lash for every person chasing gorgeous, natural-looking lash extensions. We have a wide variety of eyelash extension styles, so you can find any color, shape, and length you desire. Your lash look is totally up to you.

Pick any style to suit your eye shape: choose from cat eye, full and feathery, wispy, voluminous, and more! Naturally, you don’t have to stick to just one style — it all depends on what look you’re going for this week.

You can match your natural eyelashes’ color, or you can rock a dramatic look with the eye-catching Prismatics Collection (literally, the violet and lavender lashes of our dreams, *swoon*). 

The natural look is very on-trend right now, so if your goal is to have lashes so natural-looking that not even your bestie would know they’re silk, pick from the five classic lash colors in the Intimates Collection.

Different styles have different ranges of length, from the conservative to the eye-catching, so check your style to see what your length options are. Across styles, lashes come in lengths from 8mm to 20mm, for the babes who want volume lashes on Monday morning and VOLUME lashes on Friday night.

Tons of Lash Choices

It might be a little overwhelming, but it’s also so exciting! Let’s take a moment to breathe. Inhale. Exhale.

Still not sure which lashes are best for your look? Don’t worry; we have a super helpful (and fun) lash quiz to help you decide which lashes to start with in your Control Kit!

Ready To Join the Lash Revolution? 

Ready to break up with your mascara? Lashify is so easy that even a beauty product beginner can do it! Curious how it works? Here’s a quick overview for you:

Step 1. Grab a Lashify Control Kit

After you choose the color, style, and length of your new lashes, just sit back and wait for your kit to appear at your door. In the kit, you get everything you need to get the perfect lash application every time:

  • The Fuse Control Wand (Your magic wand! Messy glue? Poof! Gone for good)
  • A Wandom™ Pair (To keep application cushiony)
  • A two-sided tube of Whisper Light™ (one side clear, one side charcoal black)
  • An eyelash extension storage box (Holds 12 lash pairs)
  • A tube of our Glass finishing coat (To lock those lashes in and make ‘em shine)

Step 2. Prepare Your Eyes

Your Control Kit will come with a step-by-step guide to applying your lashes.

Start by cleansing your eyes with the pre-cleanse solution, our specialized prep cleanser (don’t worry, there’s a sample included in your kit). It’ll remove dirt, oil, and any leftover makeup. Wanna hear a secret? Pre-Cleanse can also be used as a facial toner and lash cleaner — because we know you love a multitasker!

Don’t use micellar water or witch hazel before applying your lashes. Those products will deposit oil onto your natural lashes, making the bond weaker after application. 

Don’t apply any eye makeup before applying your lashes, either! Save your artistry for after your lashes are in place. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a strong, stable bond. 

Step 3. Follow the Instructions

Pro-tip: The first time you apply your lashes, try looking down into a mirror

After your lashes are clean and dry, brush your Whisper Light bond over your lashes in a few light coats, just like applying mascara and eyeliner. Allow the bond to become tacky, then start applying.

Your Fuse Control Wand is literally your magic wand for a perfect application every time. Using the curved end of the wand, gently press the Gossamer Lashes onto your natural lashes. Adjust so the curve of the wand lines up with the natural curve of your lash line. Pull the wand away gently and slowly to ensure you don’t tug your lashes!

Finally, after your lashes have had a few (but no more than 30!) minutes to set, apply the Glass finishing coat along the base of the lashes. Not only will the glass coat help improve the longevity of your lashes by protecting them from oil and dirt while you wear them, but it will also seal your look and protect you from any remaining tackiness from the bond.

How Can You Make Your Lashes Last as Long as Possible? 

If you’re wearing your lashes for an extended period (more than three days), you can make re-fusing part of your morning or nightly routine. Because the bond does not cure completely, just use the want to gently remind your lashes to stay put.

Don’t wet your lashes within the first 24 hours of application.

If your first time left you feeling a little discouraged, don’t despair. Our amazing lash artists even have live tutorials and one-on-one teaching sessions online to make sure everyone can apply Lashify lashes. Take a look; we even have great tips for seasoned pros.

Once you’ve mastered the Level-1 lash application, why not take a shot at the volume stack technique? Or the brick stack technique? With a little practice, anyone can do it.

Step 4. Take Good Care of Those Lovely Lashes

Of course, you can still use your favorite eyeliner, eyeshadow, and other eye makeup with your Gossamer Lashes, but don’t forget your after-wear aftercare.

Your first kit will include a sample of our Melt Away Remover, which not only dissolves the Whisper Light Bond quickly but also works as a general makeup remover.

When it’s time to take them off, clean the false lashes thoroughly with the pre-cleanse before drying and storing them in the storage box. It’s important that the lashes dry completely and that the storage box stays dry.

The lifespan of your lashes really depends on the care they receive. You can get a refill on just your lashes (or your cleanser and remover) whenever you need to online (you don’t need to get the kit every time!), too. Just like you would never abandon your nightly skincare routine, don’t abandon your lashes.

Getting a Full Set of the Most Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions Available Is Easy

We have revolutionized eyelash extensions! Next time, instead of getting your false eyelashes from Sephora, let Lashify put you on to your new favorite beauty product and revolutionize your lash routine.

Cheers to living your best lash life!



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