Leveling Up Your Lash Game - Lashify Level 2

Posted by Jill Medicis on 18 July, 2023

Leveling Up Your Lash Game - Lashify Level 2
Ready to “LEVEL UP” your lash game? When someone starts out using Lashify®, they start out at Level 1, and then once they become an expert at Level 1 they move onto Level 2…just like a video game. But, one of the biggest questions we often get is “How do I know what Level 2 entails, and how do I know when I’m ready for Level 2?” That’s where I step in.


What is Level 2?

Everything in Level 1 is perfect for beginners getting started with the system. Level 2 with Lashify means that you are using products, tools, and techniques that involve an understanding of how the system works. In order to understand Level 2 we need to take what you learned from Level 1 and build on it. Everything in Level 2 is “extra” and is just going to enhance your overall Lashify experience.  
**Something important to remember is that how you use Lashify is personal to you, your lifestyle, your preferences. Some people are looking to wear their lashes for days on end while others only want to wear them for one or two nights. The latter would probably be happy with Level 1 techniques but may dip their toes into Level 2 by adding in some Level 2 products to their routine. With Lashify there truly are NO RULES. We provide you with guidelines and you make the decisions with what works best for you!
Check out this chart below to see the difference between Level 1 and Level 2!!

Level 1 vs Level 2


Am I ready for Level 2?

Think you’re ready for Level 2? Let’s see how you are doing with Level 1 and see if it’s time to enter the next phase of your Lash Life. Check out this checklist, and if you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, then congratulations, you’ve moved onto the next level!
If you answered No to a few questions, no biggie! This just means you may want some more practice before jumping into using some of our Level 2 products or techniques. Check out our Education Support page for tips and tricks to help you become a Level 1 Expert. 




Still not sure about Levels, products, techniques, Gossamer® Lash styles, or even where to get started? Check out this YouTube Video on Level 2 with me, or join our Lashify Life Facebook group for all things Lashify. Our Education team is always hanging out in the group and is happy to help answer any questions!!!


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