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Client Blog: Peggy CW

Member of Lashify Life since January 5, 2019

Top 3 Favorite products: Bondage, Blow (game changer), Starbursts in black

Favorite Bonding Technique: 2 coats of Bondage

Typically wears lashes for: Likes to switch out every 3 days, with a break on Sundays



I remember looking in the mirror that morning.

On the left side, I counted maybe 5 or 6.
On the right side, I was lucky there were 2.
I was using eyeliner and some eyeshadow to fill out my eyes more.
But that day, I accepted the fact that I had no more eyelashes basically.
I could count on my hand the total number of eyelashes I had.
For someone that had used eyelash extensions for many years as well as every lash serum on the market, at that point I felt that maybe strip lashes would be my only option. That is if my own lashes would grow back.
How did I lose my lashes, you ask?
After a diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer, I underwent chemotherapy, surgery, more chemotherapy, and finally radiation. The chemotherapy caused the actual hair loss, from my head, eyebrows, eyelashes, nose hair and down to my armpits, legs, and private areas.
I never knew I had such an egg shaped head.
But breast cancer is another topic I will have to talk about some other time.
Today, it is about lashes.
I swear that my iPhone was listening in to my thoughts because shortly after that, I started noticing ads for this new “home eyelash extension kit”. WHAT??!!
As a former eyelash extension user, I was happy to give up making appointments every 3-4 weeks with my lash tech at weird hours that weren’t work friendly, lying still for an hour, having to wash very carefully around my eyelids, and then watching them eventually get gnarly and sparse. And the cost!
You mean I can do it myself?
I would click on the ad and read through it and search for internet reviews to see if it worked as it said it did. Finally in December 2018, I took the plunge.

I bought my first Lashify Control Kit.

I didn’t buy all the extras like the Melt Away, Night Bond, Blow etc. Just the kit with its A10 and A12 length lashes. I was scared. Could I do this? By that time I started to get baby lashes growing in. Would Lashify stick to those itty bitty stubs?

At first I would just play around and wear them for a couple hours. They were far from perfect, but the contrast of my fully lashed eyes against my still bald head and some red lipstick…….well it was…..striking.

By then I had learned that Sahara Lotti was a brilliant entrepreneur who wanted the lash extension look that could be customized by the client at home. I bought C’s to go along with A’s. Then the F’s came out. WOW. The Truffles. I bought everything to try and with practice I was getting better. But still, I wasn’t achieving the look I wanted.
Lo and behold, I discovered a Facebook community called Lashify Life with members and Lashify Educators to cover every topic and technique about applying Lashify. Now I could see where I needed to go to get “the Look”.
Over time, my hair did grow back everywhere, except for my sparse and thin lashes. My eyes are very sensitive and don't respond well to serums. But I still had enough for Lashify. And strangely enough, my pixie haircut along with my lash cleavage came to be my look. Sort of a trademark for me.

I work as a pharmacist in a hospital where it can get pretty intense. 

It was March 2020 and we started hearing about this new virus that was making people really sick.

Without going into the details, we all know that Covid-19 really changed our lives, especially for the health care professionals working in critical care units who had to don PPE including masks, shields, and eye wear.

By late 2020, we had our first vaccines available and I remember running some of our first vaccine clinics wearing PPE over my Lashify. There was a lot of sweat and fogged up eyewear and I swore that my Lashify would melt off.
But they didn’t.
They stayed on.
And though the only things my patients could see when I was with them were my eyes, they stood out especially when I smiled. Which was all the time because I needed my patients to know I cared.

Fast forward to 2021 when Starbursts arrived.
These are the game changers for me.
I could never achieve the spiky, doe eyed, look with everything else I tried.
But these Starburst did it all and I never looked back.
I use both the black and the chocolate depending on my mood, what day of the week it is, or just because. They truly fit the shape of my eyes and as an Asian woman with almond shaped eyes and straight thin eyelashes, something I could never be born with.
For me Lashify is more than a beauty product or cosmetic.
I see it as a medical device that helped me to feel confident when I was at my sickest.
I see it as a way to connect to my patients, when I had only my eyes to let them know that they would be okay.
I see it as a conversation starter, when people ask me whether they are my own or extensions.
In the end, Lashify is different for everyone.
And I think that is the intent, to allow the user to customize, individualize, and glamorize.
Woman or Man.
Of any age, race, culture, ethnicity.
It brings out the beauty we each have within us.


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