8 False Eyelash Styles for Hooded Eyes

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

8 False Eyelash Styles for Hooded Eyes

While sometimes we assume that everyone out there knows their eyes are uniquely different from the person next to them, we all know what they say about those who assume. So instead of doing that, we’ll come right out and say it.

There are six different eye shapes: monolid, almond, upturned, downturned, rounded, and hooded. All of these eye shapes have their own unique advantages, pitfalls, tips, and tricks to make them look their best, but we’ve gathered you here today (AKA you clicked on this title) to talk about hooded eyes

This eye shape has something of a stigma that comes along with it, which we do not agree with. When this eye is being dressed to impress, it can be such a beautiful asset. People have even referred to hooded eyes as “bedroom eyes,” so … we’ll leave it at that.

All you need to know is how to properly flatter these little beauties, and that’s where we come in. Keep scrolling to find out more about your hooded lids and the lashes at Lashify® that are specifically designed for you!

What Are Hooded Eyes?

There are notable ways to tell which eye shape you have. If you’re wondering if you have hooded eyes specifically, a few tell-tale signs to look for are:

  • Upper eyelids that appear smaller
  • A prominent brow bone
  • A thicker layer of skin folding over the upper eyelid

Hooded lids can be present at any age, but they most often will become more prominent with age. Just like any part of your skin loses youthful elasticity, that thicker layer of skin under your brow bone also loosens, deepening that already deep crease. 

If you’re looking for a few more tips to help your hooded lids look their best in addition to the proper lashes, you may want to try something like a smokey eye or a specific style of applying liner. Blending your shadows out and up from the edge of your eye will help to give the added illusion of a facelift, opening the eye up. 

When using liner, those with hooded eyes might notice that they struggle to get that sharp flick because of the way their skin folds over. Luckily, there’s a solution.

To achieve a bold eyeliner look, you want to angle the liner down at your crease to where it looks like a seamless line when your eyes are open. However, when your eyes are closed, there will be a small curve, almost like a bat wing! (We’d also recommend watching a video on how to do this liner, as it’s a lot easier to see than it is to read about).

Our 8 Favorite Hooded Lash Styles

Now that you’re 100% certain that you have hooded eyes — you’re welcome — take a moment to browse through our recommendations for your eyes to look their best! Find a range of lash styles, lengths, volumes, and even colors below.

Gemini Gossamer® Lashes

As a set to suit your many-faceted personality, the Gemini™ Gossamer Lashes give you everything your hooded eyes need. These lashes were designed to serve that sought-after “piece-y” look that you want without giving up any of the volume. 

To achieve this look, try fanning out each of the fibers before applying them to give you a bolder and more wispy final effect. This is the thickest lash fiber we’ve ever used, making Gemini a master of holding a curl. Once those babies are locked in place, they aren’t budging. 

These lashes aren’t for the faint of heart, however. The thick fiber creates an extremely flat base that makes them a challenging choice for fragile lashers. But if you’re up to the task, then these bombastic lashes are the ones for you!

Starburst Gossamer Lashes

The Starburst™ Gossamer Lashes have landed. These versatile lashes can be worn all the way across your lash line. If you’re feeling spicy, you can mix and stack the spiky pieces with Gossamers from our Core and Volume collections for a different kind of final look. With this multi-length, multi-layered lash, your options for length and volume without the weight just multiplied.

The ability to mix, stack, and layer these varying lengths and volumes makes them perfect for anyone with a hooded lid. No more worrying about those lashes folding awkwardly against your crease — you’re in control of where you place your lashes.

Extreme Gossamer Lashes

Our Extreme Gossamer Lashes give a masterclass in volume and thickness — and they’re definitely not for the weakhearted. It’s all the things you love about the Russian volume look but without any of the potential damage. With our alternating odd and even lengths, you’re able to piece together whatever look you desire. 

Mix and match your lash bundles with Gossamers from our Core Collection for a subtly impactful look.

Drama Gossamer Lashes

The name says it all. Our Drama Gossamer Lashes are truly made for attention. 

With thicker 2-ply fibers, these lashes can’t help but grab the eyes of everyone you meet. A super strong curl and our signature cross-weave design offer extra volume and impact. We recommend mixing these lashes with Gossamers from our Core Collection, such as Amplify or Bold Gossamers, to create the perfect flexible movement. 

Anime Gossamer Bundle

Now for a few of our bundles and sets! With these bigger, bolder lash assortments, we’ve expertly combined the best lashes possible for an incredible final look. In the Anime Gossamer Bundle, you’ll find a mix of the Curl Pink Gossamer and Stardust Gossamers, allowing you to layer them for a feathery and spiky lash look. 

You’ll get an open, doe-like eye with these lashes, and with the small pop of color added from the Curl Pink, what’s not to love? It’s bold, it’s impactful, and it makes a statement. Get your Anime Gossamer on, girl.

Classic Diva Gossamer Bundle

The lash map of this Classic Diva Gossamer Bundle might seem a bit complex at first, but we make it so easy to achieve the same look as what you see online. Inside this bundle, you’ll receive a mix of Starburst and Stardust™ Gossamers in varying lengths. On the top lash line, we recommend alternating between these different lengths in pursuit of a bold and voluminous Diva lash.

On the bottom lash line, we actually cut the Stardust fibers in half and piece them spaced apart for another added impact. Go crazy with these wildly fabulous lashes.

Doe Eye Gossamer Bundle

In an effort to bring you the same final looks as the bold and beautiful eyes of the animal kingdom, we introduce the Doe Eye Gossamer Bundle. You’ll be looking all sorts of wide-eyed and innocent with these fanned-out beauties. 

Achieve a flirty and soft lash look while keeping the natural finish with our assortment of Core, Plus, and Volume Gossamers. 

Russian Doll Set

If your hooded eyes could use a bit of opening up, we’ve got you. Our Russian Doll Set helps you to achieve a mid-length, simple, statement lash look that leaves your eyes looking bigger and more impactful than ever before. 

The Russian Doll Set features a mix of Amplify and Drama Gossamers in varying lengths from our Core Collection. Sometimes exactly what you need to do is to keep it simple and functional!

Dress Your Best

Here’s the exciting part: the lashes listed above are just a fraction of the options available at Lashify. There are honestly very few of our Gossamers and lash sets that aren’t intended for hooded lids, which is awesome news, considering how many people will tell you how hard it is to dress up hooded lids. 

One of the best parts about Lashify is how much control it gives you to create the look you want every time! For hooded lids, we think it’s vital to be able to wear lashes comfortably while also giving those peepers the boost they need, and being able to mix, match, layer, cut, and move the lash fibers as needed allows you to do just that.

The next time you’re staring at your hooded eyes in the mirror, wondering just what to do with them, don’t hesitate to come right back here for all of our personal recommendations, tips, and tricks for helping your windows to your soul look and feel their absolute best. Once you find the right lashes for you, we promise you’ll never want to go back!


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