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Introducing: The Vault

Posted by Meaghan Droney on 16 December, 2020

Introducing: The Vault

What do you get the one who has it all? 

A two-tiered keepsake box full of Lashify's most coveted items, of course. 

This holiday season we decided to up Santa's game so he could deliver the most fabulous of presents under your Christmas tree. Featuring two tiers, The Vault includes anything and everything you need to make the most of the Lashify Life. 

Let's break down the contents: 

The Lashify Control Kit™, feat. the Graphite Fuse Control™ Wand

The Holy Grail of the Lashify system, the starter kit includes the essential tools needed to apply Gossamer lashes. 

Pre-Cleanse, 80ml

The ultimate pep to your prep step. Our Japanese cleansing water gets rid of excess oil to help your Gossamers last longer. Also doubles as a facial toner.

Melt Away, 80ml

Our dual-phase formula removes Gossamers and any eye makeup in one easy swoop. Made to moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes and keep lashes healthy. 

Control Wax

Our multi-functional antit-stick wax that shapes and defines brows, creates a non-stick fuse, primes lower lashes, and controls fly-aways.


The answer to long-wear and flexible hold while keeping lashes healthy and hygienic. Designed to withstand heat, bacteria, and excess moisture. 


Less curl, more curl, the choice is always a touch away with three adjustable temperature levels in our heated silicone lash curler. 

Black Magic Cleansing Puff

The magical way to remove makeup without disturbing your perfect lash set. Reusable, antibacterial, made of Korean microfiber and water activated.


Created to use with our bonds to make the formulas set quicker and become tacky, speeding up the drying process to allow for easy Gossamer application.


Create a fanned out look, groom your brows, dip in Pre-Cleanse or Melt Away, the options are endless. Comes with a protective  cap to keep the fluffer fresh. 

Lash Comb 

The stainless steel eyelash comb features a comb arc that fits the lash line perfectly, separating lashes and Gossamers for flawless definition.

Terry Headband

Made of high-quality black terrycloth featuring an embroidered Lashify logo and made for holding your hair back while you Lashify.

Gossamer Storage Container 

This sleek little case features a 4-way compartment to organize and store your loose Gossamer lashes. 

Beauty Clutch

Our signature clutch is made of neoprene, super-soft, flexible, resilient and ideal for holding all of your Lashify accoutrements and then some. 

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