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The Starburst™ lash and StardustGossamer® lash were inspired by the creative and brilliant minds of makeup artists Marlon Monroe (the master of the Pinching technique) and Wayne Goss (who requested a “Cindy Crawford lash”). Sahara Lotti, (owner and creator of Lashify) certainly delivered!! 

These multi-length, and multi-layered styles provide a look that combines luxurious high end faux lashes, with that of luxury salon lash extensions. These styles group fibers in the center to create a spike, and have shorter lashes fanning out on the sides. Long gone are the days of cutting up Gossamer® Lashes or applying bond to a lash and fusing it together to create a spike. The Starburst lash makes creating a wispy, spiky look a breeze!! With 64 Premium Korean PBT silk fibers, they create a stacked look without the weight. Due to the strong curl, these lashes will appear shorter. That’s why it was only natural to extend the length range all the way up to 22mm! Therefore with this style, if you typically wear a 12mm or 14mm Gossamer® lash, you will prefer a 16mm or even an18mm lash. The length of the Gossamer lash refers to the longest point of the spike in the center. The surrounding fibers on the side of the Gossamer® lashes are a few millimeters shorter. 

Stardust Lashes

Starburst Lash


These styles are highly versatile by nature. You can wear them all the way across, mix, and stack with our Core and Volume Gossamers for over-the-top volume and texture, without the weight. These Gossamer® Lash styles can truly give you almost ANY look! Natural, volume, dramatic...they do it all!



What is the difference between the Starburst™ and Stardust™ Gossamer lash styles? 


Starburst™ and Stardust™ Gossamer styles have the same spiky design. The difference is all in the fibers! Starburst™ has a bolder fiber, similar to the B and D Gossamer® lashes. While the Stardust™ lash has a softer fiber, similar to the A and the C Gossamer® styles. 

Comparison Chart


The Starburst™ Gossamer® lashes definitely make a statement and get you noticed when you walk in the room! A beautiful lash design with the look of mascara and liner all combined and achieved in a matter of minutes! The bold wispiness of the Starburst™ lash can be the star of the show, or compliment stunning eye shadow looks for a special occasion. Want to do a smokey eye or head out to an evening event? Starburst™ would be the best compliment for your look! They also “play” well with B and D, Gossamer® lash styles. And for those that love to reuse their lashes, the bold fibers of the Starburst™ lash have better chances of reusability. Want to soften the look of Starburst? Try them in the color chocolate 

Starburst Before and After


The Stardust™ Gossamer® lashes are a softer, more ethereal lash. This delicate and celestial wispiness makes a statement, but in a more subtle way. It’s a softer, fluffier, more natural version of the Starburst™ design. This style is perfect for a day event or beach wedding, whether you are the bride or a guest. They also “play” well with A and C, Gossamer® lash styles. Starburst™ lashes have more delicate fibers, therefore they have less chance of reusability. Definitely handle them with care! Also available in the color Chocolate

Stardust Before and After 

These styles are definitely worth trying! Experience all the possibilities of some of these top selling styles. The beauty of Lashify is that you can mix and match! Wear them all the way across or combine with other styles to customize the perfect lash map! Join the Lashify Life Community on Facebook, show off your lash designs or get inspiration to create! We can’t wait to see your lash maps! 

Shop our Starburst™ and Stardust™ lash styles today!

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