2023 Holiday Gift Guide - Lashes for Everyone

Posted by Jill Medicis on 28 November, 2023

2023 Holiday Gift Guide - Lashes for Everyone

‘Tis the season to treat yourself - ahem -  I mean your loved ones. 

Every holiday season starts with the age-old question of “What should I get them for Christmas?”. Well, when it comes to Lashify we’ve taken the guesswork out of things and done all the hard work for you. This holiday season, Lashify is holding nothing back and has come up with some amazing bundles and gift sets that are perfect to show the loved ones in your life that you care! Who doesn’t want to spoil their besties?! And what bestie doesn’t want to be spoiled?! 

Let’s start with the friend who's never worn Lashify. For them, we recommend our coveted CONTROL KIT. Available in both Classic and LED, this is the perfect gift for someone who is just starting out. Each kit has everything that they need to start (and more) to become instantly hooked!

Control KIt, LED Control Kit

Looking for a gift that won’t break the bank? These ornament boxes are fun and can also be added as a cute present topper! Choose from the Gaze for Days Ornament Box Bundle (includes Water Poof®, Night Line™ Sealer, and Bondage®), The Triple Threat Ornament Box Bundle (Release, Water Poof®, and Night Line™ Sealer), The Real Seal Bundle (Night Line™, Control Wax, and Water Poof®), or The Perfect Pair Ornament Box Bundle (Whisper Light Clear & Whisper Light Black).

Lashify Ornament Boxes

Going to meet your fellow Lashifiends for a gift exchange? Come in hot with a Lashify Gift Box bundle! We have something for everyone. The Tool Box comes with a Fuse Control® Wand, a Precision Lash Comb, and a Birdie Wand™. Our Fuse Forever Gift Box includes Bondage®, Dual-Sided Whisper Light Bond , Water Poof™, and Night Line™ Sealer. Last but not least, the The Mother Lode Gift Box comes with all of our bonds and sealers.

Lashify Gift Box Bundles

And for the grand finale……the Lashify Advent Calendar. Surprise your loved ones with 9 days of exciting surprises with the Lashify Advent Calendar.

Lashify Advent Calendar 

Use this gift guide to help you purchase for family and friends OR use this gift guide as a wishlist for yourself to send to your family and friends!!!


 Lashify Holiday Gift Guide


Happy Lashing!!!!!

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