Posted by Vanessa Quinteros on 26 October, 2022


Did you know that many of our Gossamer® lash styles come in delicious chocolate? That’s right, we currently carry 4 volume styles in Chocolate!

Why choose lashes in Chocolate you ask? Allow me to share the various reasons you might want to try this delectable color choice.

Choosing Chocolate vs Black

While most select black colored lashes, many with a lighter skin complexion, eye and hair color, will prefer a more subtle option. For example if you are fair-skinned and have blond or red hair with naturally light lashes, Chocolate lashes will provide natural looking enhancement. Or if you have blue, green, or brown eyes, Chocolate lashes will enhance the color.

Chocolate Starburst

Lash Map: SB Chocolate 16mmx4

As a brunette with brown eyes, I can tell you that Chocolate Gossamer® lashes are also a great option for a more subtle option even for darker complexion and hair color. When I want a strong, bolder look, I definitely go with black. However for a more subtle, natural look that brings out the color in my brown eyes, it’s all about the Chocolate!  And the beauty of Lashify is that these options are quickly interchangeable. I can choose to go from one look to another in a matter of minutes!

Lash map: 12mm, 14mmx2, 16mmx3 

Now the question is, which Chocolate Gossamer® lash to choose?!? Pick your favorite below, or better yet, mix them! 

Chocolatey Options

The Fluffy Chocolate Gossamer® Lash takes the multidimensional fullness of the Fluffy style and brings with it a rich color haze that is anything but boring! Blondes, Redheads, and Brunettes? We have the answer for you!

The Fluffy FX Chocolate Gossamer® lash is here to indulge your over the top cravings with a mega curl! Everything you love about the Fluffy Gossamer® mixed with curl power of the Extra Extreme Gossamer® lash.  This style is designed to give the curliest and most fluttery appearance!

The Starburst Chocolate Gossamer® lash brings the multi-length, multi-layered, spikey look in a decadent color!

Watch an application from start to finish on our Youtube channel:

The Stardust Chocolate Gossamer® lash takes the same lash design in Starburst, using softer fibers! Providing layers of celestial wispiness! Featuring the thin .07 mm fibers of our classic ‘C’ style lashes.

Watch an application from start to finish on our Youtube channel:

Lastly with an honorable mention: Prismatic Dark Brown Gossamer® lashes! This lash comes in both ‘A’ and ‘C’ lash styles for the ultimate natural look. I personally love mixing these brown core styles with volume. Love using them in my inner and outer corners.




Now you are ready to expand your Lashify wardrobe with the beautiful decadent color that is Chocolate! Stay tuned as more style options become available in various colors!

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