Fall Colored Lashes: Seasonal Lash Inspo

Posted by GeriLyn Paguia on 21 November, 2023

Fall Colored Lashes: Seasonal Lash Inspo

As the seasons change, so do our wardrobes, and it’s no different with lashes! With Lashify, you have 22 styles to choose from, and you literally have a lash wardrobe that you can update with every season. For Fall, we usually move towards warmer colors and we have some gorgeous lash inspo for you to draw from!

The Intimates collection features our most natural lashes in natural-colored fibers, designed to mimic naturally lighter-colored hair. They are available in our Amplify and Curl styles, which are very natural. You can also find these colors in our Plus+ Collection, and, with these styles, no one will ever know they're not real. With a variety of brown tones to choose from, you’ll be able to create just the right look for you. Let me break down the colors for you.

The Intimates Collection

The Ash fibers are a reddish brown hue with just a hint of purple, which is perfect for strawberry blondes.

Our Ginger lashes are the best match for true redheads who want a little eye definition, but want to keep it au naturel.

Minx is a mix of cool-toned brown fibers, perfect for a wide range of hair colors. If you were a brown mascara-lover, this colorway is for you!

The Truffle colorway has a mix of black and brown fibers. This mix of fibers can instantly give softness to your lash look without sacrificing impact and lash definition.

Intimates Lashes 

As someone who has very dark natural hair, I don’t let that stop me from incorporating these colors into my lash looks. I love mixing them together to create interesting dimension, or using them as a base, then stacking shorter black Gossamer® lashes onto them. One of my favorite ways to wear Intimates lashes is in an ombré lash map! It’s different, but the subtle color shift in maps like these are so fun!

Ombré Intimates Lashes

Another colorway that is perfect for Fall is Chocolate, a deep, warm brown that is available in the Fluffy, Fluffy FX, Plushy, Plushy Tame, Starburst, Stardust, Tulip, and Tulip Thick Gossamer lash styles. If you’re already crushing on these styles in black, try them out in Chocolate to change it up or to get an even more subtle lash look!

Not sure how to style these lashes? Let us help you warm up your lash wardrobe. Check out these Fall lash maps, curated for you by our Pros, complete with Fall drinks to warm you up during your Holiday festivities.

You can use this chart to read the lash maps. The letters stand for the lash styles, and the numbers are the length in millimeters.

Lash Styles Abbreviations

Cinnamon Old Fashioned Lash Map

Caramel Apple Martini Lash Map

Cran-Orange Fizz Lash map

Pumpkin Pie Hot Toddy Lash Map

Try out these looks and join the Lashify Life community on Facebook to share your work!

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