Why Do My Eyelashes Hurt After Eyelash Extensions? 7 Common Issues

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

Why Do My Eyelashes Hurt After Eyelash Extensions? 7 Common Issues

All you wanted was gorgeous, luxe lashes, but what you were left with was soreness, dry eyelid skin, and irritation. What went wrong? 

While you definitely want a long, full fringe, you want it without risking damage to your natural lashes and, if possible, while encouraging those natural lashes to grow. At Lashify®, we think you can have it all.

We’ll give you the tea on what went wrong with your eyelash extensions and give you some tips to keep your lashes and lids safe the next time you use extensions. 

Ouch! My Lashes Hurt!

Most of the time, you won’t experience pain with lash extensions unless they are applied incorrectly or removed incorrectly. However, even when a professional lash tech applies your lashes, there’s still room for a mistake. 

The most common causes of lash pain after lash extensions are due to the glue used and the technique used. 

1. The Glue

It’s no secret; lash glue is intense. The glue used by most professional lash techs contains similar ingredients as super glue, including formaldehyde, which is incredibly drying (and used to embalm lab frogs — cringe). 

Glue adhered to your natural lashes incorrectly can cause them to stiffen, become brittle, and break. If a lash breaks off before it naturally would have, you can experience pain near the hair follicle, which is located on an extremely delicate area of your eyelid skin. 

In addition, if glue reaches your lash line, it can irritate your skin, especially if you have skin sensitivity. Lash glue shouldn’t be applied directly to your skin for this reason. 

2. Too Many Extensions in One Spot

Clumping, the placing of too many lash fibers on one natural lash or in a space too small, can cause lash pain, too. You might first notice that the area where there are too many lashes feels heavy or even appears to droop down into your line of vision. 

If this happens, it’s best to have your extensions removed and reapplied. Clumping can cause breakage and can also make it painful to blink. 

3. You’re Allergic

In rare cases, you can develop an allergy to the lash glue or lash fibers you use. This can be similar to a latex allergy, and you might develop a rash, pain, or itching on your eyelid near your lash line. 

If you suspect you are having an allergic reaction, have your lashes removed immediately by a professional and contact your eye doctor to find out if there is a safer option. 

4. You’re Scrubbing or Rubbing Your Eyes

It’s the first rule of extension maintenance: don’t rub your eyes! Still, when your eyes itch or water, it can be completely natural to rub them without even thinking about it. In addition to shortening the lifespan of your application, you might also develop pain and irritation from your abrasive behavior!

The same goes for cleaning your lids and lash line before and after application. If you are scrubbing this area, you can expect to develop pain and irritation on your lids right on your lash line. 

5. Too Much Glue

Sometimes, a lash tech can get a little glue-happy and douse your lashes and lids in a thick coat of sticky glue that tightens and pulls, causing pain. This can also happen if you’re applying your lashes at home, especially if you’re using strip lashes. 

Strip lashes are notorious for not staying in place, and it’s tempting to use more glue to keep them securely stuck to your lash line. In reality, the glue can cake, harden, and cause the lashes to fall out sooner.

6. Your Lash Fibers Are Too Heavy

Sure, you want extreme fringe for an important event, but if you have extremely short lashes, placing heavy extension fibers could cause your natural lashes to bend at the hair follicle, causing you to experience pain at the lid. 

If you need to wear extremely long, thick lashes and know they usually hurt your lids, try using at-home extensions like Lashify, which can easily be removed as soon as your event is over. Unlike salon lashes which need to be removed at the salon and can’t be reapplied, you can easily store your Gossamer® lashes to use at a different time. 

7. You Pulled Them Off

By far the most common reason why you might experience lash pain after eyelash extensions is because of incorrect lash removal. Normally, this is because you’ve pulled the lash extensions from the lashes. We get it. When your lash extensions begin to fall out, and you’re in between fills, it’s tempting to pull them out on your own. This is a bad idea. 

Pulling your extensions off usually causes the natural lash to pluck out with the extension, which can leave your lash line sore and irritated. In addition, some lash extension remover solutions may cause irritation. If you think you might experience a reaction to the removal solution, ask your lash tech to spot-test it before removal.

How To Avoid Eyelash Pain After Extensions

If you’ve had eyelash pain so bad you’ve sworn off extensions altogether, we’ve got a solution for you. The Lashify system of DIY Lash Extension™ makes it safe and easy to apply lash extensions in the comfort of your own home while nourishing your natural lashes. 

We’ll cover how Lashify works and give you five tips to avoid lash pain in the future.

Tips To Keep Lashes Pain Free

You can definitely have a pain-free lash extension experience, even if you get your lashes done at a salon. Here are our top tips to keep you from experiencing pain and irritation while you are using lash extensions. 

1. Avoid Harsh Glues

Lash glue can hide some pretty unhealthy ingredients. In addition to formaldehyde, cyanoacrylates and latex can make these glues incredibly unsafe for your eyes and for the delicate skin that surrounds them. 

Unlike lash glues, the Lashify system uses only high-quality, ultra-safe bonds. Our bonds don’t contain any harsh chemicals and have exclusive, flex technology that ensures our bonds will never completely cure. That means your Gossamer lashes will naturally bend and move with your natural lashes, helping you avoid pain and discomfort. 

Additionally, our bonds contain lavandula and biotin, two ingredients known for supporting eyelash health. 

2. Prep Carefully

It’s true that your lash extensions will naturally adhere better to your lashes if they are clean and free of oil, makeup, and dirt. However, it’s unnecessary to use harsh makeup removers on your lashes or scrub your lash line. 

Instead, grab our Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water. This gentle formula is strong enough to remove oil and makeup from your lashes while still being gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. 

3. Apply With Care

Applying lash extensions can seem overwhelming, but the Lashify system makes it easy. Our tools help you get the job done quickly and without damaging your natural lashes, and we have countless tutorials to help you out if you get stuck.

It’s important to make sure that you don’t apply too many lashes in one place. This can result in clumping and weighing down your natural lashes, which could cause eyelash pain and also rip out your natural lashes. 

4. Keep Your Hands Off Your Lashes!

When you’re wearing extensions, keep your hands off! Rubbing your lashes can cause them to pull and break and take your natural lashes with them, resulting in pain and irritation. 

When washing your face, avoid splashing water directly in your eyes, which may cause you to rub them even more. 

5. Remove Your Lashes Correctly

Lash extensions aren’t meant to be pulled or scrubbed off. They need to be removed with care so as not to damage your natural lashes. 

With Lashify, you never have to worry about lash removal again. Our Melt Away Remover makes it easy to remove your Gossamer lashes without damaging them or your natural lashes. Simply apply Melt Away to a clean cotton round and hold it at the base of your lashes for 30-60 seconds. This will loosen the bond and help your Gossamer lashes slide right off your natural lashes. 

You can also use Melt Away with a clean mascara spoolie, sliding the product through your natural lashes and Gossamer lashes.

Lashify: The Easy, Ouchless Lash Extension Experience

When the pain of salon lash extensions is bringing you down, switch to the completely comfortable Lashify DIY Lash Extension system. You’ll save time and money and save your natural lashes and delicate eyelids from feeling the common pain and irritation often experienced by salon lash users. 

You can have long, luxe lashes while still caring for your natural lashes. Lashify lets you have it all. 


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