Galentine's Lashes: Your Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Mikayla Hawkinson on 05 February, 2024

Galentine's Lashes: Your Valentine's Day Gift Guide
With lashes, sometimes you want to opt for something a little lighter. The beauty of Lashify is that it gives you options. You are in control of your look and lash map that will best enhance your personal style. Lashify offers alternative fiber colors to the traditional black. These fiber colors are meant to enhance the color of your natural lashes. From blondes, to redheads, to brunettes, these styles and fiber color choices are an incredible way to change up your look. Let’s check out the different options to create the most fabulous, lash maps with a softer hue.


Our rich, warm color haze is anything but boring! Blondes, Redheads, and Brunettes? We have the answer for you. Chocolate is a warm mid-tone brown that can be found in our Volume Collection. Chocolate Stardust and Tulip lashes are my weakness, especially when the sunlight hits the fibers - magic I tell you! Chocolate Gossamer lashes enhance (and compliment) your eye color tenfold.

Chocolate Stardusts are such a soft, beautiful lash fiber for blondes, strawberry blondes and redheads!

Lash map: Chocolate SD 12, 14, 14, 16, 18

Chocolate Stardust

Chocolate is available in styles:

Fluffy, Fluffy Extreme, Plushy, Plushy Tame, Starburst, Stardust, Tulip, Tulip Thick

Lash Map Inspo:

Chocolate Tulip Gossamer® Lashes



The Truffle Gossamer® lash is a delicious mixture of black and brown, delivering an incomparable look of dimension for brunettes or black hair. This fiber color is a step down from our black-fibered lashes, providing a slightly softer look. I love to pair these with a Minx or Dark Brown Gossamer lash on the inner and outer corner. It’s really such a dreamy combination.

Nothing brings out the soft, rich pigment in brown eyes quite like the Truffle gossamer lashes, especially in the Fluffy Collection. Since they are multi-dimensional, they showcase the mix of black and brown fibers so well when you turn your head. Oh, and trust me you’ll be turning heads!

Lash Map: Truffle Fluffy 10, 10, 12, 12, 10

Truffle Fluffy Gossamer® Lashes

Truffle is available in styles:
Amplify, Curl, Fluffy, Fluffy Extreme, Plushy, Plushy Tame

Lash Map Inspo:
Truffle Fluffy Lash Map Inspo

Products I can’t live without

Whisper Light™ Bond
Perfect, flexible bond. Great for beginners and experienced users alike. I love to have this on hand for touch ups or lifting. 
Precision Lash Comb
The lash fibers are so weightless and fine. You don’t want your natural lashes to clump and show through your gorgeous lash map. These tools will come in handy and enhance your experience:
My holy grail and prep step. I use this to clean my lashes before application, to tone my face in the mornings, to remove makeup and clean around the eye area while I am wearing a lash map.
My favorite remover and so perfect for taking off Bondage. Release has fermented and concentrated oils that perfectly break apart the bond. The oils also nourish my natural lashes so that they stay healthy, no damage.
Blow Tool
Helps speed up my drying time during application. Super important to allow each layer of  your bond to get tacky.

Charcoal Swabs
I love these! Especially when using Pre-Cleanse around my eye area to clean up and remove makeup.  

Valentine’s Day, and more importantly Galentine’s Day, are fast approaching! It’s always fun to have a girl’s night out, pajama party or a fun brunch. Let’s face it we all get glam for ourselves, it’s all about making yourself feel amazing. Treat yourself! Lashify has an amazing deal running now through Valentine’s Day where you can build your own Box of Chocolates, so cute! So here are the details: Add 4 Gossamer® lashes in Chocolate or Truffle fibers to your cart and a 20% discount will automatically apply to your purchase. The deal runs through 2/14/24 and you can shop this gorgeous collection of lashes here!


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