Heat Fusing for Lash Longevity

Posted by GeriLyn Paguia on 15 August, 2023

Heat Fusing for Lash Longevity
As the inventor of DIY Lash Extensions, Lashify® has created the most simple, yet versatile lash system that can be applied for any eye shape and eye chemistry. You can adjust how much bond to apply and use different bonding and sealing methods to get the best wear for your lifestyle and activities.
We’ve also come up with additional tips and tricks to try so that you can customize every part of your application, help extend your wear, and make touching up a breeze! 
Let’s talk about the Lashicurl®, our silicone-covered heated lash curler. This accessory was introduced to our amazing product lineup mainly to give you the ability to manipulate the curl on your Gossamer® lashes. With three adjustable heat settings, you can easily give your lash looks more or less curl, and even make fine adjustments to small sections of your lash map.
On the lowest setting, you can also curl your natural lashes before you start your application, if you like. The silicone tip allows you to safely do everything you need, without having to worry about burning yourself or causing harm to your natural lashes.
One of our favorite ways to use the Lashicurl is for Heat Fusing. After completing your full Lashify application, turn on your Lashicurl, and put it on the third heat setting - all three lights should be lit up.
Apply the heat along the base of your lash map for about 10 seconds. Warming up the bond in this way will reactivate it. Next, make sure to remove the Wandom™ covers from your Fuse Control® Wand and do a full fuse. By doing this, you are able to utilize the coolness of the wand to recreate the seal.
Here is a great video that walks you through all the steps of Heat Fusing!



Heat fusing is not essential for getting a good Lashify application, but it can be a great option for you to try and see how it fits into your lash routine. For some of our clients, it has become a game-changing lash hack that is part of their normal lash application. Personally, I love using this technique as a touch-up hack if I feel that I want to extend my wear time after a few days. The heat from the Lashicurl also feels so soothing - it feels like a mini-spa treatment!

We’ve got so many more lash hacks for you to experiment with. Join our Lashify Life Facebook group to get the best tips and tricks from both the Lashify Team and the community of over 120k members!

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