Client Blog: The Plushy Pusher

Posted by GeriLyn Paguia on 14 September, 2023

Client Blog: The Plushy Pusher

Client: Karen Goff
Member of Lashify Life since: April 2022
Top 3 Favorite products: The Plus Collection, Plushy Gossamer® Lash, Whisper Light Bond
Favorite Bonding Technique: The Frosting Method
Typically wears lashes for: 3-5 days


Ever since the Plushy lashes launched, it’s been a running joke in Lashify Life that Plushy is the most-suggested lash. Want volume: Plushy. Natural with oomph: Plushy. Classy drama: Plushy. Soft and pretty: Plushy.

I find myself firmly in this category as well. I call myself Your Friendly Neighborhood Plushy Pusher. You know that magic when you find The One?? The perfect jeans that make your legs look amazing and you’re a$$ out of this world? Or the absolute perfect lipstick? The one that makes you feel like Uma Thurman dancing in the twist contest in Pulp Fiction (my go-to persona when I’m tipsy)? Or that absolute BANGER of a black dress that makes the whole room stop when you wear it? Or that perfect soft flannel shirt that makes you relive your adolescent grunge days? Plushy make you feel like that. Except even better because you can wear Plushy with ALL of those things: the jeans, the red lipstick, the black dress or the flannel. They are that perfect.

Plushy Lash Map

Lash map: Plushy
Base: (Outer to Inner): P12, P12, P10
Brick Stack (Outer to Inner): P10, P12, P12

For me, these are Sahara’s Tour de Force. Though all of Lashify’s spines are thin, there is something about the thinness of the Plushy spines. They are so flexible that they feel weightless and have, in my opinion, unrivaled longevity. I have often used Plushy as a base for other, slightly trickier, lashes and they have never let me down. I find them so easy to work with, I can confidently put on a set at 3:00 in the morning, on my first day of my work week. I know it’ll only take me 10 minutes, and they’ll last me through 4 of my 16+ hour days.

Chocolate Plushy Lash Map
Chocolate Plushy Map:
Base: (Inner to Outer): P9, P11, P12
Brick stack: (Inner to Outer): P10, P12, P11

Now maybe your perfect lash isn’t the Plushy. For many, it’s the Stardust, the Gemini, the Plus collection. And really, you know we all love to change them up and express ourselves with different lash looks!! But I always go back to the Plushy lash. And we all know how wonderful it is to find a Holy Grail, ride-or-die that you can always count on to make you feel amazing.

And that’s why I will continue to be the Plushy Pusher… at least until the next lash comes along!

Chocolate Plushy Map, Side View
Chocolate Plushy Map:
Base: (Inner to Outer): P9, P11, P12
Brick stack: (Inner to Outer): P10, P12, P11

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