Posted by Jill Medicis on 20 April, 2023


Find the lash map that best suites your Coachella style!

Festival season is upon us and Coachella is kicking it off. Every year, since 1999, thousands of people trek to the desert in SoCal for the 3-day concert event, and when it comes to dress code - - anything goes - - glitter, gems, rhinestones, body jewelry, flower crowns, fringe, tattoos, dyed hair. Coachella fashion is all about self-expression, individuality, and embracing the festival’s carefree atmosphere.

The key to standing out is expressing yourself and when it comes to self expression - what better way to do it than with your lash map? At Lashify™ we have Gossamer® Lash Styles that will take your look from backyard BBQ to Coachella Glam. The best part? Coachella can be scorching hot, and with Lashify, you don’t have to worry about your makeup look melting off throughout the day. The lashes will stay on - keeping you camera ready! Here are some lash maps to match your Coachella personality. 


The Sponsored Influencer 

This lash map is suited for the Wellness Influencer. It’s a soft, natural look perfect for morning sunrise yoga and camping. 

Lash map: 
C+.10, C+.10, C+.12, C+.12, C+.12, C+.10


The Sponsored Influencer Lash Map


The Fashion Influencer

This lash map is suited for the Fashion Influencer. This girl is used to the ‘Luxe Life‘ and this voluminous, over-the-top lash look is perfect for just that.  

Lash map: 
Base: C.10, C,10, C.10, C.10, C.12
Stack: C.8, C.10, EI.14, EI.16, EI.18

The Fashion Influencer Lash Map


The Seasoned Festival Goer

This lash map is suited for the Seasoned Festival Goer. Whoever is wearing this look knows that Coachella is known for its over the top looks. If you're rocking this map, you're pairing it with face gems and glitter. 


Lash map:
Base Layer: C.10, C.12, C.12, C.12, C.14, C.16   
Stack:              C.12, C.12, C.12, C.14, C.16      (Violet Prismatics)

The Seasoned Festival Goer Lash Map


Our Prismatics Collection was MADE for Coachella. Available in all different colors - - pink, violet, lavender, blue, red, silver. Mix and match on one map or switch it up daily - the possibilities are endless!!

The best part about the Prismatics Collection is that the weather in Coachella Valley is unpredictable. Sun one day, rain the next. Don’t spend time worrying that your look that you spent days planning will wash away with the rain. Be the envy of your friends and everyone there. Coachella fashion has become an important part of the fashion experience. Coachella is the perfect place to push the limits and stand out from the crowd with a unique lash look made just for you!!

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