Lashify Summer Lash Essentials - How to Beat the Heat

Posted by Mikayla Hawkinson on 07 June, 2023

Lashify Summer Lash Essentials - How to Beat the Heat

Our eye chemistry, pH balance and skin all change with the seasons and with changes in climate. So as the seasons change, our lash prep, bonding technique, and sealing options may change as well. Thankfully, Lashify has you covered with all the options you may need for the heat and warm summer months!

Beat the Heat - Why Bondage® is So Great For Summer

If you're like me and you have itchy or watery eyes from seasonal allergies, oily lids, or develop oil in the T-zone of your face, Bondage may be your saving grace. For me, it gives the longevity that I’m looking for with the Lashify system, while nourishing my lashes. Bondage absorbs more oil than Whisper Light Bond™. I mean, I wore Bondage on vacation, in the heat, dancing, swimming, you name it , for 8 days, and these babies didn’t budge. It's a win-win if you ask me!

Bondage is Lashify’s stronger holding bond with activated charcoal. Just like Whisper Light Bond™️, it's safe for sensitive eyes and doesn’t contain any cyanoacrylates, formaldehyde, or latex.. 

“Our patented Charcoflex® formula is designed to withstand heat, bacteria, and absorb excess moisture. Contains biotin to nourish the natural lashes while wearing our Gossamer® lashes for multiple days.” -


So after I realized that I needed a little more hold for the warmer months, I found that my favorite bonding technique for the summer is Triple Bondage. While this technique may not be for everyone, the beauty of Lashify is that you can try it out and see if it helps with comfort and longevity. If it’s too strong, you can always add Bondage into your routine as your second coat, after you apply a light layer of Whisper Light Bond™ through the lashes, and you’ll be good to go.

Triple Bondage Method

Here’s a tutorial of the Triple Bondage® method you can follow along with:



Night Bond Sealer, Pre-Cleanse, Blow Speed Dryer

Seal the Deal - Night Bond® Sealer and Glass Finishing Coat 

Sometimes your best bet for securing your lashes during the summer is to use Lashify sealers. These are amazing options for extending the wear of your lash map and helping to repel water. Night Bond Sealer is our black lacquer sealant and bond extender. Glass Finishing Coat is included in the Control Kit®. It helps with excess stickiness and provides a water-resistant seal. 

You can pair Night Bond Sealer and Glass Finishing Coat to create a double seal. This is amazing for fun in the sun and having a nice cool off in the water.

Here, I demonstrate how to apply the sealers both on their own and together for that great double seal:

Pre-Cleanse and Charcoal Swabs

Daily maintenance of your lashes, as well as the skin around your eyes, is important when wearing your lash map for several days. Pre-Cleanse is great for cleaning and removing excess oil, residue, or build up on and around your lashes. Dip our charcoal-infused cotton swabs into Pre-Cleanse and clean around the eye area and directly onto the lashes. This will help with hygiene and longevity.

Check out Pro Educator, Geri, as she teaches how to clean the lashes:


Going Swimming? Use the Blow Speed Dryer 

You can totally swim and shower with your lashes on! Remember to never touch your lash map when it is wet. Wait 20+ minutes for your lashes to become dry before fusing them. Your Blow Speed Dryer can help speed up drying time, not only for when you apply bond but for wet lashes as well.

See how to properly care for your lashes if they become wet:

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