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Want an easy way to amp up any look from day to night? Want to just amp up your look in general? One word: glitter!

Posted by Jill Medicis on 15 April, 2021


Want an easy way to amp up any look from day to night? Want to just amp up your look in general? One word: glitter!! Add it anywhere and everywhere. You can add glitter to your eyelids, you can add glitter to the inner corner of the eye to highlight the eye, you can add glitter to compliment a gorgeous liner look, heck, you can even make glitter eyeliner!!! In my twenties I always loved taking my look to the next level with glitter eyeshadow but absolutely hated the stress of putting it on and dealing with fallout: glitter on my cheeks, glitter in my eyes, glitter EVERYWHERE. Because, let’s be honest, glitter is the gift that keeps on giving whether you want it to or not.

And, let’s face it, lipstick is a thing of the past. During these crazy times, the eyes are what everyone focuses on and what better way to enhance your eyes than with a little glitz and glimmer.  As someone who is determined to find the best way to use any and all beauty products I have learned a few tricks of the trade during my journey with glitter and am here to share them all with you. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks.


STEP ONE: Use a primer

You can use a regular pigment primer, but glitter primer works the best because it is specially formulated for getting glitter to stick and stay. 

My go-to eye primer: NYX Glitter Primer $6.50

This light, creamy formula glides on with ease and then sets. Because it is so lightweight you don’t have to worry about feeling like your eyelids are covered in much!

STEP TWO: Use a white base

Using white as a base underneath will make the color of your glitter shadow truly pop!! The white shade enhances the vibrant color that is inherent in the eyeshadow you choose. 

My go-to eyeshadow base: NARS Pro-Prime eyeshadow base in Original $26

More affordable alternative: NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Base in White $7

STEP THREE: Choose the right brush

Use a flat brush rather than a round, fluffy brush to apply glitter shadow. Gently dip the flat side into your product and tap gently onto the lid to remove any excess. If you use a fluffy brush you are more likely to use a buffing motion and that is when the glitter fall out takes over! If you don’t have a flat brush handy, use your finger to press the shadow onto the lid. Works like a charm! 

Speaking of fall out, I prefer to apply glitter eye shadow first prior to the rest of my eye makeup or face makeup. This allows me to brush off any excess without worrying about messing anything else up. However, if you are going from day to night by adding a pop of glitter, always have a clean spoolie handy! You can use the spoolie to brush off glitter from lashes or even your face!! The spoolie is the tool you never knew you needed!

TIP: You can also use a spoolie to remove any mascara or eyeliner that ends up in a place you didn’t want it. If this happens, allow the product to dry completely and then once dry gently run the spoolie over it and you have no mess and perfect makeup still.

My go-to spoolie: Lashify Fluffer $10


Wondering when to apply your loose glitter to your eye look? I love to apply my eyeshadow primer, followed by my white base. Then I’ll go in and add any transition shades or colors I want into my crease and add my loose glitter as my final shadow step. This way I don’t begin brushing and blending and moving the glitter that I placed so precisely. Then I’ll add eyeliner and mascara to complete my glamorous eye look!

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a full-on glitter eye look?! No problem! Makeup doesn’t have rules and neither does glitter!!! One of my favorite trends is adding a POP of glitter into the inner corner of your eye. You can do this with a glittery eyeshadow, a glittery highlighter, or even loose glitter. Follow the same steps as above by priming the area first and pressing the glitter where you’d like. You can also create glitter eyeliner by using your glitter primer and placing it exactly where you’d like. Rather then coat the entire flathead brush, use just the tip to tap the glitter exactly where your heart desires.

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