What Are Bond and Seal Lashes?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 27 October, 2022

What Are Bond and Seal Lashes?

Let’s face it: maybe 2% of the population has naturally full, voluminous lashes. For the rest of us, there’s lash enhancement. 

Lash enhancement can create a more dramatic look, make your eyes look wider, elongate the eye, and draw attention to the windows of your soul. Lash enhancement can also tank your bank account, depending on what you do for a living and what method of lash enhancement you choose. 

For the everyday person looking to level up their lashes, we’ve got options. The team at Lashify put together this guide to help you understand your choices and to tell you about bond and seal lashes, which are part of the exclusive Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ System. 

Get ready to lash out (in a good way). 

Lash Enhancement: What Are the Options?

Chances are, you already use some form of lash enhancement. Even using an eyelash curler to lift and curl your lashes is technically a form of lash enhancement. From the basics to the very bougie, here are the most popular ways to enhance your lash game. 


You’ve been using it since middle school, and it’s probably the one product you’d pick to take with you on a deserted island. Mascara is great for darkening lashes and adding gentle volume and a little length. 

  • Pros. Mascara is easy. You apply it in the morning and take it off at night. With so many different color and formula options, it’s hard not to find a version you like. Mascara also gives you styling power, with the ability to lift and separate your lashes and make them more defined. 
  • Cons. Besides the usual complaints (clumping, smudging, etc.), mascara isn’t permanent, so you have to apply it daily. If you have an event in the evening, you probably can’t rely on your morning mascara application to last, even though the tube probably says “all-day wear.” Also, if you have sensitive eyes, mascara can be irritating.

Mascara is a staple, but it has definite limitations. Even a lengthening formula can’t add very much noticeable length, and if you have thin lashes, a volumizing formula won’t make more lashes grow.

Lash Lift

A lash lift is performed by a professional technician in a salon or studio. It’s kind of like getting a perm (and if you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you probably had at least one). 

When you get a lash lift, a silicone roller will be placed above your lash line. A technician will apply a chemical curling lotion to your lashes, which causes them to curl over the roller. The result is lashes that are semi-permanently affixed in a “curled up” position. 

  • Pros. A lash lift can open your eye area, make your lashes appear longer, and give you a flirty, curled lash look. 
  • Cons. Lash lifts aren’t permanent, so you can expect to see your lash tech once every 4-6 weeks. Your mileage may vary depending on the texture of your natural lashes. The cost is usually between $100-$200 per visit, which may make it less affordable for those of us ballin’ on a budget. 

The real danger is getting a lash lift from someone who isn’t as professional as they claim to be. Leaving the curling lotion on your lashes too long can damage your natural lashes, causing them to break or even fall out. 

A lash lift can give you a natural, wide-eyed look, but if your lashes are particularly sparse or extremely short, a lift may not be that noticeable.

Salon Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions have been around for decades, but social media made them go viral. By now, everyone you know has a lash person who they swear can give you the lashes of your dreams. 

Eyelash extensions are applied in a salon, by a lash professional. An adhesive or glue is applied to the natural lash, and individual lash fibers (extensions) then adhere to the natural lash. The extensions last as long as your natural lashes, or about three to four weeks. 

  • Pros. Lash extensions, when applied properly, look incredibly natural and give you lots of options for different lengths and volumes. They last as long as your natural lash cycle, which means they can stay put until your natural lash falls out. Extensions mean you don’t need to wear mascara, saving you time when you’re getting ready. 
  • Cons. Like a lash lift, lash extensions can be pricey. You can expect to pay between $150-$250 for the initial application and $50 for fills. Speaking of fills, you’ll probably end up getting them more frequently than you realize. Because each lash is on a different growth cycle, you’ll naturally lose lashes at different times. There’s also some risk to your natural lashes and even to your eyes if the extensions aren’t placed correctly

Lastly, it takes a lot of time to apply salon eyelash extensions. You can spend hours in the seat, which may not make salon extensions a viable option for you.

Lash extensions are popular for a reason: of all the lash enhancements available, they add the most volume and length to your lash line. If you’re not willing to expend the time, money, or risk, there’s a solution. 

DIY Lashes

False eyelashes have been lining drugstore shelves since the 1960s, but they’ve done a lot of growing up along the way. At-home lashes can give you a similar look when compared with lash extensions, adding volume and length by applying lash fibers to your lash line. 

  • Pros. DIY lashes are the least expensive type of lash enhancement aside from mascara. They’re quick to apply, can be removed and reapplied (in most cases), and give you a more dramatic effect than you get with mascara alone. 
  • Cons. It probably goes without saying that it takes a little finesse to get DIY lashes done right. They require practice, patience, and a few online tutorials. The glue can be messy and irritating, and the lashes themselves may not stay in place like you want them to. 

In the world of DIY lashes, there are different types of lash fibers and different methods of application. 

Types of DIY Lashes

DIY lashes come in sets, trays, or cartridges. There are three general types:

  1. Strip lashes. This refers to an entire strip of eyelashes that is applied to the entire upper lash line.

  2. Cluster lashes. Cluster lashes are small groups of lashes that you can apply in areas that need more volume or length. 

  3. Single fibers. Single fibers are individual lash fibers that are applied to your individual, natural lashes, much like salon-style extensions. 

        One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but for full customization options, single fibers and clusters work best. 

        How DIY Lashes Are Applied

        Applying your DIY lashes requires the lashes themselves, some type of adhesive or bonding agent, and a few tools to get the lashes positioned properly. There are a few different adhesive methods you can try.

        • Magnetic lashes. Magnetic lashes use liquid iron-oxide eyeliner and strips of lashes that have tiny magnets on the back. To use these, you’ll need to have a black belt in liquid liner application and extreme patience with the magnets, which may not hold as long as you’d like them to. 
        • Glue and tape adhesives. Most DIY lashes will have glue or tape adhesive that keeps the lash fibers in place. Unfortunately, many types of glue and tapes can contain chemicals that make them dangerous to your eyes and damaging to your natural lashes. Not to mention, glue is … goopy. 
        • Bond and seal. Bond and seal lashes are the closest to salon extensions available and are easier to use than magnetic or glue lashes. Bond and seal lashes use a bonding agent that is typically painted on the natural lash with a spoolie wand and a sealant that coats both the natural lash and extension once the extension has been fused onto the natural lash. 

        At Lashify®, our DIY Lash Extension™ System utilizes the bond and seal method for results that look amazing without ruining your natural lashes.

        Bond and Seal: The Lashify Method

        When you apply Lashify GossamersⓇ, you’ll get a salon-grade look without any harsh, irritating chemicals and without spending hours in a chair. Our bonds are made with the most sensitive eyes in mind and include nourishing ingredients that help support healthy lash growth and retention. 

        Our sealers are designed to keep your lashes in place, add additional shine and preserve the look and style of your extensions. You’ll be able to wear your GossamersⓇ for up to seven days (even while you sleep). 

        Lashify bonds trump glues every time because they don’t fully cure, leaving your natural lashes comfortable flexibility that helps prevent breakage while simultaneously keeping your GossamersⓇ firmly affixed to your waterline. 

        Lash enhancement can literally change your look. For the easiest at-home lash enhancement, Lashify has you covered. 



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