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Wispy vs. Volume Lashes – What's the Difference?Lashify

Wispy lashes and volume lashes are two of the most popular, on-trend lash extension styles right now. Whether you’re getting your extensions from a salon or you’re trying some DIY lash extensions, you’re probably already considering trying a wispy lash or a volume lash. 

What’s the difference between these two styles of lash extensions?

What Are Wispy Lash Extensions? 

Wispy lashes are characterized by their natural-looking variation in lash length, resulting in lash “spikes.” These spikes and valleys give the lashes a fluttery, feathery appearance. Wispy lashes are also called Kim K lashes by some since the beauty guru popularized the style.

In individual, salon-style lash extensions, this variation is created by applying individual lashes of different lengths to the lash line in a pattern that mimics the natural growth of the lashes. Some lashes may even have different curl strengths, just like your natural lashes. 

In DIY lash extensions, like Gossamers, this variation is created by combining lash fibers of different lengths in a single lash fan. Our wispy Gossamers include Stardust and Starburst. You can do a full set of just wispy lashes like these or mix them with classic or volume lashes to create unique wispy lash maps. 

Wispy lashes are a great option for anyone who wants a classic, natural look that’s a bit softer than a classic lash. Wispy lashes can be demure and blend in by matching your natural lashes, or they can be big, ethereal, and eye-catching — it’s all in how you choose to style them.

What Are Volume Lash Extensions? 

Volume lash extensions are a somewhat broad category. When we consider the differences between classic lashes and volume lashes, the fibers of volume lashes are actually thinner, so the lash fan can accommodate a greater volume of fibers to create more volume. 

Classic lashes generally provide a one-to-one ratio against your natural lashes, whereas volume lashes can be ratios of anywhere from two-to-one to six-to-one. 

Volume lashes intensity can range from mild, like our Drama Gossamers, which only just crest the curve from classic to volume, to mega volume and Russian volume, which are the biggest, boldest statement lashes available. Volume lashes can still look natural, though, if enhanced; it all depends on how you style them. 

Most volume lashes have a uniform appearance in terms of length and thickness. Many people love this uniformity for their looks, but if you’re looking for something a little more natural, consider trying a hybrid lash

Gossamers from our volume collection feel very light while still getting you that voluminous look. Salon volume extensions can feel heavy on your lash line. Still, Gossamer's unique application system prevents this in a couple of ways. 

First, Gossamers adhere to the underside of the natural lashes, so they don’t feel as bothersome on your lash line. Second, Gossamers come in clusters rather than strips or individual lashes, so they can redistribute weight evenly without tugging on one side of the lid or the other.

Anyone can wear volume extensions; they work for literally every eye shape. If you’re brand new to wearing extensions, however, you may want to start with a classic lash just to get used to the feeling. Sometimes, if you’ve never felt eyelash extensions on your eyes before, jumping right in with a dense lash may make you feel like your eyelids are dropping, even if they’re really not. 

If you find that you can feel the lashes against your eyelid or brushing your brow, try a shorter length or less curl. Starting with a classic lash is also best for practicing your lash application, which takes a little practice to get the hang of. We recommend starting with a short Curl Gossamer from our classics collection. 

Key Differences

Ultimately, these lashes have a lot in common. You can have lashes that are both wispy and volume by incorporating volume lashes into a wispy lash map. Wispy volume lashes are totally a thing and quite popular at that. These lash styles are not opposites; they’re coworkers who are basically work besties!


Wispy lashes are characterized by their natural texture featuring spikes and valleys. Despite their ‘spikes,’ wispy lashes are actually very soft and feathery looking. Volume lashes tend to be more uniform in length and may appear sharp because of their defined edge and solid density. 


Volume lashes and Wispy lashes utilize different mapping techniques to get their different looks. A single layer of volume lashes is still wearing volume lashes. Still, you can also volume stack volume lashes with other volume lashes or classic lashes to get even bigger volume. 

Wispy lashes almost always utilize stacking unless you’re doing a single layer of a wispy Gossamer like Stardust or Starburst. Not every DIY lash brand even offers a self-contained wispy lash style, and salon extensions will demand layers. If you’re choosing salon extensions, your lash stylist will design a wispy map for you. 

How To Map Wispy Lash Extensions

Now we know what wispy lashes are, so let’s talk about how to map them. Nailing down a lash map perfect for you can take a little practice, so don’t panic if it doesn’t look exactly how you imagined it the first time. 

For advice for nailing down a lash map perfect for your eye shape and aesthetic, check out our eye shape guide or our online community of Lashifiers! Mapping wispy lashes is all about those layers. 

You can actually create wispy lash maps using the three basic lash types (classic, volume, and hybrid); you don’t necessarily need a dedicated wispy extension, even if they do help! You need two layers of extensions to get a wispy look. 

For your base layer, you want to lay down the spikes. When you select the lashes to use for your spikes, don’t go longer than 2-3mm past your natural lash if you’re going for a natural look. If a natural look isn’t your goal, and you want a more eye-catching, ethereal kind of vibe, feel free to go as long as you like, but try to avoid having your lashes collide with your brows. 

The trick to placing the spike layer is finding the most natural place to start the pattern, then placing them evenly. To look more natural, don’t place a spike directly over your pupil when you look straight ahead. Instead, place a spike on either side of the pupil, and follow that spacing to the outer corner of the eye. 

Don’t place spikes directly on the corners. The spike layer should either be long classic lashes or a desiccated wispy style lash. We have a super helpful video tutorial for help in placing this layer. 

For the second layer, you’re emphasizing the natural lashes by adding volume. This layer can utilize volume or classic lashes; the important thing is that this layer is approximately the same length as your natural lashes. Adding this density to the shorter lashes gives the spikes a more dramatic appearance. Curl and Drama Gossamers are excellent for this layer. 

How To Map Volume Lash Extensions 

If you’re getting volume lashes from a salon, you’ll be there for a couple of hours and pay a steeper price than classic lashes. With salon lashes, your lash tech will use more fibers and therefore need more time to apply them. 

If you want to save money and time, we recommend trying some DIY, at-home lash extensions. Bonus, applying lash clusters with Lashify is safer for your natural lashes than individual extensions! 

So how do you build your own volume lash map from DIY lash extensions? You have so much creative freedom; it’s crazy! In our Volume Collection, we have X different styles of volume Gossamers. You can apply a full set of the style that speaks to you or mix and match for a volume style that is all you!

Need some inspiration? Check out some of these lash maps to help you create a volume lash look that suits your eye shape. 

Need a few tips and tricks to help make your first shot at volume lashes a little easier? Start with only a few lashes and gradually add more as you get comfortable. A super common problem is when the lashes aren’t staying put, aka shedding; usually, shedding will stop with adding a little more adhesive and practicing your application technique. If this isn’t your first rodeo, Bondage, our level 2 lash bond, is extra strength and perfect for volume lashes. 

Once you’ve mastered applying a single set of volume lashes, try volume stacking! This application technique helps you layer volume lashes with classics (or more volume lashes, if you feel spicy) for bigger volume. Check out the follow-along tutorial to lead you step by step through this application technique. 

Wispy Volume Lashes

In conclusion, while there are differences between wispy and volume lash looks, you can always combine them for a wispy volume lash look. These looks can be personalized to any eye shape. It’s all in how you map and apply them, so it’s a good thing Lashify will empower you to be your own lash stylist! 


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