Lashify - The Leader in Lash Innovation

Posted by GeriLyn Paguia on 16 January, 2024

Lashify - The Leader in Lash Innovation

The beauty industry is a saturated industry, where “new” tends to mean “more of the same”, a reformulation of something that already exists, or a product that is just copied, pasted, and finished with a new brand name and packaging. In beauty, to bring something that is truly original is extremely rare. Lashify is rooted in innovation, with over 300 patents worldwide. In 2018, Lashify brought to market a brand new lash technology, and has continued to evolve and innovate as the leader in DIY lash technology.

Lashify’s Flexible Bonds

Whisper Light Bond™ is a product that has been one of the pillars of the patented Lashify system since its initial launch. This flexible bond, free of harsh chemicals like cyanoacrylate, formaldehyde, and latex, has made doing lashes at home very safe for even the most sensitive individuals. Even after it dries down, Whisper Light Bond remains flexible, allowing the natural lashes to grow and move freely while wearing Lashify lashes up to a week at a time, without damage to the natural lashes.

Whisper Light Bond™: Dual-Sided, Clear, Black

Bondage® Extra Strength with Charcoflex® was added to the lineup of optional products to cater to a wider range of customer longevity needs. This bond provides stronger adhesion and contains activated charcoal, which helps absorb excess moisture and can provide a stronger hold and longer wear time for those with watery eyes or oily lids, those who live in a humid climate or those who live very active lifestyles. Like Whisper Light Bond, Bondage is a flexible bond and is safe for sensitive eyes. It can be combined with Whisper Light to help extend wear time as well.

Bondage® Extra Strength with Charcoflex®

Sahara Lotti, inventor of the Lashify system, continues to improve on the components of the system, and recently reformulated Whisper Light Bond to be even more effective on its own.

The Fuse Control® Wand

The Fuse Control Wand is another pillar of Lashify’s DIY lash extension system. When Sahara invented this tool, there was nothing on the market like it. It is designed to perfectly and comfortably compress the Gossamer lashes against the natural lashes with an even horizontal clamp force, in one motion, without pulling or cutting the natural lashes. The Fuse Control Wand is essential to successfully applying Lashify. You can’t Lashify without it! Its ergonomic curves are designed to hug the curves of your face to make application a breeze.

In its first iteration, the  V1 Fuse Control Wand was machine crafted and the tips were hand-dipped into an anti-stick coating. It provided a wider fuse and was available in one color.

V1 Fuse Control™ Wand

Seeking to further improve the quality, Sahara developed the V2 Fuse Control Wand, hand-tooled for precision, with finer tips, and introduced Wandoms®, removable silicone tip covers to help reduce stickiness during application. It is now available in 8 colorways, and has been made available in limited edition colors.

V2 Fuse Control™ Wand

With feedback from the Lashify community, Sahara developed the Petit Eye Fuse Control Wand, a version of the V2 Wand that features 10% less curve at the tips to fit smaller eyes, flatter eyes profiles, and hooded lids.

Petit Eye Fuse Control™ Wand

Sahara didn’t stop there! The community asked for a travel-size wand, and she delivered! The Birdie Wand™ is about half the size of the V2 Wand, and is perfect for a small purse or travel makeup kit, but it still has the full length of the Petit Eye Wand’s curve, so you don’t feel like you’re missing a beat, even while you’re on the go!

Birdie™ Wand


Gossamer Lash Spine™ Base Technology

The third pillar of the Lashify system is the Gossamer lash, a lash designed specifically for underlash placement. Gossamer lashes feature unique fiber patterns that mimic natural lashes. The base of the lashes are heat-fused to hold the fibers together instead of having layers of fibers and glue holding them together, which makes for a thin, flat base that offers a lightweight, comfortable wear. Applying heat to the base of lash segments during the manufacturing process became a completely new way to make lashes, a signature of Lashify’s lashes. 

The Core lash styles - Amplify, Bold, Curl, and Drama - feature the first version of Lashify’s unique Gossamer lash construction. Sturdy, yet lightweight, and easy to use for beginners, these styles defined a new era in lash technology, the newest lash innovation in a hundred years, aside from magnetic lashes.

Core Gossamer® Lash Styles

As Sahara developed new lash styles, she also had to modify the manufacturing process of Spine bases for volume styles. How do you keep the spine from getting bulky as you add more fibers and/or thicker fibers? It seems impossible, but with a small tweak in the heat-fusing process, we now have volume lashes that are as comfortable to wear as the natural Core styles.

Volume Lash Styles

Going one step further, Sahara utilized this same technique for creating lashes even more natural than the natural Core styles, to create the Plus+ Collection. This collection features finer fibers, and the thinnest Spine base we make. This has allowed users to achieve the subtlest, virtually undetectable enhancement, and they have been able  to place the Gossamer lashes even closer to the waterline without discomfort or damage to their natural lashes. These advancements have made stacking even easier and has contributed to greater longevity for Lashify wearers.

Plus Collection Gossamer® Lashes

We’re not done! At the end 2023, we unveiled another groundbreaking innovation to lash technology - GripTex™, a flat, textured Spine base designed to interlock with the natural lashes. This unique zipper-like texture also increases the surface area of the Spine, and its overall design further improves comfort and longevity. What makes this particular innovation so bold is that Sahara unveiled it on the most voluminous lash style in the entire Lashify lash catalog, the Extreme Gossamer lash. This lash is our Russian volume style, featuring thicker lash fibers and a dense fiber pattern. With the introduction of GripTex, we now have a full volume lash style, Extreme² (E²), that feels as comfortable as our crowd favorite, soft volume style, Plushy.



Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does here at Lashify. It’s not enough that we’ve simplified your beauty routine, helped you keep your natural lashes healthy, given you the ability to customize all of your lash looks, and given you a little extra pep in your step. We've committed to never stop innovating to make your experience better and better. Make sure to join the Lashify community in Lashify Life on Facebook. This is the place where you not only get dibs on the latest Lashify tea, but you can also play a part in what comes next in the future of Lashify.

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