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Lashify exploded on the scene in 2018. At its inception, the company launched with just 3 Core lash styles: Amplify, Bold and Curl. In just a few short years, the style selection has expanded significantly. Lashify now offers 20 different Gossamer® lash styles, which includes 13 lengths and 15 colors! Lashify remains at the forefront of innovation with Sahara Lotti at the helm, continously creating, inventing, elevating her brand and product selection.

Having so many options allows you to find your favorite lash look, or create it! You can mix and match styles and colors to create the perfect lash for you. When starting out with Lashify, most people focus on the core styles to learn how to apply the system. Then you start having fun trying other styles and creating what I like to call your “Lash Wardrobe”! What does this mean? Just like clothes and makeup, you can create various lash maps for different occasions.

Lash Map Options

When choosing a lash map, you can consider your mood, your outfit, makeup, and time of day. Is it soft makeup, casual clothes, and a bolder lash? Is it natural makeup, bold lip, and wispy lash? Regardless of what you choose, you can customize the perfect map for your personal style. 

Makeup and Lash Looks
You may have a favorite lash map for a natural, quick, everyday look - perfect for work, a quick zoom call, or a casual day - and then “dress it up” for an evening out. How can you amp up your look? You can stack a few lashes over your base map. You can add volume, length, both or create an entirely different shape. 
Below is an example of two looks: a soft “mascara” look with the B+ Gossamer® Lash and a second with the Drama Gossamer® Lash style. The second style brings just a bit more drama, and slight volume. All while keeping the soft wing shape. You can do this by stacking over the B style or switching it out completely. Something similar can be done with the Tulip or Fluffy lashes. These will give you just a soft bump up from the Core or Plus styles.

B+ Lash Map, D+ Lash Map
And let’s not forget about having fun with color! You can use subtle Chocolate (warm brown fibers) or truffle (mix of black and brown fibers), or choose a stronger pop of color to have fun with! These colors can compliment your eye color, your outfit, your makeup, or the lashes can be the star of the show! Check out the maps below. One is a Chocolate Fluffy and Intimates Ginger combo, and the other is the new Fluffy Blue Ombre Gossamer® lash.  

Fluffy Lash Maps

There may be times when you might be in the mood for some glam and volume! The Plushy, Extreme, and Extreme Ice lashes are some customer favorites to glam it up. These looks are perfect for evening events, and special occasions. These lash maps can complement a beautiful smokey eye, or you can let lashes themselves can be your "eye makeup”.

Glam Lash Looks 

These are just a few of the various lash maps you can create to match or compliment your look. The possibilities are endless!! Not sure where to start? Use our Eye Shape Calibrator to find your eye shape, and get a few suggested lash maps to start. Then join the Lashify Life community on Facebook to get inspiration from other members, or get a lash mapping session from one of the Lashify experts, and have fun creating!
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