Lashify's Official Lash Bonding Techniques

Posted by Mikayla Hawkinson on 06 November, 2023

Lashify's Official Lash Bonding Techniques

The Lashify system takes into account that lash bonding is not a one size fits all process. Seeing as everyone has different eye shapes, eye chemistry, pH balances, and lives in different climates of environments, you may need to alter a few things to achieve that comfort and longevity everyone is looking for during wear. Here are the Official Bonding Methods for the Lashify system: Daily Wear, The Frosting Method, and The Frosting Method with Bondage®.

Daily Wear

If you are just starting out with the Lashify system, I truly believe the key to success is to practice proper application and placement. It’s best not to worry too much about longevity - that will come in time. Focus on applying thin, light, even coats of black Whisper Light™ bond through the lashes, allow time for it to become tacky, and apply your Gossamer® lashes side by side so that they line up for seamless application.

Daily Wear 

If you haven't purchased your Control Kit™ yet, jump on it! This kit is so well thought out and has everything you need to properly get started with the Lashify system.

Control Kit

My favorite add-on - Blow Speed Dryer

This tool helps speed up my drying time during application. It's super important to allow each layer of your bond to get tacky.

Blow Speed Dryer


The Frosting Method™

The key with this technique is to make sure every lash is coated in thin, light coats of bond. Frosting (brushing) the clear Whisper Light™ bond 1-2 mm, from the waterline up the lash, will coat the natural lash evenly and provide great hold without the buildup of black bond. The Whisper Light Bonds were meant to be layered. Applying each layer of bond and allowing it time to become tacky is key during this process. Brushing the bond up the lash will speed up drying time for the lashes to become tacky as well.

The Frosting Method

The Frosting Method

The Frosting Method with Bondage®

If you find that your eyes water, you have oily lids, or you live in a more humid or warmer climate. Incorporating Bondage® Extra Strength Bond with Charcoflex® could definitely help with your longevity and wear time. The patented Charcoflex® formula is designed to withstand heat, bacteria, and absorb excess moisture. It contains biotin to nourish the natural lashes while wearing your Gossamer® lashes for multiple days.

For a stronger hold try, the Frosting Method (demonstrated below and above) and instead of using black Whisper Light as your Step 1, brush Bondage® through the natural lash in thin light coats to give that extra hold. Allow the bond to become tacky for 10-15 seconds, then follow steps 2-6 of The Frosting Method for bonding and application.

Here is a great demonstration of The Frosting Method with Lashify Pro Educator, Jill.



Visit our Tutorials page for more application tips!

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