Why Lashify Lashes Are the Best DIY Lash Extensions

Why Lashify Lashes are the best DIY Lash ExtensionsLashify

You’ve seen them all over TikTok and the social media platforms beyond — magnetic lashes, strip lashes, extension kits, lash kits, and everything in between from anywhere you could imagine. It’s overwhelming. 

And how are you supposed to sift through these endless advertisements, picking the duds from the successes for yourself? How can you tell what will work for you without buying and trying everything one at a time? Literally, no one has the time or the money for that monstrous task, and you shouldn’t be expected to find the solution that way.

That’s why Lashify is stepping in to make the process of finding the perfect DIY eyelash extensions as easy as possible for you. If you’re drained and tired from all the options on the market with no real idea of which direction to start in, allow us to pare down the competition and show you exactly why Lashify is the ultimate answer to all your false eyelash needs.

From our individual lash segments — known as Gossamers® in this house — to our lash glues, cleansers, removers, and every product in between, Lashify provides the high-quality experience you’re craving from your first time using our collection to the glorious end.

Below, you’ll find all the details about our Lashify system and the pinnacle of the at-home lash application, the Control Kit®. Keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial on taking your natural lashes to the next level and why you should be doing it with us.

The Facts About Falsies

We’ve been right there where you are, doom-scrolling on our phones, seeing ad after ad, promise after promise, lie after lie about how you haven’t experienced true lash freedom until you’ve tried [insert literally any lash product here]. 

And you believe what you’re hearing at first, desperate for something to finally work, so you try it all only to find that what you try is yet another false truth that leaves your lashes lacking.

You sigh as you accept defeat again, but inside, you’re dreading beginning the search from square one. We get it. Anyone would get tired of that endless cycle. We were tired of the cycle, which is why Lashify is such a game-changer.

With other lash products, you’re getting one of two things. 

  1. A longer-lasting lash lift or lash extension that requires constant upkeep and follow-up appointments and slowly tears your wallet apart. 
  2. Temporary lashes with promises of quality that end up falling off halfway through the day, or worse, not working at all.

Both options suck. And at the end of the day, neither option really leaves room for the choice between glam and bold or a natural look. Not everyone is interested in the curtain lashes that brush your chin with every blink, and others don’t want anything to do with delicate and wispy fibers that differ subtly from their own lashes. Yet, despite the fact that everyone is different and prefers different things, lash options rarely allow for one or the other. And that also sucks.

Instead of forcing yourself between one or the other and boxing yourself into a too-temporary or too-permanent lash look, why not change the pace entirely and use something that actually strives to work with you instead of forcing you to work with it? We believe that’s how lashes should be, and that’s exactly the opportunity Lashify offers.

The Lash Line of Defense

Lashify was started back in 2016 by Sahara Lotti to fill the glaring gap in the lash market between expensive and constant lash extensions and temporary, low-quality strip lashes. The Lashify system that you’ll surely come to know quite well upon your entry into Lashify territory was built to ensure that every high-quality product worked in tandem with the next product in the line.

Every lash adhesive was crafted to work beautifully with every volume lash, and every volume lash was made to sit pretty with every lash sealant. We strove to provide glam lashes that still serve a natural and elegant lash look without any mascara or eyeliner necessary. 

The lashes would be all you needed. And boy, did we deliver. You might be saying, “Of course, they would say that. It’s their product!”

And we can’t say you’re wrong. There’s an element of trust that goes into trying any product for yourself, so instead of giving you all the surface-level reasons why “Lashify is the best!” let’s let the science do it for us.

The Science Speaks

To give you just a few examples of how our lashes were built to work for everyone, providing them with a healthy, allergen-free experience that nourishes your natural lashes through their entire wear, let’s talk Micro-Flex™ and Charcoflex® technology.

These are two radical innovations from Lashify that make one of the most damaging parts of falsies — the adhesive — one of the most beneficial. A mix of biotin and the Micro-Flex™ included in our Whisper Light™ Bonds, both single and dual-sided, works for your lashes to provide a cushion of hydration and nourishment between your lash line and the Gossamer®. 

All the weight of lash extensions will feel feather-light with this bond applied, and when it’s time for removal, the natural lash underneath will be just as beautiful and healthy (if not more).

Charcoflex® offers benefits completely unique to Bondage® Extra Strength. Activated charcoal is known to have properties that absorb excess moisture, subvert external heat, and deter impurities from building up.

These benefits make charcoal the perfect active ingredient for a lash adhesive, and when used with our Gossamer® lashes, you’ll find that all the things that usually affect the lash quality (buildup, water, heat, etc.) are a thing of the past.

At-Home Lash Extensions: How To

We see you’re starting to bend your ear to Lashify, but now you’re curious about how it all really works. Is it as easy as we say? As with anything, there’s a learning curve for your first time applying, but the payoff, once you’ve got the hang of it, is tremendous, which makes all of it worth it for us.

To start your lash application, make sure you’ve got a set of Gossamers® on hand as well as a bond, sealant, and the ever-helpful Fuse Control® Wand — our enhanced version of tweezers that fit perfectly to the contours of your face for the closest pinch you’ll ever see.

First, an even layer of the bond will go on your natural lashes with our micro mascara applicator, simple and easy. Once that bond has tacked up a bit, you can use your Fuse Control® Wand to lay the Gossamers® against your individual eyelashes along the lash line. You can get creative here, layering, stacking, and mapping to achieve whatever lash look you want — fluttery lashes or volume lashes, you decide!

To ensure the hold of the Gossamers®, you’re going to apply another thin layer of bond overtop and wait for that to dry for about 30 seconds before sealing with a kiss (and your sealant of choice) to remove residual stickiness and leave your Gossies® with a beautiful shine.

And that’s it! You can cleanse, brush, and attend to your lashes as you see fit over the course of their wear, but you’ll be resting easy for up to 10 days with an application that takes a few minutes. Worth it.

Lashify Control Kit®

If all of that looking and shopping for the necessary items sounds taxing, don’t worry; we’ve thought of that too. The Lashify Control Kit® is the perfect starter kit for your lash extension needs. It comes with the Gossamers®, Fuse Control® Wand, Whisper Light™ Bond, and the Glass Finishing Coat, which is literally everything you need and then some for your journey with Lashify to kick off.

And it’s all in one convenient package at one great price. We’re here to serve the lash lovers of the world, and that includes you. We got you, boo.

The Difference Is In The Details

If, after all that, you’re still unsure about taking the next step with Lashify, we’d recommend you slip on into our collection of Gossamers® and read for yourself how many people are finding satisfaction in the world of Lashify. The reviews speak for themselves, and it’s our hope that this handful of info mixed with real-world love for lashes will send you over the edge.

Just imagine how beautiful the world will be when you can stop doom-scrolling through #LashesThatWork and trust that the lashes you have are really the best of the best. No more spiraling down the hole of products that were never going to work. No more wondering how many times you’ll have to do the same search before something comes through.

Because Lashify is already coming through and is out on the other side waiting for you to join! If you feel that tug at your shirt to do a full 180 and face the truth, that’s us trying to pull you into the light. Don’t wait another day to walk into it.


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