Will Lash Extensions Ruin My Natural Lashes?

Will Lash Extensions Ruin My Natural Lashes?

You want them. You crave them. Those big, runway-worthy, fluffy lashes are practically begging for real estate on your lash line. There’s just one problem; you’re afraid of ruining your natural lashes. 

Most of us have lashes that aren’t quite as long or full as we’d like, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to ruin them in the name of artificial enhancement. At Lashify™, we’re big fans of “know before you go.” Before you hit the salon to get those coveted eyelash extensions, you should know how they’ll affect your natural lashes. 

We’ll give you the inside scoop on false lashes, including everything your lash technician might not tell you. We’ll cover breakage, glues, the application process, and the possibility of allergic reactions. We’ll also explain your natural lash growth cycle and “fill” you in on a better lash lengthening option that’s also safer for your natural eyelashes. 

How Do Natural Lashes Grow?

Natural lashes grow in a four-phase cycle. 

  • Anagen. This phase is the growth phase, where a new eyelash pushes up through the hair follicle to the pore. 
  • Catagen. The next phase is the catagen phase when the eyelash stops growing, and the hair follicle tightens to keep the lash in place. 
  • Telogen. This is also known as the rest phase. During this phase, the eyelash sits in the hair follicle and does not grow. Meanwhile, a new lash is entering the anagen phase beneath it.
  • Exogen. The exogen phase is when the new lash pushes through the hair follicle and serves eviction papers to the old lash. The old lash falls out and is replaced by the new lash. 

The entire cycle can take weeks to complete. Each lash is on its own timeline, which is great because it means you don’t lose all your lashes simultaneously. 

How Long Should Natural Lashes Grow?

Even though we would all love to have uber-fluttery natural lashes, the average lash length is usually between 10-12 millimeters or roughly one-third of the opening of your eye. That leaves most of us investing time and money in lash growth serums, lash lifts, specially formulated mascaras, and of course, eyelash extensions. 

What Can Cause Natural Lashes to Stop Growing?

Your lashes probably haven’t stopped growing, but they might not be as healthy as they could be. There are a few reasons why your natural lashes might become brittle or fall out more frequently

  • Makeup. Ingredients in your eye makeup could be to blame, especially if you’ve noticed your lashes falling out.

  • Eye infections. Some eye infections can cause lashes to fall out prematurely.

  • In rare cases, vitamin deficiency can cause lashes to fall out.

The other reason your natural lashes might not thrive could be from those pricey salon lash extensions. 

How Do Eyelash Extensions Work?

Lash extensions applied by a lash artist work by attaching an artificial lash fiber to your natural lash fiber with an adhesive. Seems simple enough, but there are a few concerns you should know about before you spend the next two hours of your life in a salon chair with your eyes closed.

The Glue Can Be Toxic

You read that right. The glue that many salons use can contain toxic ingredients that could be harmful to your eyes. Lash glue often contains formaldehyde and cyanoacrylates, two toxins that could cause eye irritation.

The glue many lash techs use hardens completely, making it impossible for lash extensions to move freely with your natural lashes. This can lead to breakage and the loss of your newly applied extension. 

The Procedure Can Go Wrong

Do lash extensions harm your natural lashes? They can if they aren’t applied correctly. The biggest problem with incorrectly applied extensions is applying too many extensions to one natural lash or applying a type of lash that isn’t suitable for your lashes. 

An experienced lash tech should be able to properly apply your lash extensions without harming your natural lashes. If your extensions feel extremely heavy, or if you experience premature shedding (losing extensions within a few days of application), contact your stylist and ask for a redo.

Your Aftercare Routine Isn’t Great

Once your extensions are applied, you’ll need to practice good aftercare to protect them and your own lashes. This includes avoiding water for the period your lash tech advised, not rubbing or pulling your eyelashes, and avoiding eye makeup and oil-based eye makeup removers.

If you don’t take care of your lash extensions, they’ll likely fall out sooner, taking your own lashes with them. 

What About At-Home Lashes?

If the thought of spending time and money at the salon for lash extensions that could hurt your natural lashes is overwhelming, you might consider at-home lashes. There are basically two types: strip lashes and at-home extensions. 

Strip Lashes

They’re just what they sound like. Strip lashes are false eyelashes that come in a strip and are adhered to your upper lash line in one fell swoop. The problem with these is that they don’t look very natural and are notorious for exiting the stage at critical moments (read: on a blind date or in the middle of a big presentation). 

Strip lashes also use glues that aren’t healthy for your natural lashes. They can contain the same ingredients that salon lash extension formulas contain. 

Salon-Like Lashes at Home

Before Lashify™, at-home extensions weren't even a thing. We saw a gap in the market and realized we could create a solution. That’s how Lashify was born. Now, you can create the lash looks you love without the expense, time, or risk. 

Lash Extensions That Nourish Your Natural Lashes

We don’t like being told we can’t have it all. We wanted gorgeous, lengthy lashes without experiencing any of the side effects that could harm our real lashes. We wanted lash extensions that were beneficial for our natural lashes. So we created them. 

Lashify Bonds

Unlike the glues that you’ll find in lash sets at the store or in the salon, Lashify Bonds are all formulated to nourish your natural lashes. Free from formaldehyde and cyanoacrylates, our Bonds contain Biotin and Lavendula, two ingredients that support the natural growth cycle of your lashes. In fact, our users say their natural lashes actually look better after using the Lashify system. 

Our Bonds also feature Micro-Flex™technology, allowing them to hold your Gossamer® lashes in place without fully setting. This means your Gossamer lashes can bend with your natural lashes, preventing breakage and extending the life of your extensions.

Gossamer Lashes

Another problem we solved was the lack of variety of at-home lashes available. Strip lashes are a one-size-fits-most product, which doesn’t give you much creative freedom in styling your lashes. Our Gossamer lashes are available in different lengths, styles, and colors, so you can get the same customized looks you’d get at a salon right in the comfort of your own home. 

If it’s your first time applying Gossamer lashes, we’ve got you covered. We have tons of tutorials to help you become a DIY Lash Extension™ expert.

Gentle Removal

Unlike salon lashes which are designed to fall out when your natural lashes fall out, Gossamer lashes can be removed when you're ready to change your style or go au natural. Using one of our oil-based removers, or an oil-based remover of your own, you can gently slide Gossamer lashes right off your lash line, leaving behind a healthy, undamaged natural fringe. 

Getting Started

Using the Lashify System is easy. It all starts with the Control Kit™. The Control Kit is fully customizable, allowing you to pick the Gossamer lashes that best fit your desired style and giving you all the tools you’ll need to be successful, all wrapped up in a durable storage case. 

Once you’ve got your Control Kit, you can begin building a lash wardrobe that works for you. Unlike salon lashes, you aren’t limited to one style until you need a fill. You can easily change your look to suit the occasion or even your mood, all without ever damaging a natural lash.

Lash Extensions: The Bottom Line

Will lash extensions harm your natural lashes? They could, but there’s a solution. Lashify gives you the ability to take care of your natural lashes and get the extensions you want without any harsh glues, unsafe applications, or expensive (and time-consuming) fills. 

Take care of your natural lashes. Even if you don’t love their length, they’re important, and trust us; you’d definitely miss them if they were gone. Lashify helps you enhance your look without harming your lashes.


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