Make Your Eyes Pop: The Best Lash Colors to Wear for Every Eye Color

Posted by Jill Medicis on 29 May, 2024

Make Your Eyes Pop: The Best Lash Colors to Wear for Every Eye Color

They say your eyes are the gateway to your soul. Lashify is here to make sure that your eyes are the most striking feature you have! Wearing the right colors can make your eyes stand out even more. Whether you're dressing for a special occasion or just want to feel your best every day, choosing the right lash style and colors can enhance your eye color and make your gaze truly captivating. The best part about using lashes to enhance your eye color is that you don’t need to worry about adding any additional makeup!! The lashes do the work for you.  

Here’s a guide to help you pick the best lashes to make your eye color pop.

Blue Eyes

Shades of Blue: Wearing blue can enhance the natural color of your eyes. At Lashify we offer lashes in Royal Kim Blue and Ombré Blue. Check out this customer map using the Royal Kim Blue lashes from Patsy D.

Royal Kim Blue Gossamer® Lashes


Earth Tones: Colors like copper and warm browns bring out the natural warmth in blue eyes, making them appear brighter. Try some of our Chocolate lashes or even mix and match with any of our Intimates lash colors - including Ginger lashes to help bring out those baby blues!

      Ginger Gossamer® Lashes


      Green Eyes

      Purples and Lavenders: From soft purple to deep plum, purple hues compliment green eyes beautifully. At Lashify we offer lash styles in the colors of Violet, Ombré Purple and Lavender. Mix and match or wear them on their own for the perfect pop! Check out this gorgeous look from one of our beautiful Lashify customers.

      Editorial Color Lashes


        Earthy Greens: While it might seem counterintuitive, wearing shades of green or warm brown, can intensify the green in your eyes. Check out this fun lash look by customer, Christine J., using our Ombré Green Gossamer® lash style!
          Ombré Green Gossamer® Lashes


          Brown Eyes

          Warm Earth Tones: Rich colors like deep browns or warmer browns enhance brown eyes. Any of our Chocolate Gossamer lash styles will help compliment a brown eye. Here is a look from a customer using Chocolate Starbursts to enhance her gorgeous brown eye color. 

          Chocolate Starburst Gossamer® Lashes


          Jewel Tones: Sapphire blue, emerald green, and amethyst purple create a beautiful contrast with brown eyes. Here, Kristin G., a Lashify customer, has chosen to use our Royal Kim Blue Gossamer lashes to create a subtle lash look that enhances her brown eyes.

          Royal Kim Blue Gossamer® Lashes

            Hazel Eyes

            Earthy Tones: Olive, moss, minx or browns can highlight the green tones in hazel eyes. Lashify offers an Ombré Green lash along with various brown lash colors such as Minx or Ash which can be beautiful on hazel eyes.

            Intimates Gossamer® Lashes

              Purples and Blues: Shades of lavender, plum, or blue can make hazel eyes appear more vibrant. Check out this fun lash map that incorporates both blue AND violet Gossamer lashes to really make the eye color POP!

              Blue and Violet Gossamer® Lashes


              By choosing the right lash colors for your eye color, you can enhance your natural beauty and make your eyes the focal point of your look without even adding any makeup!! Experiment with these suggestions and join our Lashify Life Facebook group for more colored lash inspiration to find the perfect shades that make your eyes truly pop.

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